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I would like to dedicate what I have contributed to this book to my father and to the memory of my mother, who would still likely be with us today if I knew then what I know now. I only hope this information will prevent other families from going through what ours had to endure.

Thank you to the following people for helping me prepare this book for publication: Jana Koplíková, Leah Killen, Janet Sweeney, Jenn Jackson, Rick Simpson and his family, Christianne Laurette, Chris Harrigan, Marek Pinos, Martin Zeiner, and many others. I would like to deeply thank Lumír Hanuš and Raphael Mechoulam for their support and immense amount of work they have done in the field of cannabis and anandamide research.

Very special thanks to my sister Dita Podhajská, her husband Miroslav Podhajský, and the whole Podhajský and Bayer family.

Jindrich Bayer, March 16, 2013 The purpose of this compilation of texts, ideas and opinions from emails and Facebook conversations is to present the current status quo of knowledge regarding the use of cannabis oils/extracts in medicine. All information is presented for educational purposes only, and it is not presented with the intention of promoting the use of dangerous addictive drugs whatsoever, on the contrary. We bear no responsibility for any misuse of the information included in this book. We bear no responsibility for anything that will or might occur in connection with the use of the oil or information found in this book. Treatment results may vary.

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................................43 What Do Patients Need To Know To Grow Hemp? .................................................44 Are There Any Strains That Are Not Effective Against Cancer? .............................46 Storage .............................................................................................................................46 Would It Be Better or Safer To Produce the Oil Using Food-Grade Alcohol? .....47 Solvents and Solvent Residue in the Oil ......................................................................48 High THC or High CBD Oil? .......................................................................................58 Is It Safe To Use the Oil? ...............................................................................................61 Replacement of Medications ........................................................................................69 Healing Cancer with the Oil .........................................................................................71 Can the Oil Be Used Along with Chemotherapy and Radiation? 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.................................................................................................186 5 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL The Rick Simpson Protocol “Start people with minuscule doses, the size of half a grain of dry short-grained rice.

Although the oil is harmless, less is better than more for those starting treatment.

In the beginning take just a tiny speck of this amazing substance every eight hours, then increase your dosage every four days on a regular basis and soon your tolerance will increase. If the person says he or she did not feel its effects or that they only felt them slightly, I would consider this a good dosage for a beginner. You just want to get a little bit of the medicine in their system so they can start getting used to it.

You never know exactly how the person will respond, so proceed slowly, and increase their dosage every four days, until the patient can ingest a total of one gram every 24 hours. The best way to accomplish this is to have them take doses that equal about a third of a gram every eight hours, once they are accustomed to its use. Still, I would like to remind those who experience difficulties that their dosage can be raised more slowly, but for best results, it should be ingested as rapidly as possible.

These are the dosage instructions that Rick recommends, if the patient can build up their tolerance quickly enough. If this protocol is followed, many patients can work their way up to the point in three weeks that they can ingest one third of a gram every 8 hours. But on average it usually takes most patients four to five weeks before they can ingest this amount per dose, after which they can continue taking one gram a day until they are cured or their condition is brought under control.

Rick likes to supply this medication in plastic syringes, which do not have needles, instead there is just a small opening that the oil can be squeezed through. He says that providing the oil in this manner makes it easier for the patient to measure their doses and it stops foreign substances from contaminating the medication.

The easiest way for most to understand the amount they should be ingesting is to compare it to something like short-grained dry rice. A beginner’s dose should be about half the size of one of these grains of rice or about one eighth of an inch long, this amount would be equal to about one quarter of a drop. In some cases, those with a very low tolerance may even find that this may be too much for them to handle comfortably in the beginning, so, if need be, they could start with even less.

Doses of this size should be ingested three times a day, early in the morning, in mid-afternoon, and about an hour before the patient goes to bed. All a beginner has to do is squeeze the equivalent of one half grain of dry rice from the plastic syringe and that is their dose. Even though we are talking about a very small amount and it will do no harm to the patient, due to its potency, this substance must be used with respect.

6 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL After four days at this dosage, it is then doubled to doses which equal the size of a rice grain, or doses which are about one quarter of an inch long when squeezed from the syringe. Then, four days later, the dosage is doubled again and this continues every four days until the patient can ingest the equivalent of sixteen grains of rice per dose. This amount equals about eight to nine drops of oil per dose, which is roughly one third of a gram.

One ml is just slightly more than one gram by weight, so if patients wish, they can use this measurement to determine their dosage. At that point, patients usually continue at this dosage until they have achieved the desired effect with their medical condition. There will be patients who will not be able to increase their dosage so rapidly but Rick urges them to take it as quickly as they possibly can, so the oil can relieve their suffering. In addition, there will be those who can take this medication more quickly and Rick has no problem with that, as long as the patient is comfortable in taking it more rapidly, it simply means they will be healed faster.

In reality, Rick feels that the patients should remain in their own comfort zone when it comes to the use of this medicine. But he still thinks that anyone with a serious condition should not play games with this substance, since if it is not taken properly, it may not be able to overcome the condition it was intended to treat.

Because this medication is so safe to use, we do not usually measure the doses exactly, but for those who like accurate measurements and own scales of sufficient accuracy, start with about 0.01 g (10 mg) or less three times a day for the first four days. Then, if you can, double it to 0.02 g (20 mg) for four days, then to 0.04 g (40 mg) for four days, 0.08 g (80 mg) for four days, 0.16 g (160 mg) for four days, and then 0.32 of a gram (320 mg). This would be the ideal dosing schedule for those who can ingest this substance quickly. It is also good to know that doses of 1-5 mg are usually tolerated without symptoms.

When you can get high-grade strains of indica bud to work with, the oil that is produced will be extremely sedative. This is the effect the oil will have if you have produced the real “Rick Simpson Oil” and there is little to worry about. Patients simply fall asleep and eventually they will wake up. Some may feel a little stoned in the beginning but they will be unharmed, and usually within an hour after they get up, that sleepy feeling goes away. If the oil is produced from sativa varieties of hemp, expect trouble and a long-lasting energizing sativa high. You do not want people with serious conditions like cancer to be trying to take oil with these effects and the patient will not receive the medicinal benefits a good indica can provide.

Not everyone likes being high and it is not the point medicinally to become overly stoned on this substance. But in some instances when the patients’ life is in danger, giving them larger doses may be the only thing that can save their life.

7 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL The point is to get the medicine into the patient three times a day. The patient can simply put it on their finger and then scrape it off on their teeth. Then, take a drink of cold water or tea and they should find it quite easy to swallow. Some strains produce an extract that does not have a pleasant taste but this is easy to deal with.

Simply put the patients’ dose on a small piece of bread and fold it over, then pop it into their mouth and give them a drink of water. The same can also be done with the use of bananas or other types of fruit. The idea is to get the oil into the patient as quickly as possible but Rick still likes to see that they remain in their comfort zone.

Everyone is different and our tolerance for this medication will vary from person to person, so be sure the patient is comfortable with the amount they are ingesting. With many serious conditions, it is important for the patients to ingest this medication quickly, so they might have a better chance to survive. As I have mentioned already, even though the oil is harmless, if too much is taken, often patients do not like the experience. So work up their dosage slowly; that way they will become comfortable with its use.

Still, as we like to say, aggressive illnesses should be treated aggressively, so if I had something that was life-threatening, I would ingest as much extract as I could take in the shortest time period possible. I think it pays to be prepared, so those who can should start getting used to the effects of the oil as soon as possible, because then they will know what to expect, should they ever need to take larger doses.

The standard treatment to reset your body to a good state of health is 60 grams of high-quality oil ingested in a three-month period. For those who have taken chemo and radiation, it is a good idea to ingest 120 to 180 grams of the oil as soon as possible. Usually, 60 g can cure a serious cancer, but for those who have been damaged by the medical system, often more is required to prevent the cancer from returning and to undo the damage these treatments have left behind.

Once the patient is healthy again, you can drop the dosage back to a one or two grams a month or as much as the patient likes to ingest; from our perspective, the more the better. Do not skip the maintenance doses, as they are important to maintain good health. A gram a month or a drop a day after work in the evening does not sound like much but, according to Rick, it should be enough to keep your body healthy.

In addition, he likes patients to use other natural things like apple seeds and wheat grass in conjunction with the oil treatment. From my experience, I would also have patients eat hemp seeds, since the oil they contain is so nutritious and good for the body.

Rick also believes patients should try to get their bodies’ pH up as quickly as possible by ingesting such things as watermelon or lemon juice etc. He says this is 8 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL of the greatest importance and doing so can give the patient a much better chance to survive.

Patients should also start eating more raw fruits and vegetables and eat less meat, especially the processed varieties, which contains more toxins. Rick is a strong believer in the use of juicing machines and he feels that large doses of vitamin C can also be of great benefit.

This is the Rick Simpson protocol and it is the reason his name will be known for eternity. It is probably the most important discovery of all times and the beneficial effect of what this man has given us cannot be overstated. What good is modern medicine and technology when it doesn’t work? If you want to see results, give Rick’s method of healing a try.

We have been criticized for calling this oil a cure-all but what else could you call a substance that can be used successfully to treat so many medical problems? Some seem to think the words cure-all means that this oil will provide everlasting life but that was not Rick’s intent. Certainly, this medication can extend your life and you may live a great deal longer with its use, of that there is little doubt. Still, this does not mean that it will provide eternal life.

This oil is still not legally available to most and so it will take a very long time to determine how many added years it can provide. As yet, we do not look at this medication as being an elixir of immortality and we firmly believe it does not make you bullet-proof. Still, as Rick says, if we ever find the key to immortality, he is sure that hemp will be a major ingredient.

Please do not think that when you are using it, you cannot contract a virus. You may still catch such things as the flu but its effects can be greatly diminished and you will recover much more quickly. In the event of a pandemic or some such thing, if you ingest or you are already ingesting the wonderful oil this plant can provide, your chance of survival would definitely be greatly increased.” Jindrich Bayer, Phoenix Tears: The Rick Simpson Story Dosage Information Is there a protocol for the treatment? “There is a protocol and it should be followed to ensure that the treatment is effective.

Small amounts of oil can be used to treat skin cancer and other conditions topically or it can be vaporized and inhaled to help treat lung conditions. The oil may also be 9 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL absorbed into the body if used in the form of a suppository or, of course, it can be ingested directly by mouth. To treat internal cancers, the patient should ingest the oil as quickly as possible. In general, you always want to get this medication to the area that is causing the problem in the most sensible way. For example, if you were treating bowel cancer, the most effective means of treatment would likely be to take the oil in suppository form.

The average patient can ingest a full 60-gram cancer treatment in about 90 days.

People who have endured radiation and chemotherapy damage, or patients who have suffered for years with MS and other serious conditions will find in some cases that their medical problems can take quite some time to heal.

Those who have suffered serious damage from the medical system and are just starting treatment must realize that this natural oil does not produce an instant cure. Often, such patients require much more oil and it will need to be taken over a longer period. Such patients should try to ingest 120 to 180 grams over six months to undo the harm all the chemo and radiation has left behind and to repair damage caused by other long-term illnesses and what was used to treat them. Once the patient is cured and all the damage has been undone or the condition has been brought under control, I recommend they then continue to take a maintenance dose of 1 to 2 grams of oil per month to maintain good health. For an adult, this would equal about a drop a day, and once they are accustomed to its use, they do not even feel its effects, so I really cannot imagine that this is too high a price to pay for good health.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Why Are Maintenance Doses So Important? “Everyone should be taking maintenance doses to keep their bodies detoxified and in a state of good health. All that is required is 1 to 2 grams of oil a month, just ingest a drop at night about an hour before bedtime. This will give you a good night’s sleep and will even provide some protection against the radiation emanating from Japan and elsewhere.

The oil works with your body to keep you healthy and to provide protection from a wide variety of health issues. I would not even allow a child of mine to take these horrible vaccines and shots which people like Bill Gates are trying to shove down our throats. If I want to protect my children from such things as the flu, I will put my trust in properly produced hemp oil, since I know it is effective and will cause no harm.

I suggest that patients start with three doses per day about the size of a half a grain 10 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL of dry short-grained rice. A dose such as this would equal about ¼ of a drop, so as you can see, in most cases beginners should start with very tiny doses.

The only time I would recommend that patients start out with larger doses would be to get them off addictive and dangerous pain medications quickly or if they were right at death’s door. When people who are using such medications begin the oil treatment, they usually cut their pain medications in half. The object is to ingest enough oil to take care of the pain and to help the patient free themselves from the use of these dangerous addictive pharmaceutical drugs. Taking the oil makes it much easier for the patient to accomplish this task and they will suffer less withdrawal problems because the oil works wonderfully to help break addictions.

For those who are in this situation, I think their first dose should be about double what the average beginner would ingest. Then they should up their dosage as quickly as possible until they reach the point where they require no other medications to control pain. When taking people off such things as morphine, you may encounter some problems. Sometimes when you mix oil and morphine, it can make the effects of the morphine even more pronounced and the patient may begin to hallucinate.

This is only a short-term drawback, since as the patient’s intake of morphine is reduced, the hallucinations will diminish until they no longer take place. In most cases, getting patients off these substances presents few problems, so don’t expect to have too much trouble. As they continue to increase their dosage, the patient will develop a higher tolerance and soon they will no longer even feel the oil’s effects.

Once this occurs, they can then ingest whatever amount of oil that is needed very quickly until they are healed.

After four days of taking a beginner’s dosage, most people are able to increase the amount they are ingesting. I suggest that this should take place about every four days, because this allows the patient time to build up their tolerance for this substance. It takes the average person four to five weeks to get to the point where they can ingest a gram per day. This means the patient would be ingesting 8 to 9 drops of high quality oil every eight hours. Once they reach this dosage, the patient can then continue at this rate until the condition disappears or is under control.

Many patients develop a tolerance for this medication very quickly and can take the oil at a much faster rate. If you happen to be one of these people, please feel free to ingest this substance as quickly as you like, since the end result will be you will heal that much faster. I always caution patients to stay in their own comfort zone with the use of this medication, but if the oil can be taken more quickly, it does give the patient a better chance to survive.

This method allows the body to build up its tolerance slowly and after four to five 11 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL weeks, most people have no problem ingesting a gram a day or even more in some cases. For the average person who increases their dosage every four days, usually few problems are encountered. In fact, I have reports from people who took the oil, which stated they never even got high during treatment. We all have different tolerances for any medication, so I feel that it’s best to allow the patient to determine what amount of this substance they are comfortable in taking.

Your size and body weight have little to do with your tolerance for hemp oil. I have seen beginners who were very large men take one drop of this oil and within an hour, they could not even get off the chesterfield. While their wives who were much smaller could take the same dose and feel nothing at all. So, as you can see, size is not an important factor when it comes to determining how much the patient can take, it’s really more about the patient themselves.

Be aware when commencing treatment with this medication that it will lower your blood pressure. If you are currently taking blood pressure medication, check your pressure often, for it’s very likely that you will no longer need anything other than the oil to control your blood pressure in a very short time. In addition, if the patient is a diabetic, they should monitor their blood sugar. In most cases, their need for insulin will diminish and some no longer require the substance at all.

When people are taking the oil, I like to see them stay within their comfort zone, but the truth is the faster they can take it, the better the chance of surviving.

I had one man with an extremely low tolerance take seven months to ingest the 60g treatment. It did cure his terminal lymphoma, but I would have much preferred it if he could have taken the entire treatment more quickly.

Luckily, I seldom run into patients that take so long to ingest the treatment but it does happen. I have even seen patients who have taken the whole treatment in a month and were able to cure their terminal cancers. Therefore, the rate the oil can be ingested for the most part depends on the patients themselves and on how quickly they can build their tolerance.

At the end of their treatment, most people continue taking the oil, but at a much reduced rate. As I mentioned before, about one to two grams a month, which equals about a drop of the oil before bedtime each night, would be a good maintenance dose.

I do not like to see people overdosing on the oil, but an overdose does no harm, so don’t panic if this should occur. The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest, which plays an important role in the healing process. Usually, within an hour after taking a dose, the oil is telling you to lay down and relax. Don’t fight the sleepy 12 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL feeling, just make yourself comfortable and allow the oil to give you the rest you require. In most cases, within a month, the daytime tiredness associated with this treatment fades away but the patient continues to sleep very well at night.

I tell patients who are dying from cancer that the oil will do one of two things: it will either cure their cancer and they will continue to live on, or, in cases where it is too late to affect a cure, the oil will ease their way out and they can at least die without much suffering and maintain their dignity.

Hemp oil has a very high success rate in the treatment of cancer and most tend to survive. Unfortunately, many people who come to me have been badly damaged by the medical system with their chemo and radiation, etc. The damage such treatments cause have a lasting effect and people who have suffered these so-called treatments are the hardest to cure. But don’t despair, for even if you have been badly damaged, this oil still has a 70 to 80% success rate.

If produced and used properly, hemp medicine is the greatest natural healer on this planet bar none. No matter what a person is suffering from, they should give the oil a try and see what it can do to help them. If you are truly tired of suffering, give yourself a break and try something that really does work. Once you experience what this medication can do, you will understand why history and I both call hemp medicine a cure-all.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Other Natural Things You Can Do That Could Help “When patients come to me for oil to treat their cancer, the first thing I tell them to do is change their diets. Try to stay away from animal protein as much as possible, since this type of protein promotes cancer growth. Get a juicing machine and start eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible, because plant protein fights the growth of cancer. Stop using sugar and replace its use with natural sweeteners like raw honey.

Get the patient’s pH up as quickly as possible by having then ingest such things as watermelon and lemon juice etc. Cancer likes an acidic environment and when you raise the body’s pH, it makes it hard for cancer cells to survive.

Decades ago, researchers had great results treating cancer with mega doses of vitamin C, which was injected right into the patient’s blood stream in much the same way doctors inject chemo, but without the devastating side effects which can 13 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL cause the patient’s death. Therefore, I think large doses of vitamins could be of great benefit to patients suffering from serious conditions like cancer.

Also have the patient start eating the seeds from two apples every day, this will give them a good daily dose of B17, which is also known as laetrile. Years ago, there was a lot of propaganda about this treatment not being safe, but these allegations proved to be false. In reality, B17 in its own right has a pretty good track record in the treatment of cancer. There are also other natural things such as wheat grass and blue green algae that you may find of benefit as well. A few years ago, a doctor in Italy was even curing some types of cancer with the use of baking soda, so we must keep our minds open to all possibilities.

Many people who have used the oil to treat their cancers did not change a thing but the oil still worked its magic and they were healed. Still, if you have a serious condition like cancer, I think it’s a good idea to take other natural things that may help the oil eradicate the cancer and give you a better chance to survive.

The most important thing of all is that people have to realize that for the most part what the medical system provides does much more harm than good. That is the reason I tell people who contact me that if they want to survive, it’s best to stay as far away from the medical system as possible.

That is the sad state the medical system we have today is in and it will not change until people who work within this system finally realize that chemicals and poison do not heal. As far as I am concerned, what most doctors practice today could hardly be considered medicine. It would be much more accurate to call it by its real name, madness.

From my point of view, anyone with cancer should be doing everything they possibly can to optimize their chance of survival. So, by all means, take hemp oil to treat your cancer but I think it would be best to include other natural beneficial treatments as well.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Additional Tips for Lung Cancer Patients Q. This one was on the oil for some time and still had to use painkillers, so we were looking for more ways how to help the patient.

A. 1) Make another batch of oil and try to mix it with the one you have, look for the most sedative oil possible, you don’t want to energize the patient.

14 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL 2) Try to produce the oil from more than one strain at a time, if possible, it usually has a better carpet effect that way. Again, look for the most brutal and sedative power of the starting material and oil.

3) It would be better if she stopped using the oil in capsules. You want some of it in her mouth for additional sublingual absorption (it has a better painkilling effect that way) 4) Make 0.3-0.5g suppositories with cocoa butter and have her use them at least twice a day, she can use it anally as well as the other way.

5) Have her vaporize the oil several times a day - coughing is desired, she needs to cough out whatever does not belong in her lungs, including those tumors (they will simply shrink and then fall apart and she will cough them out).

6) Make an oil tincture with alcohol (20-30-50%, depending on how much oil you have; 1-2ml of the oil in 4ml of 96-99% alcohol) and apply it to the spot that she was operated on with an eyedropper or a dropper - one or two drops will usually do, and you can save a lot of oil this way. Of course, you can also apply some oil directly to the spot and cover it with a bandage and repeat it every three days or when the bandage falls off.

7) Make a salve with shea butter or dissolve some oil in warm hemp seed oil or high quality extra virgin olive oil and rub it on the area several times a day. This should help eliminate the pain in her ribs and you can also use it for bed sores and anything on her skin.

8) Include hemp seeds, hemp hearts and hemp seed oil in her diet - at least a handful of seeds/hearts, or 1-3 tablespoons of hemp seed oil.

9) Increase her body’s pH with watermelon and lemon juice etc., have her eat seeds from two apples every day (B17).

10) Try to replace the painkillers and patches with the oil as soon as possible. If you start applying the oil topically, it should help a great deal. The suppositories also do wonders for lung conditions. The more oil she ingests and the quicker she does it, the better. She should stay on a gram or more a day until she conquers the disease and then stay on a maintenance dose of 1-2g a month. Read and follow all other instructions on our site, too.

Best wishes, JB and RS 15 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Routes of Administration What routes of administration of the oil do you recommend and what are their respective advantages? “I always suggest to patients that they should ingest the oil by mouth for internal conditions, or to just bring their bodies back to a state of good health. After a few decades of being exposed to toxins in our day-to-day lives, even those who think of themselves as being healthy should consider ingesting a full 60g treatment to detoxify their bodies before these substances can cause problems with their health.

To treat many illnesses such as hemorrhoids or bowel cancer etc., it may be best to use the oil in the form of a suppository. Most people don’t realize it, but taking the oil into your body in this manner is one of the most effective ways to accomplish the task.

I think it’s of benefit to the patient for the oil to be administered as close as possible to a tumor or whatever is being treated. Therefore if you have bowel problems, suppositories would likely work best, but if you have something like throat cancer I would ingest the oil by mouth.

For years, doctors and researchers have been injecting tumors in lab animals with THC and they have achieved good results. Yet, sadly, they will not do the same to a dying cancer patient, so once more this highlights the failure of our medical system to do what’s right for the patient. If doctors would only recognize this amazing medication for what it is and begin to work properly with this substance, many who are now dying could be saved.

Often, patients come to me with lung cancer and other lung conditions. For such people, I recommend the use of a vaporizer in addition to ingesting the oil.

Vaporizing this medication along with ingesting it can have a very beneficial effect for those suffering from lung cancers or other lung conditions. All a patient has to do is ingest their regular dose and then warm up a vaporizer and inhale the vaporized cannabinoids into their lungs. This could be done every eight hours when they are ingesting their regular dosage and it would only require the patient to inhale the vaporized cannabinoids a couple of times at each setting. By using this method, the lung cancer is being attacked from both directions and this can greatly increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

In most cases, the tumors just disappear, but I have heard that some patients have actually coughed up dead pieces of the tumors they were suffering with. I am sure this is not an experience one would enjoy, but it is the natural way our lungs rid themselves of things that should not be there.

16 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL In addition, I know patients who have passed tumors during bowel movements, but of course, this too is only natural. In some instances, these dead encapsulated tumors may have to be removed surgically, if they are too big to pass by natural means, so in a situation like this, a doctor would be required.

Judging from those I have provided the oil to who were suffering from various forms of cancer, I do not know of any type of cancer that this oil would not be effective to treat. To me, all forms of cancer are curable no matter where it chooses to manifest itself in your body. The less damage the patient has received from the medical system, the better their chance of recovery, so in my opinion those who wish to cure their cancer should use this proven natural method.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Topical Use “For topical use, the oil can be mixed with skin creams, suntan lotions etc. However, for serious skin conditions, I advise that just the oil in its purest form should be used. Mixing the oil with anything will reduce the potency of this medication. Still, many of these weakened forms of hemp medicine can be quite effective to treat skin problems.

Often for people with very bad skin conditions that are spread over large areas of their body, I recommend a cannabis tincture. A tincture is simply oil mixed with alcohol or some such carrier. When one uses an eyedropper to apply a tincture to a skin condition, the alcohol causes one drop to spread over quite a large area. The alcohol evaporates off in just a few seconds, leaving the area covered with a thin film of oil.

Tinctures are a cost effective way to administer the oil over large areas and the patients themselves can adjust the strength of such a tincture to suit their needs. If one desires the tincture to be stronger, simply add more oil; if they want to weaken it, then just add more alcohol.

Do you think hemp tinctures could possibly be as potent as your hemp oil? By volume, it would be impossible for a hemp tincture to be as potent as pure oil.

A patient could ingest their doses mixed with alcohol, but what good would taking this medication with alcohol do the patient? The oil is the medicine and mixing it with alcohol or other such carriers in my opinion is not of any benefit for internal use.

17 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Currently, there is a drug company selling an overpriced cannabis based tincture called Sativex, which is sprayed under the tongue for pain relief etc. I have provided oil to patients who were using this substance and after experiencing the effects of the oil, they had no further need to purchase Sativex, since they found the oil I provided to be more effective. For topical conditions, a tincture can be used to make the oil go further but for a serious skin condition or infection, I would prefer that pure oil be used in its treatment.

What are the main uses for topical application and have you witnessed any allergic reactions to the oil? I have found tinctures to be effective in treating many skin conditions and using the oil in this manner can be much less wasteful. For people who are concerned about their complexions, simply mixing the oil with their favorite face cream and giving themselves a good facial can have dramatic results.

Herpes, skin cancer, warts, moles, and other skin conditions can be treated with pure oil with no allergic reactions that I know of. In reality, the only reaction I have witnessed when the oil is used topically was caused by the bandages used to cover it. When you use a bandage for extended periods, it can cause the area covered with the sticky portion of the bandage to become irritated. One simply has to stop using the bandages for a day or two and the condition will disappear.

Another thing I must mention is that the oil does not allow the bandages to stick to the wound or infection that is being healed. This may not sound too important, but if you have ever gone through the agony of removing a bandage which has stuck to a wound, you will understand what I mean.

When I was in Canada, I often blended oils from different varieties, because they can vary so much in their medical virtues. By doing this, I found these blended oils had a better overall healing effect on many conditions, so if you are planning to produce oil on a larger scale, you might consider doing the same.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Can You Combine Various Types of Administration of the Oil? “All different ways of administering the oil can be combined with no harmful side effects and indeed doing so can be of great benefit in some situations. For instance, if I had lung cancer, I could combine ingesting the oil with the use of suppositories 18 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and I would also vaporize the oil so it could be inhaled directly into my lungs. Both oral ingestion and suppositories work well to treat lung cancer and vaporizing the oil can also be of benefit for those who suffer from this condition.

Scientific literature says the body cannot process THC unless it is dissolved in animal fat. Would it not be more efficient to use the oil that way? I really have little concern about what scientific literature says and I do not think that animal fat is good for patients who are suffering from conditions like cancer.

From my experience, the oil does not have to be mixed with anything to be effective.

Since I have taken it many times without food and still felt its effects, I think there is a good chance that what we have been told is wrong. If the body cannot process THC without being mixed with animal fat, why could I still feel the effects of the oil? In addition when cannabis is smoked, there is no animal fat present in the joint, so how do people get high? By using processes that dissolve the THC into animal fat, butter, lard etc., I feel the potency of the medicine is reduced. It is the oil that is doing the healing, not butter or animal fat, therefore I think this medication should be used in the purest form to achieve maximum effectiveness. If I took a person who had two skin cancers and I treated one with pure oil and the other with an oil animal fat mix, I have little doubt the cancer treated with the pure oil would heal much faster and more effectively.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Smoking Cannabis Can you compare the medical value of smoking and eating hemp? “When a person smokes a joint, over 90% of the medicinal aspects of the plant material just went up in smoke. It’s ironic for me to see patients who have taken chemotherapy smoking hemp to reduce their nausea, for they are smoking the very substance which, if taken properly, could cure them.

To me, there is little or no comparison between smoking cannabis and ingesting the essential oil from this plant to treat a medical condition. If you are simply seeking a little relief from your condition, smoking cannabis may be of some benefit. But if you want to treat the condition properly, ingesting the oil is the best way to accomplish this. There is no question that even smoking cannabis does have some medicinal benefits, but don’t expect to cure a serious condition in this manner.

19 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL What is smoked marijuana good for from a medical point of view? From a medical point of view, smoking cannabis hemp has limited medical value when compared to ingesting the oil. Smoking pot can often have an effect on blood sugar levels for those with diabetes and it can also help reduce ocular pressure for people who suffer with glaucoma. We all know of hemp’s ability to reduce nausea and smoking this substance will often help combat the pain associated with many medical conditions.

Even simply smoking a good indica strain does tend to make a person relax, which in itself can be quite beneficial. Smoking pot can help reduce the symptoms of many conditions such as MS and is often very beneficial to those with spasmodic conditions. There is no shortage of evidence which clearly shows that even smoking hemp can do much to help the well-being of countless people worldwide. But, from my point of view, why just reduce the symptoms when a cure or much better control for the problem may be possible if the medicine is taken properly in the form of an oil? There is little comparison between smoking hemp and ingesting hemp oil. Smoking is the least effective method of using hemp as a medicine. The healing power of hemp is magnified many times when the concentrated essential oil of the hemp plant is produced. If you want to see the real medicinal magic in this plant, start ingesting high-grade hemp oil. When one starts ingesting the raw, unburned THC and its associated cannabinoids, medical miracles are often the result.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer What Should Research Focus On? “In the near future, the most important thing to do is grow the best medicinal strains possible, so we can determine their true medical virtues. Since this medication is harmless, we can do whatever research is required while we are healing the people.

Some strains of hemp are much more effective than others for different medical situations. In a short time, we should be able to determine the best strains to treat any given condition and this will allow these disorders to be treated more effectively.

In addition, we must put some form of quality control in place as quickly as possible and develop standards that suppliers must adhere to. At present, patients have no idea about the quality or effectiveness of oils, which they are purchasing from others. Truly, much research is yet to be done on this plant’s medicinal qualities, but if we go about it in the proper way, in a short time I think that we can learn a great deal.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer 20 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “My 28yr old friend had surgery today for breast cancer they say the cancer is removed but still want to do chemo on her. We have talked before and I told her to refuse chemo and just take RSO. Am I correct about this? From what I’ve read on Phoenix Tears I would think this is correct but would like your help on answering this. Thanks.” Justin -- Well done, Justin. No chemo or scans. The surgery was unnecessary. Have her eat 120-180g of the oil over the next six months and follow the instructions on our site. JB “Imagine trying to teach people how to wear their pants... It seems easy. What if people were texting you every day asking you how to put their pants on? (aggravating) It’s like ground hog day! If I put my pants on and it’s done right then this is the way I’m going to show someone else. I might laugh at the people who want to try putting their pants on backwards and saying, “Hey, they fit fine, sure, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are on backwards! (It worked for Khris Kross).” JB is simply telling us what works and won’t tell us any other way because there isn’t a need for other ways. Follow the directions or go walk around with your pants on backwards but don’t get mad at JB when you realize he was just showing you the right way to do it! We don’t try to change text in a book, we just go research other books!” Chad -- Thank you, Chad, this was a great explanation and yes, you are right. This whole issue of RSO medicine is so offensively simple that it actually makes it more complicated. It is too simple for people to believe it, namely when they cannot try the medicine themselves and have to read about it only.

And the whole thing is that people’s lives are at stake. I talk to them in person, I see the pain in their faces, don’t ask me what it does to me after all these years. To me there is not much room for improvisation here, no time for long bebop solos or free jazz. This is a solid old-timer twelve-bar blues and it is twelve bars long. Rick gave us directions to follow but everyone wants to reinvent the wheel because of some ego problems or what it is.

All I say about this is, “Master a rice cooker and a fan first. RSO first, then all other (less potent) forms of cannabis medicine. Because potency matters. The more potent and sedative the oil the better for the patient. You don’t have to test on internal conditions, try it on skin conditions first and watch if it heals more quickly with the real very potent and sedative RSO with 95-98% THC or with anything else, that should answer it for you. Then know that the same thing that is happening on your skin is happening inside your body when you ingest this medicine.

21 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Once you do that, you will basically lose interest in less potent forms of cannabis medicine. Not because they can’t help in some cases but because why fly second or third class when you can fly first class for the same money and save your life more quickly and reliably at the same time? RSO is premium medicine, and the way I look at it all the rest is not premium medicine. And I want premium medicine, why would I want diluted medicine instead of the real thing? The more brutally sedative and potent the oil the better it works as medicine -- and this is not going to change, ever.“ JB “Best RSO is 95-98% THC and extremely potent and sedative. Anything else than that (raw cannabis, juices, edibles, high CBD oils, non-decarboxylated BHO, tinctures, salves, concoctions, macerates, you name it) is a less potent form of cannabis medicine. All forms of cannabis medicine are beneficial to some degree, of course, but don’t bet your life on less potent forms of cannabis medicine.” JB The Rick Simpson Process of Producing Hemp Oil “I usually work with a pound or more of bud from very potent high quality indica or indica dominant sativa crosses. An ounce of good bud will usually produce 3 to 4 grams of high-grade oil and the amount of oil produced will vary from strain to strain. You are never really sure how much oil you will get until you have processed the material you are working with. On average, a pound of good bud will usually produce about 60 grams of high-grade oil and sometimes you may even get substantially more from some varieties.

Many seem to believe the oil must be amber and that you should be able to see through it. Often the oils I produced did exhibit these traits but not always. The color and texture of the oil you are producing depends a great deal on the strain, method, and solvent that you are using to produce the oil. Don’t be concerned if the oil you produce happens to be darker in color, this does not mean that such an oil is not a potent medicine. Indeed some of the strongest oils I have ever produced were dark in color, but they still had the desired medicinal effects.

I think these instructions should make producing this oil quite easy for anyone, but before you start, make sure that you have everything you will need to do it properly. All one requires is the starting material, solvent, a length of wood, two plastic buckets, a few small containers with funnels and coffee filters, an electric rice cooker, a fan, a stainless steel measuring cup, a coffee warmer and syringes.

The process I am about to describe involves washing the starting material twice 22 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL with a good solvent such as pure light aliphatic naphtha or 99% isopropyl alcohol to remove the available resin from the plant material. Light naphtha has proven itself to be a very good solvent to produce the oil, it is also quite cheap to purchase when compared to the cost of other solvents. It comes in different forms and under different names but the solvent I used is called light naphtha in Canada, and in Europe it is often called benzin(e). It is sold under many names but if you go to a fuel supplier, you should not have too much trouble tracking some down if you ask for hydrotreated light aliphatic solvent naphtha/petroleum ether/benzine/ hydrocarbon solvent with a boiling point anywhere from 40 to 100°C (140 - 212°F), CAS number 64742-49-0.

Light naphtha has many industrial uses, and is often used to degrease engine parts or thin paints etc., so I’m sure you should have little trouble finding what you need. Just to give you an idea of its many uses, it is the same substance used to fuel Coleman lamps and stoves. But, unfortunately, rust inhibitors are added to Coleman fuel, so I do not recommend that this fuel be used to produce oil. There is also medical-grade naphtha (hexane) available in many countries in the world, but it is a bit more expensive and usually harder to get and I have not found any significant difference between pure light naphtha and the medical-grade version of it.

Butane can produce oil but I do not recommend its use as a solvent to produce this medication, since it is very volatile and would require the use of expensive equipment to neutralize the danger. In addition, using butane to produce the oil does not decarboxylate the finished product, so oils produced in this manner would be less effective for medicinal use, unless the extra time is taken to decarboxylate them properly.

The only solvents that I have direct experience with so far are ether, light aliphatic naphtha, and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Ether is my personal favorite and it is a very effective solvent but it is expensive and can be quite hard to get. I think the use of ether is better suited for closed distilling devices, since it is very volatile and its fumes make it dangerous to work with.

Both ether and light naphtha are more selective solvents in nature, which means alcohol is not quite as effective as a solvent but still it does work well. Alcohol will dissolve more chlorophyll from the starting material and due to this, oils produced with alcohol will usually be more noticeably dark in color.

For a solvent to be effective, it should be 100% pure and 100% pure alcohol is expensive and can be quite hard to find. Light naphtha on the other hand is quite cheap to acquire and is usually not too hard to locate. Next to the use of ether, pure light aliphatic naphtha is my solvent of choice.

23 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL All these solvents including alcohol are poisonous in nature but if you follow these instructions, solvent residue in the finished oil is not a concern. After the finished product cools to room temperature, it is a thick grease-like substance rather than an oil and it is about as anti-poisonous as you can get. Even if there was a slight trace of solvent residue remaining, the oil itself would act upon it to neutralize any harmful poisonous effect. In essence, all you are doing is washing the medicinal resins off the bud material. Then, after the solvent oil mix has been filtered and the solvent has been boiled off, you are left with the resins in their most medicinal form.

For best results, the starting material must be as dry as possible. Be sure where you are working is well ventilated and there are no sparks, open flames, or red-hot elements in the area.

Place the starting material in a container of good depth to prevent the oil solvent mix from splashing out during the washing process. Then, dampen the bud with the solvent being used and the bud material is then crushed using a length of wood such as a piece of 2×2.

After it has been crushed, add more solvent until the material is completely immersed in the solvent. Work the bud material for about three minutes with the length of wood you used to crush it. Then slowly pour the solvent oil mix off into another clean container, leaving the starting material in the original container, so it can be washed for the second time.

Again add fresh solvent to the starting material until it is once more immersed in the solvent, and then work it for three more minutes with the length of wood you have been using. Then, pour the solvent oil mix into the same container that is holding the solvent oil mix from the first wash you did.

Trying to do a third wash on the plant material produces very little oil and it would be of little or no benefit as a medicine. The first wash dissolves 70 to 80% of the available resin off the starting material; the second wash then removes whatever resin that is of benefit, which remains.

Oils produced from the first wash are the most potent medicinally but if high-grade starting material is used, oil from the second wash also has benefits. If, for some reason, you have to work with material that is not as potent as it should be, it is best to use the oil from the first wash only for internal use and then start to grow or look for starting material that is of better quality. Remember, quality is more important than quantity and the better the starting material, the better the medicine.

Use something such as clean water containers with a small opening at the top and insert funnels into the openings, then put large coffee filters in the funnels. Pour the 24 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL solvent oil mix from the first and second washes into the coffee filters and allow the solvent oil mix to drain through the filters to remove any unwanted plant material.

The more funnels and containers you use, the faster it will be filtered. Once the solvent oil mix has been filtered, it is now ready to have the solvent boiled off.

If you do not already own one, you can purchase an inexpensive larger rice cooker with an open top that has both high and low heat settings to boil the solvent off the oil. Make sure that the rice cooker is set up in a well-ventilated area and place a fan nearby to blow away the fumes as the solvent boils off. This will prevent the fumes from condensing and posing a danger. Rice cookers are designed not to burn the rice as it cooks. The temperature sensors that are built in will automatically switch the cooker back on the low heat setting if the temperature within the cooker begins to get too high.

When producing oil, if the temperature gets a little over 300°F (148°C), it will begin to vaporize the cannabinoids off the oil and, of course, you do not want this to occur. If a rice cooker is working properly, it will automatically come off the high heat setting at roughly 230°F (110°C), which is above the temperature where decarboxylation is said to occur and is still well below the point that THC and other cannabinoids will vaporize. This is why I strongly recommend the use of a rice cooker to those who have never produced oil before, since it eliminates any danger of harming the oil in question. Plus the resulting oil is decarboxylated, which is also important, so it can achieve its full medicinal effects.

I suggest that people should not try to use crock-pots and similar appliances to produce oil. When I first tried to produce the oil, I used a crock-pot and since I did not know how much heat these devices can generate, the oil overheated and was ruined. So I think it’s only sensible that a beginner should start out by using a rice cooker and follow our instructions carefully. Doing so could save them a lot of grief.

A distilling device can also be used to produce this medication and reclaim the solvent that is being used. This method really does make more sense than using a rice cooker, but stills that are designed to boil off solvents safely are expensive and most people do not know how to operate one of these devices properly. If one is available, I prefer to use a still myself, but, in some countries, owning a still is against the law. If one is serious and wants to produce large amounts of oil, look into distilling and educate yourself in the proper use of this equipment.

Always make sure there are no sparks, open flames, or red-hot elements in the area while you are filling the rice cooker or boiling the solvent off because the fumes produced from solvents are very flammable and toxic. I have used this same process thousands of times and have never had a mishap, but for your own safety, please follow the instructions and make sure the area is well ventilated. I also caution 25 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL you to avoid breathing in the fumes that solvents produce since they can have unpleasant effects on anyone nearby.

Make sure that the fan is running and produces enough airflow to blow away the fumes, then fill the rice cooker until it is about three quarters full. This allows room for the solvent oil mix to boil off without spilling over. Put the rice cooker on its high heat setting and begin boiling the solvent off. Never attempt to do this without the use of a fan, since the fumes could condense and if they come in contact with the heating element, it might cause a fire.

As the level in the rice cooker drops, continue to carefully add the solvent oil mix you have remaining, until you have nothing left. When the level in the rice cooker comes down for the last time and has been reduced to about two inches of solvent oil mix remaining, add about 10 to 12 drops of water to the solvent oil mix that remains. This small amount of water allows the remaining solvent to boil off the oil that remains in the cooker more readily.

When there is very little remaining in the cooker, I usually put on a pair of gloves and then pick up the cooker and begin swirling its contents. This is done with the airflow from the fan still taking the fumes away and it can speed up the finishing process slightly. In a short time, the cooker automatically kicks off its high heat setting and then goes to low heat. As the last of the solvent is being boiled off, you will hear a crackling sound from the oil that is left in the cooker and you will see quite a bit of bubbling taking place in the oil that remains. Also, you will notice what looks like a small amount of smoke or steam coming off the oil in the rice cooker, but don’t be concerned, as this is mostly just steam produced from the few drops of water that you added. After the rice cooker has automatically switched to its low heat setting, I usually let it cool until it can be switched to the high heat setting again. After the cooker has automatically switched itself to the low heat setting for the second time, I then take the inner pot out of the cooker and pour its contents into a stainless steel measuring cup.

There will be a small amount of oil remaining in the pot that you will find almost impossible to get out, unless you use something like dry bread to absorb the oil, while it is still warm. Then, small amounts of this bread can be eaten as a medicine, but remember it can sometimes take an hour or more before you feel its effects.

So be careful how much bread like this you consume, because even a very small amount may put you to sleep for quite a few hours just the same as the raw oil will do itself. Another good way to clean up whatever oil remains in the pot is to wash the pot out with a small amount of alcohol to produce a hemp oil tincture.

A tincture such as this can be very effective in the treatment of skin conditions and just a little can go a long way, which can save you money. Since I often like to mix 26 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL oil from several strains anyway, I usually simply leave the remaining oil in the pot until next time. By mixing oils from different strains, you receive the medicinal benefits from all these different types of oil and I have found such oils to be effective in the treatment of everything. If you have many different varieties of good hemp at your disposal, I think mixing the oils is a good idea, but if you do not, I believe the oil from just one strain will probably satisfy your needs.

Take the oil that you poured into the stainless steel measuring cup and put it on a gentle heating device such as a coffee warmer to evaporate off whatever water remains in the oil. Quite often, it only takes a short time to evaporate the remaining water off, but also some strains produce more natural terpenes than others. These terpenes can cause the oil you now have on the coffee warmer to bubble for quite some time and it may take a while for such oils to cease this activity. When the oil on the coffee warmer has stopped bubbling and there is little or no activity visible, take the oil off the coffee warmer and allow it to cool a bit. Another way to finish the oil without the use of a coffee warmer is to put the oil in an oven set at 130°C for about an hour. Both of these methods will decarboxylate the finished oil and solvent residue should not be an issue.

Then, using plastic applicators or syringes with no needles that are available in your local drug store, use the plunger to slowly draw the warm oil up into the syringes and allow it to cool. In a short time, the resin will become a thick grease-like substance.

Sometimes the resin is so thick that it can be hard to force it out of the syringes when cooled. If such a thing happens, simply put the syringe in a cup of hot water in a short time you will be able to squeeze your dosage out more easily. Sometimes a patient will force out too much oil, but if this happens, just pull back on the plunger of the syringe and the excess oil can usually be drawn back into the syringe without too much difficulty.

On average, a dry pound of material will require about 2 gallons (8-9 liters) of solvent to do the two washes that are required. If you plan to produce the oil from more or less starting material, simply do the math to determine roughly how much solvent you will require. From start to finish, it usually takes three to four hours to accomplish the whole process, and then the medicine is sitting there ready to be used.

It should also be mentioned that this oil has an extremely long shelf life. But for long-term storage, I would put it in a dark bottle with a tight lid or a stainless steel container. If kept in a cool dark place when stored, it can maintain its medicinal potency for years.

At first, it may seem daunting for some to try to produce their own medicine but in reality, this process is extremely simple. All you have to do is carefully follow the 27 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL instructions and after you produce this medication a couple of times, you will find that it is not much harder to make than a cup of coffee. Once you have produced your own medication, it takes all the mystery out of medicine and you no longer have to rely on doctors in most cases, for now you have become your own doctor.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Q. Why does grinding of dry material lead to THC loss? Is there any explanation for this? A. Have you ever ground really potent bud? If you did, you should know why. That white powder that is all around the table after you grind it is THC (or trichomes) and it is what should have stayed in the oil. Plus, when it is ground, it is then too fine and you will strip a lot of what you did not really want to strip in your oil.

Process bone dry whole buds after you dampen them with naphtha or the solvent of your choice, but don’t touch it much before you process it because every time you touch it, you will lose some. Oils produced from ground material are significantly less potent than oil produced from buds that were crushed after they were dampened.

First quick wash is the most potent and strips about 70% of THC available, the second strips about 20% and the third about 5%. When you grind it, you get all three washes (actually four) in your oil and you don’t want that. Quality over quantity. JB “Hi JB. What is the shortest time you can leave bud to dry if you need it urgently? Thanks.” Priscilla -- Until it is bone dry. But I would only quick-dry say 5-7g of bud, that will give you about a gram of oil, enough to start with, and then you can finish it when it is dried properly, in a week or so. The less you handle the starting material before processing the less resin you will waste. So it is best to not decarboxylate the starting material (like GW do for no reason at all, you can decarboxylate the oil with less problems by heating it, which you have to do to remove the solvent residue anyway). The best thing to do is to put the bud in a bucket for processing right in the drying room, with no extra handling, whenever possible. The less you touch the bud the better. JB 1.) I grinded the bone-dry buds with my hands only, no grinder used. The starting material looked like very small buds of approx. 5 to 10mm diameter, so mostly no powder. As I now have my own »cooking« experience, I totally agree with you in all points, except point C. I’ve seen oils made with alcohol which are usually much darker as the water in the alcohol dissolves the chlorophylls. I made my oil with lab grade pure petroleum ether. This oil is much more brighter in colour (goldenbrown) and has an excellent, delicious spicy taste in comparison to the alco-oil’s I had a chance to try. My point here is that I believe Naphtha doesn’t strip off as many 28 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL of the terpenes and chlorophylls as alcohol does. It also boils much more controlled and manageable as alcohol does. So my question here is, do you think it is possible that the combination grinding / washing with Naphtha is not that harmful for a good quality oil as grinding / washing with Alcohol? -- Do not grind the material first. Any handling of the dry bud material will cause you to loose THC and other cannabinoids (the fine dust on the table is what should have stayed in the bucket). Yes, grinding and naphtha would be “better” than grinding and alcohol - that combination is an almost guaranteed failure, you simply can´t make good oil this way.

Put the bud in a bucket, dampen it with naphtha, crush it with a stick for a two to three minutes, pour the oil-solvent mix in a bucket. If you work with good quality material, make a second wash and pour the second mix to the bucket with the first wash. If you are not using that-good material, use the first wash only for internal purposes (and keep looking for good material).

Ether produces great oils (we like amber oils better than dark oils, but remember that some strains produce darker oils than others). We also like amber oils for practical reasons - who wants to have black teeth with chlorophyll marks on them? But we don´t recommend it much at the moment because it is fairly dangerous to work with ether, it is hard to get in most parts of the world, and we are very concerned with the safety of those producing the oil. It can go boom very easily at relatively low temperatures. So, for most people, light aliphatic naphtha will work just fine. We usually use naphtha, but ether would the solvent of our choice.

The current list of solvents we would personally use is: 1. ether, 2. pure light naphtha, 3. 99% isopropyl alcohol, 4. food-grade alcohol - preferably 99%, but that´s usually hard to get and very expensive. When you work with 96% alcohol, the remaining 4% is usually water. 4% out of 10 liters is 4dcl, almost a pint of water that you will have to boil off - and it takes time that you could spend more reasonably.

2.) I also put the final 60°C warm oil for 1,5h under vacuum in order to totally remove all solvent residues. As I wrote you, I decarboxylated the oil 35 eaten grams later… The taste of the oil was before the decarboxylation much spicier, I wouldn’t say worse, but you are right about the burping.

-- As I said last time, the burping was from leftover water. And the water was there because of the “scientific” low temperature you used. You need to decarboxylate the oil anyway, so a rice cooker that will shut off at 110°C works just fine. Or, of course, the best thing to use would be a still - but again, many people don´t own them and don´t how to operate them, and the risk of an explosion is always present. When a still explodes, it will usually demolish the whole house. When the contents of a rice 29 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL cooker explode, it will only make a two or three meter high flame that is quite easy to deal with.

As for vacuum - of course, why not. If you have the equipment and if you know how to use it properly, it is not a bad idea to finish the oil in it, if you want to be 100% sure there is no solvent residue in it or if you want shut the mouths of those who are against petrochemical solvents. Some people use it with great success and I am not against it. But as you know, the majority of people do not own this equipment and many of our patients cannot or could not even afford a rice cooker and a fan, so we don´t recommend vacuum as a necessity.

Look at how easy and simple Rick´s method is and how many questions we still have to answer. Now imagine what will happen when we add info on other methods of producing the oil. It will only cause a confusion and I will have to spend days and weeks trying to answer questions from “confused” people, which I am not going to do much longer anyway.

3.) Please explain why are you suggesting to ingest the oil right out of the tube, directly into the mouth, no capsules? Some absorption issue? I eat most of the oil on cigarette paper, but I rarely use some capsules if I have to leave home for more hours. Besides, I don’t like to have it all over my teeth, as it is really hard to get off...

-- Because of several reasons. The main one is that this method of ingestion has proven to be the most effective and beneficial to patients. It improves mouth hygiene because it also disinfects the mouth and then helps with any conditions in the digestive tract or in your throat etc. Actually, when I get a sore throat, I try to smear the oil in the back of my mouth and then keep it in my mouth for as long as I can stand it. In most cases, a flu or sore throat (or its symptoms) is taken care of overnight.

Like you say, some oil stays on your teeth and under your tongue, so this method of ingestion actually combines sublingual processing of the oil (ala Sativex and other under-the-tongue sprays and tinctures that people use) and processing in the stomach and intestines. The main thing is to get the oil in your stomach. So, if you have oil with a not-so-good taste, you can put in a piece of bread or banana etc.

(or cigarette paper, if you like to eat the chemicals in it), fold it over and swallow it like a pill and flush it with water or tea or whatever you like. Brush your teeth with oil after say ten minutes or so, it will help with oral hygiene, too. Many oils have a delicious taste (especially when the starting material is not ground up and when alcohol isn’t used to produce the oil. Chlorophyll usually tastes bad and can cause a lot of discomfort, even when used topically - dark oils will stain your clothes, you don’t really want or need that.) 30 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Capsules - a) you have to buy them from Big Pharma, by which you are supporting them with your money, b) some people are allergic to them, c) some dissolve in your intestines and not in the stomach, d) dealers often put less oil in a capsule than there should be, e) they don´t work so well for so many conditions, f) it is hard to get the oil out of them when you want to make a joint or vaporize the oil for lung conditions or when you want to use the oil topically. I am not saying that you can´t use capsules, all I am saying is that it is better to learn to use the oil straight from the tube. After you get more practice, you will learn how to use the oil with no discomfort at all. I personally like to eat the oil right from the rice cooker, I just dip my finger in it and take as much as I think I can take. Mind you, this is very “oil-consuming” and you will usually take more than from a syringe. When the oil is good, an “overdose” will only put you to sleep, big deal. But of course, I can do it due to my experience and tolerance, I would not and do not recommend this to beginners or those who don´t have as much experience. All the rest of the info is on our site at and in Rick’s e-book. All the best to you, too, Stefan.

Jindrich” “If you are worried about the cost, it’s much cheaper than the co-payment on most of the cancer drugs and some if the drugs you take at home for the cancer are not covered by insurance. If someone in my family needed this oil for cancer I would find a way. Good luck!!!!” Lisa -- “I agree, Lisa, the oil is a much cheaper treatment when one takes all the other costs and expenses into account. Plus it is incomparably safer than anything the medical system would supply, not to mention that it works much more efficiently and reliably and it is definitely more fun to take than poison or radiation.“ JB Q. I know you recommend making the RSO yourself but a dispensary has some local and I was just wondering what should be a fair price on it.

A. One needs 4-7g of high quality bud to produce a gram of oil, so that should be the “right price.” Let us not discuss the ridiculous prices of hemp, to me the right price for a 60g dose is 50-100USD (or less, if it were grown legally outdoors on a large scale). I am not saying that I know where to get it at that price at the moment, top grade oil costs what top grade material costs where you live. JB Other Forms of Extraction Have you found any other ways of making the oil? “There are many ways to produce the oil and I do not claim that my method is 31 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL necessarily the best, but to my knowledge it is the only one that has proven successful in thousands of cases.

Indeed the method that we have shown the world would be considered crude at best, but a very pure form of this medication can be produced in this manner. My intention was to present a method of producing the oil with equipment that is readily available, so if need be almost everyone could produce their own medicine in a simple manner.

Up until I was raided in 2005, I had used distilling processes to produce the medicine and reclaim the solvents. This method is much less dangerous and is more ‘earthfriendly’, since the solvent is not wasted. But the police confiscated my equipment, which forced me to start using rice cookers to accomplish the task.

What other forms of extraction can be used then? Again, there are a number of extraction methods and I do not profess to be an expert in such things. The problem with scientific methods like noble gas extractions etc.

is that most people lack the equipment and knowledge to perform such extractions.

That is why we showed the public the simplest possible way to produce this medication themselves.

There are also cold-water extraction methods that can be used to extract the resins.

I have only tried to do this type of extraction a couple of times and the results were not as good as expected. Still, I know of people who say that they have produced high quality oil in this manner. Obviously, cold water cannot catch fire or explode, so cold-water extraction methods might certainly be an option, but one must make sure that the oil is decarboxylated before it is given to the patient.

What is decarboxylation? Decarboxylation occurs when the molecules within the oil have been rotated to the delta 9 position with the use of heat so they become more medicinally active. The temperature at which this occurs is debatable, since many reports I have viewed on the subject do not agree. By doing what I have suggested, the oil is heated to temperatures well above that at which decarboxylation is said to occur. The carboxyl group is removed, which then allows the molecules to fit into the CB1 and CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system and allows them to pass the brain barrier.

Is there a way to make the oil more potent? There are several ways of increasing the oil’s potency, but again, many of these methods require specialized equipment and knowledge that the average person 32 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL does not have. In the past, I have produced such oils and I do consider them to be more powerful and medicinal, but with the laws that are in place and the equipment that is needed, it was impossible for me to produce any amount.

Is there anything I can do when the oil I produced or purchased is not potent enough? If good starting material is used to produce the oil, this problem should not be encountered, but I’m sure there will be those who will. When treating a serious illness, only the best will do, so if the oil you have does not measure up to the task at hand, I would get some more bud material and produce it properly. With someone’s life hanging in the balance, this is no time to be playing with low quality oil. If you were the one suffering, wouldn’t you want the best medication possible? So please try to provide the same for others.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Producing the Highest Quality Oils Possible “In the interest of allowing the common man to produce the highest quality and most medicinal oils possible, I have discovered a simple method that will enable just about everyone to produce oils with even more effective medicinal values than I have showed the public in the past. All you actually have to do is add a few more steps to the process we have already showed you, but after you produce oil in this manner I think you will agree that it does make a tremendous difference.

If you have high quality medicinal bud to work with, you should be able to manufacture oils with very high cannabinoid levels, simply by using a good solvent and a rice cooker. Oils that I produced in this manner usually showed THC levels of 95% or more along with varying levels of other cannabinoids and plant waxes. The healing power of oils such as this are what has finally given the cannabis hemp plant the medical recognition it deserves, but still I have found that the healing power of this substance can be taken to a whole new level without much difficulty.

All you have to do is take the oil and put it in a heating unit that can catch the cannabinoids as they vaporize off and this will produce oils of higher quality and purity. Although an ordinary vaporizer can accomplish this task, in truth they are not designed properly to fulfill this role, since it would take so long to produce any amount of medication and most vaporizers which are available tend to leak.

To produce oil on a larger scale one would require a much larger vaporizing unit which was airtight and it would also necessitate the use of a much larger collection 33 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL dome that is set on an angle, so that once the cannabinoids started to collect they would begin to run down to the dome’s lowest point, where they could be collected from a small drain hole in the form of a highly purified oil. Anyone who is mechanically inclined should not have too much trouble putting together a unit to perform this task, but it will take a little time and effort to assemble the device.

The amount of oil which can be collected after it has been vaporized depends on what cannabinoid percentage by weight that the original starting oil had. If the oil you are using had 99% cannabinoids by weight, then you should get roughly that amount back after it has been vaporized.

I should also mention that this is a great way to improve the quality of lower grade oils which have a lot of impurities, so they may be used as a more powerful and effective medication. Even a starting oil with much lower cannabinoid content may produce a decent medication, if the cannabinoids are vaporized off and the impurities are left behind in the bowl. You may not get out as much as you put in, but at least you will end up with an oil that is much more medicinal than what you started out with. When it comes to healing, a medicine’s purity and effectiveness mean everything to the patient, so if you wish to produce the most medicinal oils possible, I think you should give what I am saying some serious consideration.

As yet, I cannot explain why oils produced in this manner are so much more medicinally active than even the best oils which have been produced using other methods. Since the oils that I have vaporized had been decarboxylated before they even went into the vaporizer, that should mean they were already as medicinally active as possible, so one would expect to see little difference in potency after the oil has been collected from the vaporizer. When the cannabinoids are vaporized off these high quality oils, all that is left in the bowl of the vaporizer are unwanted plant waxes and other contaminants. By leaving these unwanted substances behind in the bowl, the oil that you collect will be much purer, but since these oils had few impurities before they were even put in the vaporizer, this does little to explain why the oil is now so much more potent.

Cannabinoids vaporize off the oil between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit and these temperatures are much higher than those which we have been told are required to accomplish decarboxylation. Either there is something that we do not as yet understand about decarboxylation that is causing this amazing increase in potency, or all this extra heat required to vaporize the cannabinoids off may be doing something to the oil that we have never been aware of in the past.

I have been talking about this new process for the last few weeks when I do interviews and now there are some individuals, who have begun to manufacture oils in this manner and from what I have been told they were shocked at the 34 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL difference in potency. From my experience, even the highest grade oils produced with the use of distilling equipment or a rice cooker cannot be compared with oils that are collected after the cannabinoids have been vaporized off. They may look somewhat the same, but I think the vaporized oils are many times stronger and indeed this should make them even more suited to treat individuals with serious conditions.

Some people simply put plant material in a vaporizer and then collect the cannabinoids in oil form from the dome of the vaporizer, after the plant material has been heated. By using the raw plant material one can produce a decent oil, but testing has shown that these oils do not equal the potency of oils produced in a rice cooker and that is the reason why I instruct people to produce the oil using my methods. If you put high quality oil in a vaporizer, the resulting oil which will be produced after the cannabinoids have vaporized off, will be much stronger than even the best oils that can be vaporized off high quality bud material. So if you want to see great results, they can be achieved simply by vaporizing the best oil possible and this will give you a medicine, which I feel is beyond compare.

No matter if governments like it or not, in the near future many of us will be producing our own medicines and since these oils are so effective for such a large range of medical problems, I expect to see this simple folk medicine manufactured everywhere, by those who do not have the money to play games with drug companies. In the future I am sure the drug companies will be trying to say that they are the only ones qualified to produce this medication, but we all know that anything these criminals are willing to provide would come at a very high price; and since just about anyone can produce this substance, I see no need for drug companies to even play a role.

After we do the simple research that is required, we will be able to blend the different natural cannabinoids and produce oils specifically designed to treat different illnesses, but even though these new oils will have amazing healing abilities, oils which we ourselves can produce will always have their place in our medicine cabinets. I have never tried to patent any of the methods I have discovered, since I feel that this knowledge should be available to anyone who chooses to use it and no one has the right to hold anything back that can save someone’s life and, as a matter of fact, I think it would be a much better world if we had no such thing as patents at all.

Although those who wish to prohibit this medication’s use, like drug companies, have proven in the past that they are more than happy to poison and kill us with the trash which they have been providing, I am sure they will try to tell us that they are the only ones who can produce this medication properly. Using the new method I have just described, anyone can manufacture medications that are just as pure 35 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL as anything a drug company could provide. In addition, I think medications that we can produce ourselves will be much more effective than what a drug company would offer, because unlike them we are not in this for the money and our aim is simply to heal ourselves.

There is now no sensible reason as to why we cannot produce our own medicines and when our bought and paid for governments try to prevent us from doing so, it will be just one more example of why we must rid ourselves of their corruption and once and for all, free humanity from their clutches. By now it should be more than obvious that drug companies and our governments care little or nothing about our health and well-being, so let’s give common sense and Mother Nature a chance to see what they can do to improve our overall health, and once we do so, I am sure that we will no longer accept what has gone on in the past.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Hemp or Marijuana? “Throughout history, cannabis has always been known as hemp by those who for thousands of years grew it as a crop. With manipulation on the part of big-money concerns and governments they control, strains of hemp with high resin content were renamed marijuana and villainized to the public at large. Back in the era when this occurred, the general public for the most part had no idea what marijuana even was. All they were told was that marijuana is a dangerous addictive and deadly drug. We were all led to believe that smoking a joint was just about the most selfdestructive and harmful thing we could do to ourselves. Of course, all of this was simply just a pack of lies, but at the time, the public did not have the means to find out otherwise.

Had the public known when their governments were trying to have this plant outlawed that many of the Founding Fathers and past Presidents of the US smoked hemp quite extensively during their careers, they might not have swallowed these new restrictions that were being forced upon them so easily. There are a great number of documented accounts that describe quite vividly the smoking practices of many well-known statesmen and even how presidents like Abraham Lincoln used to enjoy the time he spent smoking hemp in his pipe sitting on his veranda.

Judging by some of the documents, political leaders of that era brought into being, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I think it is safe to say that in fact, they were very clear thinkers. It seems that the dreaded effects of the marijuana they were smoking which the public were now being told is so detrimental, had no impact at all on such individuals or their ability to think 36 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL rationally. Still, decades later when the laws restricting hemp’s use were put in place in the early 1900s, very few people had knowledge of such things.

Hemp’s medicinal use throughout history is legendary. It was used to treat practically all types of disease and injury. Only for the last few decades has hemp’s medicinal use been denied to the public. To recognize the hemp plant for what it really is, all we have to do is separate fact from fiction.

The system villainized hemp to the public by renaming it marijuana. Our parents and grandparents were told by the news and movie media that the marijuana and/ or hemp plant was a deadly, dangerous, and addictive drug. Nothing could have been further from the truth but back during that era it was almost impossible for the public to find out the facts for themselves.

Those who produced this ridiculous propaganda are long dead, so why do the lies and deceptions about hemp linger? The answer is simple – money. We are suffering and dying because drug companies and other big money interests want to improve their profit margins. For them to continue doing this, they must ensure that hemp is kept illegal and away from the public, for medicinal use and other purposes.

If we look into the history behind all this, we will find it was John D. Rockefeller and his rich friends along with corruption involving governments of that by-gone era which gave us the medical system we have today. In medical schools funded by the rich and powerful, doctors were taught allopathic medicine, i.e. medicine from chemicals and poisons. Over time, their lies and deceptions have convinced not only doctors, but also the general public that chemicals and poisons are beneficial for medical conditions. In other words, these so-called medical schools have brainwashed both doctors and the public at large into believing that black is white.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Which Strain or Strains Should I Use To Make the Oil? “This is a rather hard question to answer, since in reality we are all at the mercy of the seed merchants, for they are the ones who have the final say in what we are growing.

The trouble is if you were to order a strain like White Widow from five different seed suppliers, when you grew them, you would likely end up growing five entirely different types of plants. The type of White Widow that I was growing back in 37 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Canada had a very heavy sedative effect like a good indica variety and it was one of the best painkillers I have ever encountered. But if I tried to order the same seeds from the company I originally purchased them from, today they would likely send me seeds with entirely different medicinal values.

The White Widow I have seen in Europe is much more energizing than what I was growing in Canada, so it seems seeds available here must be more sativa dominant.

Unfortunately, for the most part, it did not have the medicinal values that I am looking for to produce the heavy sleepy effect like the White Widow I was growing back in Canada.

Some strains are better for pain relief, while others will be more effective to control blood sugar levels for diabetics or to lower ocular pressure for those suffering from glaucoma. We need a good ongoing steady supply of seeds that have known medicinal values so an ordinary person will know what they are growing. All we need is the freedom to grow the most medicinal strains on earth, then using a simple process of elimination, we could determine which strains produce the best oil to treat different medical conditions.

After this is done, a stable supply of these seeds could be made available to the public and they then could grow strains that suit their medical needs. But until that day comes, I cannot really recommend a particular strain or seed vendor and say that “this is the one for you” and has “guaranteed effects”.

Some seed companies do have information available about the medicinal values of the strains they are selling. So it would be a good idea to look this information over before making your purchase.

What strains should patients look for then? At this time, all I can do is tell the public to order strong and very sedative indica or indica dominant sativa crosses that have 20% THC or more to produce their oil.

In addition, people are always asking me where they can get seeds and this can be a real problem for those who live in some countries that don’t allow them to be sold.

If you go on the Internet and you will find many seed companies that will supply cannabis seeds and some ship worldwide. (Tip: Google the words marijuana seeds worldwide and you will see a selection of online shops that might cater your needs).

What does one have to watch for when choosing or purchasing plants for producing the oil? For people who have no experience with hemp, they must be careful, since many growers and dealers will simply try to sell you whatever they have. For those who 38 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL have never smoked hemp, I suggest they take someone with experience along when they make their purchase.

You cannot always go by look and smell to determine the potency of hemp. I have seen buds that glistened with resin and smelled beautifully but they lacked the potency to produce good medication. So it’s best to find out how potent the material is before you purchase a large quantity.

When someone brings a pound to produce the medicine, I first test its effects on myself. I cut up a little bit of bud and roll a joint with it. If the hemp is good, by the time I have smoked half the joint, I feel its effects. What I look for is a heavy sleepy sensation that makes you want to go lay down. If I am smoking a good indica or an indica dominant sativa cross, usually such varieties will exhibit these effects.

I have found that practically all hemp varieties that produce this heavy, sleepy feeling are very medicinal. These are the varieties I used with such great success when producing oils to treat cancer and other serious internal problems.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer How to Determine Which Starting Material to Buy? “The easiest way to determine what traits bud material has within it is to simply smoke some and see what effect it has on you. When people bring hemp to me to produce this medication, I roll a joint. By the time I have smoked about half of it, I know if it possesses the sedative effect I am looking for and that is how I select the material I use.

If you are going to buy hemp to produce medication and do not smoke it yourself, take someone along who is an experienced smoker and have them try some of the material you are thinking of purchasing. Tell them that you are looking for a sedative effect and you do not want to buy something that is uplifting or energizing.

It’s also not a bad idea to bring a pocket magnifier along, so you can examine the resin on the bud you intend to purchase. Good bud looks like it is covered in frost, most of the time it can even be seen with the naked eye. Once you get used to producing the oil, one can often get a pretty good idea how much oil a strain may produce per pound just by looking at the bud material with a magnifier. The resin you are observing is the medicine and generally the more that is present on the bud material, the larger the amount of oil it will produce.

39 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Why do you recommend that people make the oil from a pound or more of the starting material? Could they produce it from say an ounce of dried hemp?’ Yes, of course, the oil can be produced in smaller amounts as well. An ounce of good dry hemp bud should produce 3 to 4 grams of high-grade oil and only about 16 fluid ounces of solvent would be required to do the two washes.

But there are reasons I suggest that patients produce the oil from a pound if possible and they involve putting the patient at ease with its use. I feel even those who are relatively healthy should ingest a full 60 gram treatment to detoxify their bodies and bring them back to a state of good health. To produce this much oil usually requires about a pound of bud and I think it is somewhat easier on the patient if they do not try to produce oils from many different varieties.

Each strain produces oils with different effects so if the patient is switching from one strain to another, they never know what to expect. For those who are at ease with this medication’s use, switching oils presents little or no problems. But for patients who are experiencing its effects for the first time, I think it’s best if they are only ingesting one type of oil.

How strong and potent are the plants you use for making the oil? I always make the medicine from the strongest and most sedative material available to me and often the strains I work with produce a euphoric effect as well. Oils produced from strains with these traits have very pleasant effects and patients tend to enjoy taking them.

Locally, many pot smokers are complaining that I buy up all the good hemp for medicine and leave nothing for those who wish to smoke. I don’t pay much attention to this, since I consider saving lives to be far more important than the recreational needs of those who are not ill.

I am always looking for strains that exhibit heavy resin content and the proper medicinal values. Much of the material I use to produce the medicine comes from varieties, which are supposed to be in the 20% THC range. Of course, if these strains actually contained that much THC, one pound would produce 90 to 100 grams of oil. There are some who actually do grow medicinal hemp of this quality, but take it from me, hemp like this can be very expensive and hard to find.

Most of the bud material that was available to me would produce around 60 grams of high-grade oil per dry pound; so no doubt the quality could have been better. In reality, I had very little choice in the matter. If I was to save the lives of patients, I had 40 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL to use what was available. What people really need to know is that each strain will vary in the amount of oil it produces and these oils will vary in medicinal value as well.

In addition, the methods used to grow the hemp have a lot to do with how much THC is present in the dry bud material. The strain being grown may be capable of producing buds which can contain 20% THC or even more but many growers do not have the skills or equipment needed to achieve this. I have worked with strains that produced 90 grams of oil out of one dry pound of bud and sometimes even a bit more. Unfortunately, hemp of this quality is quite rare, so if you can get 60 grams of good oil from a dry pound of hemp bud, be happy. Always look for the most potent hemp possible when purchasing the starting material; someone’s life may depend on it.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Cannabis Sativa versus Cannabis Indica What is the main difference between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica in treatment? “I do not like to see anyone ingesting sativa oil to try to treat cancer and other serious conditions. There is certainly a possibility that oil made from a good sativa could cure cancer but the energizing effect of this oil is not conducive to healing.

Certainly, I would not hesitate to treat skin cancer externally with such an oil but ingesting oils from sativa varieties can badly affect the patient’s sleeping patterns.

I also consider such oils very effective in the treatment of people suffering from depression. In some cases, those who suffer from depression could benefit if they were to take a small dose of this oil when they get out of bed. This would energize them and lift their spirits, but if too much is taken, some strong sativa oils can be far too energizing and most people do not like this effect.

Although oils produced from sativas can be beneficial in some situations, for the most part I try to avoid their use. Often these oils are far too energizing and I do not want to see someone with terminal cancer or other serious conditions out trying to paint the barn. Some patients do not handle the effects of energizing oils well, which often can make them very restless. From my experience, the patient will respond much better if the oil is produced from sedative strains with traits like those that I have mentioned.

The extra sleep the patient will experience is very refreshing and logically, a wellrested patient will heal better than one who is experiencing sleeping difficulties. For internal use to treat most medical conditions, I strongly suggest that indica strains or indica dominant sativa crosses be used. Indicas relax a person and provide them with more rest, sleep and peace of mind.

41 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL I have also found that oils produced from indica dominant strains are effective in treating depression and other health related issues. From my perspective, oils produced form good indica strains are more medicinally desirable than most oils produced from sativa.

I have tried oils from many strains and combinations of strains. I remember one oil which almost gave me a nirvana. How would you describe the ideal oil that would produce the most enjoyable experience to patients? Reaching nirvana is not necessary when using this oil to effectively heal your body, but even if you did take too much and achieved this state, you would not be harmed.

Actually, for those who are very near death from such things as cancer, a large overdose of high-grade oil would increase their chance of survival.

The patient could do this at home but if the oil were allowed, I think this could be performed much better in a hospital setting. Unless the patient is close to death, I tell them to follow our dosage instructions, but for those with their life in danger I recommend that they take this medication as quickly as possible.

Many who have smoked hemp in the past have no fear of this substance and I have seen a few people with terminal cancer cure their condition in a month. In reality, it’s up to the patient themselves as to how quickly this medicine is taken. Once it becomes public knowledge how safe it is to ingest, I expect that more will try to ingest it in a faster manner.

Indica, Sativa or Ruderalis? Luckily, it seems that for the most part good cannabis indica strains are an effective treatment for all types of cancer. There are now thousands of different types of hemp that have come into being due to breeders crossing different strains. The three main varieties of this plant are cannabis indica, cannabis sativa and cannabis ruderalis. Pure indicas produce a very sedative medication that is effective in the treatment of most medical conditions.

Good indica strains that have been crossed with sativa or ruderalis can also possess this heavy sedative medicinal effect. Yet, it depends a great deal on the percentage of indica that is present in these new crosses as to how effective they will be as a medication. Generally, the higher the indica content, the more sedative and effective these crosses will be as a medicine.

Pure sativa, on the other hand, produces an energetic effect, which is not conducive to promote healing in most cases and can interfere with the sleeping patterns of those who try to use it as a medication. Medications produced from pure sativa or 42 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL sativa dominant indica or ruderalis crosses can be beneficial in the treatment of someone suffering from depression, or skin conditions that can be treated topically.

For ingestion purposes, oils produced from sativa and sativa dominant crosses must be used with caution. Such oils can be unbelievably energizing when ingested and this effect, in my opinion, does not promote the healing process.

In the last few years, cannabis ruderalis has gained a lot of attention in the hemp world. As I understand it, ruderalis is being crossed with indicas and sativas to make these strains more hardy and mold resistant. In addition, ruderalis varieties are high in CBD and some think this could be of great importance, but it is yet to be proven. I cannot voice an opinion on how effective medications produced from this variety would be medicinally. Since I have no experience working with ruderalis varieties, at this time I do not feel qualified to offer my views.

Still, for best results, I would use pure indica or indica dominant sativa crosses to produce this medication, because they have already been proven to be effective.

From my experience, practically all indica dominant strains can produce a medication that is an effective treatment for many medical conditions. Even people suffering from depression can benefit from the effects of oils produced from good indicas. So it’s best to stay away from sativas to produce medicine for most internal purposes. Still, if you want to treat a skin condition or skin cancer topically, I think you will find that oils produced from sativa varieties can be quite effective in the treatment of such things. There is no question that some strains produce a much more potent medication than others for different medical conditions. In the future, that is where the research must be done.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Outdoor Versus Indoor Are there differences between oils from indoor and outdoor plants? “I have produced the oil from hemp that was grown both indoors and outdoors with good results. I prefer to work with hemp that was grown outdoors, since on average high quality hemp grown outside in a good growing season can be more potent and often produces more resin. I attribute this mostly to the sun, for I do not believe that most indoor lighting systems can compete with this source of light.

Also, there are other stresses and factors in nature which can affect the potency of the strain being grown that plants grown indoors do not encounter.

Hemp that is grown indoors of course can be very potent and will produce good 43 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL medicine but there are many drawbacks involved with indoor growing. Plants that are grown inside are usually much smaller in stature than those grown outside. Also, with indoor setups, problems arise concerning smell, air movement, infestations, and heat. Indoor grow systems usually produce a great quantity of excess heat and often infestations and plant growth are controlled with the use of chemicals.

I cannot say that I have encountered any problems producing medicine from indoor crops; so if you do not have an alternative, this is a good way to supply yourself.

For those who do not live in a rural setting, I suggest they build or buy a small indoor growing system from which they can supply the medicinal needs of their whole family. Currently there are many different types of indoor grow chambers available or if you like you can always build your own. Still, from my perspective, there is only one way to grow hemp properly and that is in the great outdoors. Open ground with good drainage and a proper pH is what’s required. This along with lots of sunshine, horse manure, and abundant quantities of water can produce an amazing crop.

I have not noticed any differences in the hemp oil produced from indoor or outdoor plants other than the fact that indoor plants seem to be slightly less potent.

But there could be several reasons as to why this occurred and possibly, under the proper conditions, indoor plants might be just as strong as those grown outdoors.

The most potent oils I have ever produced in Canada came from outdoor plants.

Indoor plants may produce slightly less potent oils but they are still highly effective as a medication. So, at the present time, I would work with the most potent sedative bud you can get, no matter if it comes from indoor or outdoor.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer What Type of Artificial Light Do You Get Best Results With? “I have achieved the best results indoor using a combination of high-pressure lights.

We used a 1000-Watt high-pressure sodium and 1000-Watt metal halide in the same grow chamber to produce the largest buds I have ever grown inside. Although I have never used 600-Watt high-pressure sodium’s in an indoor growing system, from what I can gather, such bulbs are the most efficient because they put out the most lumens per watt. The main problem with high-pressure lighting systems is the heat they produce and the power they consume, so I have looked into other forms of lighting to help solve these issues.

44 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Standard 4-foot cool white florescent bulbs will grow hemp quite nicely in the vegetative state; but for budding I would recommend much more light intensity.

Today there are many forms of high intensity LED and compact fluorescent fixtures available that growers have told me achieve good results. This type of lighting produces very little heat, has low power consumption, and these fixtures have a long life expectancy.

Over the last few years, the cost of these different forms of lighting has dropped dramatically, so these fixtures are now in a price range many growers can afford.

To anyone new to the art of indoor growing, I believe this form of lighting in conjunction with the use of fluorescent fixtures is a good way to start out and can eliminate many of the problems associated with high-pressure lighting systems.

Although LED and fluorescent fixtures can grow a nice indoor crop, the light source I am the most excited about is plasma lighting. From what I understand, it is very energy-efficient with low heat output and the amount of light that just one 1000- Watt bulb can give off is almost beyond comprehension. Just the use of one such bulb can eliminate the need of using many 1000-Watt high pressure sodiums. For larger growers, this can help solve their heat problems and lower their energy and wiring costs dramatically. At present, such lighting is quite expensive but, like LED fixtures, the price will soon come down.

I think a plasma fixture in the same light spectrum as our sun in your grow room would be a good investment for most serious growers. In a short time, I expect to see compact fluorescents, LED, and plasma fixtures change the face of indoor growing forever and make things much less complicated for all who are involved in growing the cannabis hemp plant.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer What Do Patients Need To Know To Grow Hemp? “For anyone new to growing hemp, a good book or video on the subject is a necessity. Just go to one of the cannabis publications online or buy one of these publications at a local store where you live. Usually these magazines will tell you where good books are available on the subject. My personal favorite is “The Indoor Outdoor Medicinal Grower’s Bible” by Jorge Cervantes. In addition, Ed Rosenthal and many others have excellent books on the subject available.

For those who would like to learn more about hemp and its many uses, I strongly suggest they read Jack Herer’s book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” or watch Jack’s video “Emperor of Hemp.” 45 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL After the journey of discovery this plant has taken me on, no matter what your medical problem, I feel if this medication will not help you, then I think it is highly unlikely that you can find anything that will. I have good reason to call this wonder of nature the plant with a thousand different medicinal profiles. Once you experience the medical effects oils produced from different strains can have, you will understand exactly what I mean.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Q. Is Afghan Kush a proper stuff to make oil? I’ve made some oil from street stuff and been using it for last two weeks as I had sleeping problems, now I sleep like a baby and wake up well rested in the morning. The problem is it’s hard to get good stuff in London, that’s why I ordered AK, just need your opinion now. Many thanks.

A. I cannot really go by the name of the strain. If it is potent and makes you sleepy, it might produce good medicine. As you know, we recommend the most potent and most sedative strains (preferably with 20% THC and more) and best oils are produced from a combination of several very potent and sedative strains, so I would try to order several sedative strains if at all possible, that would be ideal. But even single strain oils can do wonders, all I am saying is that best oils are usually produced from a combination of several strains. Best wishes, JB “Hello, I was referred to you by my friend Bobby... I’m a caregiver/grower in RI and I just found out my father has cancer, so naturally making some Rick Simpson Oil has become a priority. I have a quick question about the material used to make the oil...

Does it always have to be indica dominant? I have access to plenty of A+ material but most of it is sativa dominant as I am not an indy head... east coast sour diesel, chemdog d, chemdog 4, chemdog sister, blueberry sativa clone, girl scout cookies, OG Kush etc... All leaning more to the sativa spectrum... I could get my hands on more indica dominant material if need be... Thanks you for all you do...“ Sam -- Sam, you want the oil to be produced from the most sedative material, sativas will energize the patient too much and they do not have the right healing effects that we are looking for. So select the most sedative buds, make a few grams of oil so that he could start the treatment, and keep looking for the right starting material. Best wishes, JB 46 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Are There Any Strains That Are Not Effective Against Cancer? “Luckily for us, if the oil is properly produced from sedative varieties, it does seem to work very well in the treatment of all types of cancer. As I have mentioned already, I usually produce this oil using strong indica varieties but indica dominant sativa crosses can often produce excellent results also.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “After losing my wife to cancer at 35, and with my brother awaiting a liver transplant for the last five years because of cancer, I’ve been looking for RSO in dispensaries. It varies in price between 100 $/g all the way to 30 g in Washington State. One of the so called RSO places had the oil at an ungodly 7% THC with higher CBDs, is this even worth it? That was the 30 g oil. The hundred dollar gram oil was above 90, I think 92%. What is the perfect balance of all three psychoactive chemicals?” Heath -- Heath, best RSO is around 95-98% THC, usually around 1% CBD and extremely potent and sedative, with an emphasis on the words potent and sedative (couchlocking, it has to make you very sleepy and relaxed when ingested. When it doesn’t, try another batch and keep the energizing oil for topical use).

As for those “high CBD” oils with 7% THC, at least now you know why we are against such oils -- most high CBD oils that are currently supplied are synonyms for what we call trash, because we know the difference between high grade oil and basically everything else.

It is really best to simply make your own oil whenever possible. Get the bud from the dispensaries, buy the best they have, and then make the oil, there is really nothing to it. I myself would not buy the oil from anyone, I would always make my own. You want to be your own quality control, you don’t want to depend on anyone. If you can make a cup of coffee or a mojito, you can make the oil, too. JB Storage How long can the oil be stored? “From my experience, there is no ‘best before date’ regarding the storage of hemp medicine. There are three things that can affect the potency of hemp oil: air, light, 47 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and heat. I tell people to store this medication in a cool, dark place, but it does not require refrigeration. This takes care of any problems associated with light and heat. As for air causing difficulties, the oil is a thick grease, so air cannot enter it, therefore the oil can be stored for decades and still maintain its potency.

For practical reasons, I usually supply the oil in syringes to make it easier for patients to measure their doses and to prevent contamination. To store oil for a long period of time, I would suggest a stainless steel container or a dark colored bottle with a tight lid. If the oil is stored properly, concern about its date of manufacture can be overlooked for a very long time.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Would It Be Better or Safer To Produce the Oil Using Food-Grade Alcohol? “Often, people tell me that they would prefer to produce the oil using grain alcohol.

For some reason, they seem to think that grain alcohol would be safer to use, but in reality it is still poison just like any other solvent. One of the main problems with grain alcohol is that it is very hard to find alcohol such as this that is 99 or 100% pure. In most cases, it is hard to find alcohol that is over 95 % and usually the other 5 % will be water. Since this water is present, it makes the alcohol less effective as a solvent and at the end of the process, there will be quite a bit of water left in the oil that must be evaporated off.

From my experience, I do not consider the use of grain alcohol to be any safer than isopropyl alcohol or light naphtha to produce the oil. No matter how you look at it, alcohol is poison and when you consume alcohol, it produces a poison high that affects your motor skills and this is known as being drunk. I am not saying highgrade oil cannot be produced using grain alcohol. Rather, I am saying you should be aware that this substance is no better or safer than other solvents I have used and in some ways does not work quite as well.

Often, I am contacted by people who wish to extract the oil using such things as butter or olive oil etc. Quite frequently, they ask if I think an extraction done in this manner would produce a medicine with similar potency to the medicine I produce using my method. The answer is no. I consider extractions done in this way to be simply forms of weakened hemp medicine. By volume, there is no possible way that a medication produced like this could have the same potency as the medication I produce. If you had a serious cancer, would you want to treat it with some form of watered-down hemp medicine, or would you sooner use the real thing in your treatment? 48 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Can hemp oil be used along with alcohol? I have seen many people who were getting very loud on alcohol calm right down after smoking a joint. There is little doubt alcohol is one of the most destructive things on this planet, but people will be people and many do like their liquor. From our experience, it seems that hemp oil presents no danger to a drinker and can indeed often decrease their intake of this harmful substance. Often heavy drinkers who have taken the hemp oil treatment for their medical problems report that their thirst for alcohol has been greatly diminished, and some have even quit drinking entirely.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Solvents and Solvent Residue in the Oil “Over the years, I have been contacted by a good number of people who were concerned about the possibility that solvent residue could be left behind in the finished oil. From my experience, I feel there is no danger in consuming oil if the instructions we have made available to produce the oil properly are followed. I have been ingesting this oil myself for about ten years with no ill effects. In addition, I have made this oil available to thousands of people and I have received very few complaints. If someone has a problem with the way the oil tastes, it is not caused from solvent residue. Instead the cause is the natural terpenes, which the oil contains. Some oils have very little taste while others can have an unpleasant flavor, but as far as I know medicine is not supposed to taste good anyway, so I have little concern for such things.

In lab tests performed on the oils I produced, no solvent residue was found. It seems absurd to me that anyone would worry about solvent residue in the oil when you consider what the medical system has been feeding the public. Liver toxic chemicals, poisons, chemo, radiation, vaccines, etc. It seems to me that anyone worried about being poisoned should be much more concerned with what the medical system supplies, rather than residue from a solvent that has been completely boiled off.

If someone has problems taking the oil, it is usually because an energizing sativa was used to produce the substance. In addition, other problems can arise if the patient is trying to take pharmaceuticals along with the oil treatment, or if he or she is not using it in the right way. In an ideal situation, other family members could take the oil along with the patient. This would help them understand the oil’s effects and they would then not worry so much about the effect it is having on the patient. Since they don’t know what to expect with the use of the oil, family members often tend to overreact if the patient ingests too much. But the effects will wear off in a short time and the patient will be left unharmed. Therefore, I think 49 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL other family members should also try the oil in small doses, so they will have a better understanding of this medication.

High-grade hemp oil has the ability to replace the use of most pharmaceuticals but when a patient tries to take pharmaceuticals along with the oil, sometimes problems can arise due to the interactions. Many of the substances doctors provide are poisonous in nature and the oil does not like the presence of such things in the patient’s body. Usually, shortly after the patient ceases the use of pharmaceutical drugs, any problems they were experiencing simply disappear.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “Naphtha is the trade name for petroleum either so try and search that, pet ether has many industrial uses, degreaser to paint thinners.” Al “REMEMBER that THC and CBD is non-polar... and chlorophyll and H2O is polar...

So the best oil is made with non-polar solvent... it is clean... without chlorophyll.” Michael “A chemist friend of mine simplified the whole story for me and explained to me why naphtha might be better (although he thinks not significantly): naphtha is a non-polar solvent so it extracts non-polar molecules more easily and efficiently (THC and CBD are basically non-polar molecules) and leaves out polar molecules.

Isopropyl alcohol (and ether for that matter) is a weak polar solvent so it’s very good for this purpose, but maybe a little bit less than naphtha - since JB says that they tested both, and those were more potent. EDIT: Oh, yes, I almost forgot: he also said that there’s no fear of naphtha (or iso) remaining in the end product if you follow the recipe provided by Rick Simpson (my friend said not to use a plastic bucket, however, but a glass or stainless steel one) and if you’re not sure, just do what JB always says to do - add some water and put it in the oven so it evaporates completely. He would use isopropyl alcohol though, because you’re sure that it is what it’s supposed to be...” Sandra -- Sandra, the method Rick showed the world is the most basic, uncomplicated and affordable one. It is almost foolproof when one follows the instructions to a T. Glass is good but it breaks and you don’t want that to happen, never. Stainless is ok, of course. 99.9% iso works ok but we would still use light aliphatic naphtha ourselves, whenever possible. JB “I also recommend getting everything as cold as you can before the extraction. Most put the alcohol, cannabis, containers, everything involved with the extraction in the 50 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL freezer for 24-48 hours. You will get a much cleaner product that way. Your yields will be lower but you won’t need as much. Sorry for any typos or missing words, MS sucks and I have no meds, lol. Bless up.” Chuck -- Chuck, freezing is all good and fine but it is not necessary to do that when you work with quality solvents and starting material. Plus, we don’t like getting our hands cold, room temperature works just fine for us and we won’t have problems with arthritis after a few months or years of freezing the bud. Plus, often the oil is made in locations where there are no freezers hundreds of miles around. So, yes, you can freeze it if you want but we would not do it ourselves.

I don’t like frozen vegetables myself, I avoid eating them whenever possible, so I don’t see why I should make an exception and freeze the vegetable that I like the most of them all. But yes, it can help when you have to use alcohol to extract the oil, so I am not completely against it.

It is just that we don’t use alcohol as a solvent ourselves (or better: it is not a solvent of our first choice), I don’t see a single reason why I should pay the state an extra tax for a solvent that will evaporate anyway (unless you use a still, which what we would do whenever possible). I can buy a liter of light naphtha for about 3 – 4 dollars, a liter of 99% alcohol would cost about five times more and it would produce less oil and that oil will not quite likely not be as good as if light naphtha or 99.9% iso was used. Plus you will get less oil.

So where exactly is the advantage of using alcohol as a solvent? I can’t see a single rational reason why alcohol should be preferred over pure low-boiling light aliphatic naphtha, namely when one considers that there is no solvent residue in the oil that one would have to worry about when the oil is produced properly. When it is not produced properly, there is or there might be solvent residue in the oil. But don’t blame us for oils that were not produced properly, we really cannot be held responsible for the lack of quality of oils supplied by others. It’s as simple as that.“ JB “A very simple explanation to a never ending question... I have personally used naphtha... iso alcohol... and butane to make oil... and by far the best … cleanest...

strongest... and best tasting oil was from the naphtha... I do not understand what people do not like … There is no fuel left at all when done properly... and the naphtha seems to strip more off the plants too... It does it much quicker... So cleaner oil... (gold)...” Peter “Light naphtha is the fraction boiling between 30 °C (86 °F) and 90 °C (194 °F) and consists of molecules with 5 – 6 carbon atoms. Heavy naphtha boils between 90 °C (194 °F) and 200 °C (392 °F) and consists of molecules with 6 – 12 carbons.

51 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Naphtha is used primarily as feedstock for producing high octane gasoline (via the catalytic reforming process). It is also used in the bitumen mining industry as a diluent, the petrochemical industry for producing olefins in steam crackers, and the chemical industry for solvent (cleaning) applications. Common products made with it include lighter fluid, fuel for camp stoves, and some cleaning solvents.” “Naphtha has the chemical formula of CnH2n+2. Light naphtha has 5 and/or 6 carbon atom, which comes down to C5H12 and C6H14, also known as Pentane and Hexane. So what you are looking for, is a naphtha that is purely a mixture of pentane and hexane.” Wouter “I just wanted to post something about solvents. I went to a friend of mine who has several PhD’s and Masters in chemistry, and asked him what I could do to completely remove the naphtha from the oil. He said, “Take 5 ml of isopropyl alcohol and stir it in after it has stopped bubbling for the final time. It will evaporate and take the naphtha with it. Toxic solvent then becomes non-toxic solvent. This is not my real name, it is a shame that I cannot use my real account for fear of being fired or hired as a nurse.” Bobbie “To find Naphtha in the UK, look for “panel wipe” or “fast panel wipe”. It is a product used in car body work repair, to clean the metal & leave no residue. The difficulty is finding a detailed list of the exact ingredients as they can vary. 99.9% Isopropanol should be easy to find.” Em “Rick Simpson, we have followed your process using VM&P Naphtha and everything went according to plan with the exception of the first couple of syringe draws which came out a little more liquid than we expected. I added a couple of drops of water and tried again and it seems to be fine. My only concern/question is the taste. It still tastes like solvent. Is that ok or do I need to do something more? The recipient of this is sleeping for about 12 hours each time he takes the oil. Is that about right until he develops a tolerance? Any help is greatly appreciated.” Pamela -- VM&P does not seem to be a good solvent (although some MSDS says it should be the same substance as what we would like to use). It seems to be heavy naphtha and it does not seem to boil off completely and it seems to require additional care.

I would add some water and put it in an electric oven set 130 °Celsius (266 °F) for a few hours, maybe overnight, or until the solvent is gone completely, some say it takes up to four days to remove the solvent residue. There should not be any solvent aftertaste if the oil is produced properly and the oil should not be runny, it should be more like a grease. Make sure the oil is really filtered properly, as solvent residue tends to stick to plant materials.

52 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Simply do a finger test with the solvent you want to use. Dip your finger in it and see if it evaporates completely within 30 seconds or faster. The faster it evaporates, leaving no film, the better.

If you cannot get pure light aliphatic naphtha (also called benzine in Europe, ask for CAS number 64742-49-0. It is sold under many different names. It is not the type used as fuel in cars but the type that is used as a solvent or paint thinner or degreaser), I would go for 99% or even better 99.9% isopropyl alcohol -- that seems to be possible to find almost anywhere in the world.

At the moment we prefer light aliphatic (low-boiling, hydrogenated) naphtha, though, it produces better and more potent oils than most other solvents that are currently being used. The less plant materials and chlorophyll in the oil the better it works as medicine, the better it tastes and the more potent it is. The whole trick is in how potent and sedative the oil is. The more potent and sedative the better. JB “The correct naphtha is NOT sold in the U.S.A. Not at Tractor Supply or Home Depot or Lowes or even Sherwin Williams. It’s still sold in Canada though. I have a friend that does distill it to 100°F and saves what solvent does come off, to use for making oil.” Steve “If you live in the USA then you won’t be getting the right Naphtha, all naphtha made in the USA cannot be trusted because of the loose regulation on ingredients in this type of solvent. You will never get pure naphtha in the USA, even the VM&P can be completely inconsistent from one bottle to the next and isn’t even advertised as pure. In Canada they make pure naphtha and it is the best solvent to use compared to ISO or Grain alcohol, don’t make a huge mistake and waste meds or even worse make yourself or someone else even more sick by using the wrong solvent. Be warned the naphtha in the USA will even make an oil that looks completely as it should but will make you very sick.” Chase -- The fact that pure aliphatic naphtha does not seem to be sold everywhere in the USA does not mean that pure aliphatic naphtha with CAS number 64742-49-0 and a boiling point around 60-80°C does not exist or that it does not produce a better oil than most other solvents, when used properly. If you cannot get pure light naphtha, 99% or even better 99.9% isopropyl alcohol would be our second choice.

But I would still not give up - light naphtha (benzene) or similar solvents are used to extract oils from plants, so I would check with vegetable oil producers and see what they use. Where I live in Europe, I can buy the solvent in practically every hardware or paint store, it is one of the most common technical liquids I remember from my childhood, we used it to degrease bicycle chains etc., and practically everyone had a bottle of it at home. So this whole never-ending debate about solvents seems a bit 53 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL ridiculous to me. When you use the right light naphtha, there is no solvent residue one would have to be concerned about, maybe a few ppm, just like in most cheap vegetable oils that are often produced with almost exactly the same solvent as what we recommend. JB “Light aliphatic naphtha worked great tasted great, no hint of solvent left in my oil.

If you follow Ricks instructions to the letter should have no problems whatsoever.” Rick “There are 2 main categories of naphtha -- light and heavy. Light naphtha does NOT contain benzene, which is what Raina meant (not hexane). While I would not recommend even light naphtha unless the cannabis extract can be tested after it is produced for naphtha residue, it can be used if that is all you can get for a solvent.

The key is to make sure you boil the extract to a thick grease state -- at that point most of the naphtha should be gone. Using distillation equipment is the way to make the purest, solvent-free oil, but beyond the capacity of most average people.

Hope that helps.” Mark “Raina, I am not going to argue with you. From Wikipedia: “Petroleum ether, despite its synonym of benzine, should not be confused with benzene or benzyne, nor should it be confused with gasoline although many languages call that with a name derived from benzine, e.g. “Benzin” (German) or “benzina” (Italian).

Petroleum ether is a mixture of alkanes, e.g., pentane, hexane, and heptane, whereas benzene is a cyclic, aromatic hydrocarbon, C6H6. Likewise, petroleum ether should not be confused with the class of organic compounds called ethers, which contain the R-O-R’ functional group. My background is microbiology -- wherein I studied organic chemistry, some biochemistry / some inorganic chemistry... I certainly do not know it all, but I do know a little. Light naphtha does NOT contain benzene - period. I’ll ignore your comment, “It would be in everyone’s best interest if you did not make claims outside of scientific data.” Mark “What would you like to give your father? The best of the best or something that looks similar but simply does not have the right effects? When you make the medicine according to Rick’s instructions, the chance of failure during treatment is very low. When you make the oil according to instructions from “experts and scientists”, you are making a different product. And based on our experience, it might not do the job as well as what we recommend.

So would you like me to shut up and let them supply low-grade trash? Or would you rather learn from me/us and know how to do it right so that you would have the same results that our patients speak about?” JB “I use the 99% isopropyl alcohol, that is what was most readily available to me.

54 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL I use the cream of my crop buds, grown 100% organic and no pesticides, well manicured, and bone dry. I mix it up with multiple indica strains. I treated a patient with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, he was at stage 4 and within 6 months of taking the oil as directed, he is now cancer free!! Thank you Rick Simpson for the sacrifices you made to make this information available to all! Just recently another stage 4 cancer patient approached me for some help, he has a tumor on one of his kidneys that is inoperable. Praying to get two confirmed cures in a row. God bless you Rick Simpson and JB, keep on spreading the word and educating people about this wonderful healing hemp oil.” GrowGoddess -- Mixing several strains is always a good idea. Look at it simply, you don´t know what exactly a particular strain is good for, so when you mix several strains, you get a much better carpet effect. Plus such oils will take you much higher - those who smoke pot “recreationally” will know what I am talking about. Imagine sitting down with your friends and having each one present the best bud they have. In a couple of hours, you will not be able to do much. And that´s the effect you need for the best results, so again, mixing the strains is the way to go. Best wishes and thank you, GrowGoddess, I am always happy to hear about people who simply follow the directions and get the results we talk about. JB “Hi JB, I have a problem with the electric rice cooker, all I’ve seen go down to 100°°C, I looked at all the brands on the market and all they do have a thermostat that shuts off when contents reach the temperature. What do you recommend?” Cristina -- Cristina, what exactly is the problem? You can always put the oil in an electric oven set at 130°°C and leave it there for about an hour and decarboxylate it that way. JB “When the temperature arrives at 100°°C, the electric rice cooker shuts down! The solvent does not arrive at 110°°C.” Cristina -- The solvent cannot really reach that temperature because it would boil off, I think. Keep boiling off the solvent until the cooker switches off for the first time (add a few drops of water to the last batch). Then let it cool down and switch it on again. That’s all we do. JB “Turns back on, and let boil until it returns to? Then turns off and the oil is already done?” Cristina -- Switch the rice cooker on, boil off until it stops for the first time, then wait five minutes until it cools down, switch it on again and wait until it switches off for the second time. Then pour the oil in a stainless steel cup and put it in an oven set at 130°°C for an hour and your oil is ready. JB 55 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL -- Thanks JB, you saved my live. Cristina “You are breathing the Naphtha in as you make the oil. You are breathing POISON when you make it that way. If you can smell it, you are already dead. I’ve smelled Coleman camp fuel, zippo lighter fuel, and naphtha used in part cleaning and industrial applications hundreds of times in my life... Not dead yet. Lol.

Seriously... If you use a pure solvent(no additives), and boil off the solvent properly with some water that has a higher boiling point added at the end, be it iso, alcohol or naphtha, you’re going to get it all out. You ingest a lot more naphtha pumping your own gas in your car over a year, than you would get from a lifetime of use of properly made oil.” Matthew “Hi Rick (or those who read this mail), first of all I want to tell you that you are doing a great job promoting this witch seems to be a wonderful medicine for so much! I live in Norway and I have the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease. I also have a very close friend who has cancer the doctors have stopped treating because there is nothing more they can do. I want to try the oil on both of this conditions.

I have a question about making oil. Here in Norway it’s very hard to find pure naphtha (at least after my experience) so I’m looking for good alternatives. Some years back I bought a “honeybee extractor” (a cylinder you fill with bone dry herbs and use butane gas to extract the oil). Is this just as good as cooking out the oil with naphtha? And how is it using spirit? Which holds over 90% alcohol? I have some friends who make their own spirit and it not a very expensive option for me to get ahold of. Is this better than butane? I smoked the “honey extraction” when I made it last time, and was wondering if its good medicine for these 2 conditions I’m mentioning if I eat it. If not butane or alcohol is a good option – can you recommend some other options you might know is easy to get a hold of in Norway or Sweden? Thanks so much! I’m really looking forward to try the oil on my disease. Kindest Regards, Henry” “Dear Henry, I have no experience with honey bee extractions but I do not feel this method would be as effective as the methods I use. Producing the oil as I do heats the oil to a temperature that decarboxylates the finished product to make the oil as potent as possible. This heating process rotates the molecules to the delta 9 position which makes the oil stronger. If you are having trouble finding the right solvent you might try acetone. I have never tried acetone myself to produce the oil but I see no reason that acetone would not work as well as alcohol or naphtha to produce the medicine. You should be able to get light aliphatic naphtha from stores that supply paint since they usually sell naphtha as paint thinner.

56 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Properly made oil should take care of your problems and also should give your friend with cancer a chance to survive. Alcohol that is 90% will be a less effective solvent since the other 10% is usually water and during the finishing process you will have a lot of excess water to evaporate off. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” “Right Decarboxylation is a very important part in perfect oil making because the raw plant provides not much pure delta9-THC and CBD instead is has the acids means THCA and CBDA. To remove the carboxyl group, heating is the procedure.

Do this very carefully not to burn your valued molecules away. I found in a Journal of Chromatography a good note which should be the necessary temperature and time to heat the oil because depending on the rice cooker the temps may not enough. So it’s a good idea to have your oil heated for minimum 27 minutes at min. 122 degrees Celsius. Check always your heating plate temp with a digital measurement device to avoid not to overheat your oil. In the table below you see the boiling points of the major cannabinoids which you should never reach otherwise you cook them away. I additionally note that is right what Rick said all the time in his videos do not overheat the oil but heat is necessary for making the healing oil. A temp of minimum 106.2 degrees Celsius is necessary for the right decarboxylation process over the specified time in the diagram around an hour. If your oil has only the acidic form of THCA and CBDA it is not much so effective because the acids not fit very good to the CB1 and CB2 receptors. So take care that you do it in the right way because what Rick said is true, only the best made oil can do the job when live depends on. (…) Yes, look and interpret this science diagram to understand that decarboxylation process is running all the time you heat the cannabinoids solvent fluid mix in the rice cooker. So the graphs show that it is a great deal to bring the temperature to 130 degrees Celsius for long enough to get the maximum decarboxylation. All a question of temperature and time to reach the best levels.

If you use a digital temperature measuring instrument and put it on the bottom in the rice cooker during the whole process to vaporize the solvent of, you see that only in the late phase of the process when the water drops come in at the final in the cooker, the temp comes around 100-110°C. But the time in this range is mostly not long enough for the whole decarboxylation process. After this you heat the oil in a tiny steel pot on a heating plate for longer time. So long no activity (no more gas bubbles) you heat and wait. Control the temp and best not to go higher than 130 degrees Celsius for around a half hour. Remember that THC has a boiling point of 157 degrees C. So please not go risky by overheating otherwise your wanted cannabinoids will vaporize and breeze away...

In core it is not important to get the peak amount of decarboxylation, so long you later get enough oil in your body. Interesting is the value of ONE gram per day or 57 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL more you should take. Of course how much oil you need depends on how many delta9THC is really in the oil - mean how effective the decarboxylation was. If you follow Ricks recommendation and be sure to have the oil for long enough heated to 130 °C - all will be fine. It’s independent which solvent you use.” Stephan “Hi JB, I found this Naphtha in my area... (link) It does not say Light Naphtha...

would this still work? Thanks again for all your help and super info!” -- It should be light aliphatic naphtha -- check the MSDS to see if it is pure light naphtha with no additives), shellite in Australia, (technical or industrial) benzine in Europe (benzine, not benzene, and not the type used as fuel in cars). It is sold under many different names. It is used as a paint thinner, solvent, degreaser, it used to be a very common household solvent or textile degreaser, it can also be used as a lighter fluid etc. Boiling point around 60-80°°C, the lower the better.

Smear some on a clean Petri dish or dip your finger in it and if it evaporates within thirty seconds and leaves no oily residue, it should be ok to use. There are many suppliers, I cannot tell you which one is best or what we would recommend at the moment, so we only provide general instructions.

CAS number 64742-49-0, pure, petroleum distillate, with no additives, if possible, and the boiling point should be as low as possible. Most refineries produce it, simply ask them what they would recommend for herbal extracts.

Second option is 99% or 99.99% isopropyl alcohol or the very expensive 99% foodgrade alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol and food-grade alcohol are not as effective as solvent as naphtha, and they strip more plant materials and chlorophyll in the oil, making it less potent and tasteful, that is why we recommend using naphtha always when possible/available. Best wishes, JB” Q. Rick, in Mexico “naphtha” is but one of several naphtha type product names. In order to avoid a fatal mistake, would you happen to have the scientific name for the “naphtha“ you use, please? A. Look for pure light naphtha with no additional ingredients. It is basically the same as Coleman fuel which you can see at the photo below, but look for naphtha without anti-rust additives which are added to Coleman fuel.

If you find out that light aliphatic naphtha is banned in your country (which was the case in Honduras, for instance), look for 99% or better 99.9% isopropyl alcohol, it should be easy to locate. 99% alcohol is the third solvent we would use, but we would do everything possible to avoid using it because it strips too much chlorophyll and other unwanted plant materials. Some like to freeze the solvent and the starting 58 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL material when they use isopropyl alcohol or alcohol as a solvent. We personally do not use those solvents unless we have to and we do not like to get out hands frozen, so we do not actually promote freezing it, but some say it helps improve the quality of the oil. When you use non-polar pure light naphtha with a low boiling point, you don’t have to freeze anything and you will still get a good product if you follow the instructions. JB “Hey JB, what if there is an allergy to using the Naptha? We have a family member who has severe allergic reactions to EVERY little thing, especially solvents. We want to make oil for her but need to use an organic solvent. We thought about making an organic “moonshine” that was distilled several times to gain purity but what are your thoughts on this? What is your recommendation for the severely allergic to so much? She cannot take pharmaceuticals at all because she is allergic to the binding agents, she suffers SO much because of her allergies to everything.

Thanks in advance!” Sara -- Well, you can use 99% alcohol, we never said you can’t. It is just that in our experience oils produced with nonpolar solvents are slightly more potent and usually contain less plant materials. Some freeze the alcohol and bud before processing to get oil that is more amber. So I guess that is the way to go for you, Sara.

High THC or High CBD Oil? “I’m kinda confused. My friend has stage 4 kidney cancer and cancer in his lungs.

Is it best to give the high CBD oil or THC oil? The CBD oil only has a trace of THC? I got him a ten gram tube and it has 18% CBD and less than 1% THC. Am I going about this the wrong way?“ Richard Mikees: Yea that ain’t it, you have to get the real RSO look it up here: www.

-- 95-98% THC is not 18% CBD, is it? Tell whoever supplied it to you to stop doing it. The high CBD marketing hype is going to kill many unsuspecting patients as it seems, that’s sad. Why can’t they simply follow the instructions that really work? The use of high CBD oils is very limited, they don’t work so well even on skin conditions, I really don’t get why everybody is so gung-ho about that CBD nonsense. Yes, it is a powerful medicine, too, but its uses are really only limited when compared to the real RSO.

95-98% THC, 1-2% CBD, extremely potent and sedative and euphoric; that is your best oil and that is what will work best. Try this first. When you do that, you won’t 59 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL touch or go near those high CBD oil and you will know the difference and no one will rip you off. RSO first. JB “I really enjoy this page and the information that I can learn from it. However, it is so disappointing to hear other cannabinoids besides THC being put down as secondary. This girl, and her parents, do not see the CBD as secondary. It has given her life. Wasn’t the THC that did it, was the CBD. Quit shitting all over it please.

You are discouraging people from trying high CBD strains when they can really be helped by it. The high THC isn’t the answer to everything and that’s why there is more than one cannabinoid within the plant.” Tina “JB replied about lung cancer, not Dravet syndrome, no one is shitting on anything.

For cancer the patient reports and scientific studies indicate THC is what kills cancer. There are some studies saying CBD is beneficial for some types of cancer but few when compared to the studies done with THC. Now seizures and some other conditions high CBD is what you’re looking for.” Kellin -- Kellin and Tina, the oils we use work on seizures, too. And patients would get incomparably better results if they used the real thing and tried to cure the cause and not just the symptoms.

I am not putting CBD down, it is a really powerful medicine by itself, and I think it is great in chewing gum for kids etc., for instance. But if you want the real power, you need the most brutally potent RSO and lots of THC. That is my perspective and it won’t change.

Simply try it on skin conditions and see if a burn or a wound will heal faster with the real RSO or with a low-grade high CBD version of it. I have seen it with my own eyes, I don’t need to experiment with high CBD oils for myself. I want the best for myself as well as for my patients.

Most high CBD oils are of secondary quality when compared to the best and most narcotically potent and sedative RSO with 95-98% THC.

Your main problem is that you bought into the single cannabinoid theory that Big Pharma is pushing so that they could profit from cannabis medicines. You don’t really want medicines based on single cannabinoids, you want the most brutally powerful and sedative oil for best results.

And you can grow the plants yourself and you can make the oil yourself, too, you really don’t need to buy it from large pharmaceutical companies that will try to put an enormous price tag on decarboxylated cannabis resin for no reason other than their greed.

60 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL You may and most likely will need kilos of the oil one day - for yourself or your family -- how much do you want to pay per gram? A buck is too much, if the plants were grown outdoors and on a large scale. So no special taxes, nothing like that.

100% legalization is the only way to go and it has to be done now, there is no reason to let hundreds millions of patients worldwide suffer.

Feel free to argue about it; but that’s about all you can do about it anyway. Best wishes, JB “Please do keep explaining just the way you have, I for one am taking notes and learning as much as I can from you about what is good for what and so on, I want to be ready and prepared with the right knowledge for me and mine... If you didn’t tell about needing the high THC I would have thought any was ok, I am thankful for ALL INFO.” Vicky “Rick has always maintained it is high THC that is imperative to give you the best chance, that’s obviously what he had best results with. There are many things CBD may be better for, it’s usually used on children for Dravet Syndrome, ADHD and severe obsessive compulsive disorder because a lot of people are still afraid of getting kids high. THC is what gets you high. I’ve found some people who use high THC oil to treat the majority of people but if the patient isn’t responding as hoped they switched to high CBD and this has worked better.

I guess everyone is different and every cancer is different. But until all the required research is allowed to be done it’s probably best to stick to Rick’s method. High THC, dominant indica following the protocol. It’s said that if they start small and double up doses every 4 days the patient can build up a tolerance quickly and the severe drowsiness will subside after a little while on the oil. Rick’s oil is 95-8% THC but the psychoactive effects will not harm you.

And when trying to decide whose method to follow I don’t believe anyone has had more experience with this medicine than Rick. I’ve seen the Dutch method and just think if someone is dying why would you dilute the cure?” Nick “Since I have heard of the high CBD oils helping seizures I have always been of the thought that if those parents would give their child a hybrid but dominate indica oil the child would heal. I know the CBD oils control seizures & I am so glad that SOMETHING can help kids like Charlotte but imagine the healing that could happen if THC & the other spectrum of cannabinoids in the plant were given. So your kid sleeps a lot because of the THC, their bodies will adjust to the dose. I just think the full plant is the most useful, not one singled out cannabinoid.” Sara 61 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “The media keeps focusing on separating the cannabinoids, but it has been proven that both THC and CBD kill cancer & shrink tumors. Rick Simpson Oil made from Cannabis Indica is the medicine that is curing Landon and Brave Mykayla & many others & anyone can make it. Don’t let the media make you think you need to wait for this cure, or separate the CBD! THC works with our endocannabinoid system, too. Visit Rick Simpson at his site to learn about the cure that anyone can make.” Hanan Is It Safe To Use the Oil? “The safety of this medicine is beyond compare and from what I have witnessed, it is no more dangerous than drinking a cup of fresh water. Even if a person overdoses badly, there is no harm done to them once the effects of the oil wears off. The most common side effect we have noted with people ingesting hemp oil for their medical conditions is a great deal of rest and a smile on their faces.

Much like any other powerful medication, if some individuals ingest too much, it can bring about undesirable side effects. Although the effects which this oil may produce do not pose a danger, there are those who do not enjoy becoming high from an overdose. Even though this medication is safe and most have no problems with its use, one should also take into consideration that there will be those who will experience difficulties.

That is the reason I instruct everyone to start out with very small doses, then increase the amount they are ingesting every four days. By doing so, it affords the person who is taking this substance the opportunity to build up their tolerance and many patients have reported that they did not even get high during the treatment. If hemp oil is produced properly from very potent sedative strains of cannabis indica, or often when it is manufactured from some types of indica-dominant sativa crosses, one will find that the effects of such oils will promote drowsiness and sleep, which are obviously an important part of the healing process.

Patients should be aware of the fact that this oil can also reduce their blood pressure, ocular pressure, and blood sugar levels. If individuals are taking medications to treat these issues, they should be able to reduce their need for the use of the drugs they are currently using very rapidly in most cases. I must inform patients who take blood pressure medication that once they start the oil, often their blood pressure issues will no longer require the use of pharmaceuticals and this also holds true for diabetics and those who suffer with glaucoma as well.

62 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Please be aware that if oil is to be ingested to treat other conditions and it is taken along with blood pressure medications, it can in some cases drive the patient’s blood pressure down too low. Although I do not know of anyone who experienced this who suffered any real harm, I still feel one should try to avoid this situation if at all possible. So check your blood pressure often and if pharmaceuticals are no longer required do not ingest them.

It may seem unbelievable to some individuals that they can discontinue the use of these prescribed substances. However, once one realizes the healing potential of this natural medicine, they soon come to understand that this amazing oil can replace the use of practically all pharmaceuticals.

How is the oil usually tolerated? We all have different tolerances for powerful medications, so I encourage patients to stay in their own comfort zone when determining what dosage they will ingest.

Most people’s tolerance builds very quickly and, on average, a normal person usually takes about 90 days to ingest the 60-gram treatment. 60 grams of properly produced oil seems to be able to cure most cancers unless the patient was badly damaged by the medical system with their chemo and radiation, etc.

Patients who have suffered the effects of chemo and radiation require more oil to undo the damage the medical system has left behind. For the most part, once a person becomes accustomed to the oils effects, patients seem to enjoy taking the substance. But due to this medication’s non-addictive nature, often those who are using the substance will forget to take their doses properly. It is not that the oil is causing them to forget, it’s simply because their bodies do not sense the need for its presence and this only highlights the fact that the substance is truly non-addictive.

For if it were not, it’s unlikely the patient would forget to take their dosage, because if it were addictive, after eight hours, their bodies would be crying out for the substance.

Are there any side effects one should be concerned about? Some patients have reported that they experienced anxiety or paranoia with the use of this medication. Ways to deal with this will be discussed when the question comes up a little further on in this book.

The main side effects of hemp oil that have been reported to me are good health, happiness, and a good night’s sleep, so what more could anyone ask from a medicine they are using? 63 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Many people ingest a great number of pharmaceuticals every day. Can that be good for the body? I have no idea why those who see the dangerous side effects of allopathic drugs in drug commercials would still consider taking these medications. It seems that mindlessly many individuals will do as the doctor orders and a good number of these same people tend to reject the use of hemp medicine. Simply because of lies they have been told by their governments and the ones who stand in the shadows behind the pharmaceutical industry. No one dies from the use of hemp medicine and there is no harm caused. I wish I could say the same for what the doctors prescribe to us every day but sadly, that is hardly the case.

Sometimes the different interactions these so-called medications cause are enough to put us in an early grave. But even if we experience no immediate problems, their use still presents a danger. Over time, the chemicals and poisons these medications contain build up in our bodies and this can also bring about severe problems with our health that can often lead to death. Even simple things like aspirin tablets cause thousands of deaths worldwide every year. So I don’t think any of us should put our trust in the pharmaceutical industry or anything they provide. If you wish to see real healing power then turn to Mother Nature, for you will find very little in a pill factory that will be of much benefit.

How do patients compare the side effects of hemp oil to those from chemical medications? There is no real comparison between the side effects of hemp oil and the poisonous chemicals the medical system provides. These substances that doctors supply are something we should not have in our bodies because they are liver toxic. This means that these so-called medications should not be ingested because they will poison our livers and impair its function. In addition, their use can cause a whole array of other health issues that could be avoided if hemp oil was used instead.

With the use of chemical medications, we often expose ourselves to side effects that can be even worse than what was originally being treated. Some patients with diseases like cancer and diabetes etc. have even told me that their conditions were caused from the medications doctors had been supplying. So it appears that quite often the doctors themselves are at least partially responsible for the patient’s current medical situation. Many patients have described to me in detail the horrible side effects they encountered caused from the medications they were prescribed, so I would try to avoid their use if at all possible.

Since the chemistry of our bodies and our tolerance for many other substances varies a great deal. Often doctors have no idea what effects a buildup of different chemical 64 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL medications can have on our health and well-being. No two of us are the same, and different medications mixed together are nothing less than a poisonous chemical cocktail, which in some cases could have completely unexpected consequences health wise for the patient. So how would any doctor be able to factor in all the unknowns to determine what is safe and what is unacceptable? I honestly think that conditions like Alzheimer’s and many other diseases are often caused by the mixture of chemicals their doctors prescribed. Many patients have told me about the problems they encountered with the use of pharmaceuticals, but once they stopped taking these substances and started ingesting the oil, the problems disappeared. To sum things up bluntly, if hemp medicines are produced properly, they are extremely safe and harmless to use, but what medical professionals provide is not.

Is it possible to compare the effects of allopathic and empiric medicine? As far as I am concerned, there is no comparison between allopathic medicine and empiric medicine. Allopathic medicine is for the most part just a mixture of harmful chemicals and poisons that no one should be ingesting. Empiric medicine (medicine from plants) has been used for thousands of years and medicines produced from hemp are beyond compare when it comes to safety. The medicinally effective and harmless nature of hemp resins that the oil is produced from makes the hemp plant the “Queen of all Empiric Medicine.” Throughout the years, I have been in contact with many patients who took everything available to treat their conditions and after all else had failed, they then came to me.

I think the patients who have used both allopathic and empiric medicine are more qualified to talk about the difference between chemical medications and hemp oil instead of myself. But sadly many are still afraid to come forward, so I can only relay what they have reported.

Most of these patients told me directly that they would much sooner use hemp oil rather than the medications their doctors provided. Simply because it worked much better, had no unpleasant side effects, and in a short time, many could go back to living a normal life. They did not experience these pronounced healing effects with the use of allopathic medicines and most felt that these medications were doing a great deal of harm. I think this speaks volumes as to why I would now not even consider the use of allopathic medicines and in the near future I think many more will begin to feel the same.

Is there any reason to be worried about addiction to THC? Extracts from the hemp plant can also be used to make it easier for those who 65 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL are addicted to dangerous substances to withdraw from their use. The system tells us that marijuana has a gateway effect, which will cause those who use it to throw away their lives and become addicted to hard drugs. Statements like this are utter nonsense. How can a medication that is useful in breaking addictions cause someone to become addicted to the same dangerous substances which cause the problem? I would agree that hemp oil is a gateway drug, but it is a gateway back for people suffering with addictions and it does not take those who use it down the road to destruction, as our governments would have us believe. Once you really get to know what medications produced from this plant can do, you will find that its medicinal uses are limitless.

Now let’s have a look at the “devastating” effects of a very large overdose of hemp oil. This medication causes a semi-comatose condition called sleep and, when produced from the right strains, it is also a much more effective painkiller than morphine. If an ordinary person were to take far too much, no doubt, they would sleep for quite some time, but when they awoke, they would be unharmed and suffer no addiction.

I have provided this medication to many patients, yet I do not know of any condition that would prevent a patient from using this substance to good advantage; still, in time we may find that there are those who cannot. All I am saying is that I know of no medication that is more effective and safe to use and I’m sure the medical system, uses nothing which they can say the same about. Now look at the effects of hemp oil and look at the effects of what the medical system provides. I think you will agree that taking the high out of hemp medications is just about the lamest excuse that they could have come up with, when you consider the harmful and dangerous nature of substances they are presently using to take its place.

This medication can be ingested, used topically, vaporized, or you are also able to use it in suppository form with good results. When you begin ingesting the oil, little tiny doses taken about eight hours apart are best in the beginning. If you’re suffering from a serious condition and you are taking strong pain medications, increase the size of your dosage as quickly as possible and try to discontinue the use of these dangerous substances.

For those that think they need guidance, since your doctor was the one who put you on all these addictive nasty chemicals in the first place, ask them for their advice on how to best discontinue the use of these substances. If your own doctor is unwilling to help, see a naturopath or homeopathic practitioner for advice. In many cases in the past, I have seen people go off unneeded medications all by themselves with no advice from anyone.

66 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Upon commencing treatment with the oil, many patients who are taking opiatebased medications, can instantly cut their use of these dangerous substances in half.

In most cases, within one to two weeks the patient can get off these medications entirely and they will suffer less withdrawal symptoms.

This medication is really not about getting you high, it’s about allowing yourself to become healed by a natural substance that does no harm. Now why should we as humans allow others to continue denying us the use of this medication? The free medicinal use of hemp is the most important issue of our time and since so many are dying needlessly, all other concerns pale by comparison. Hemp is medicine for the masses that practically anyone can grow and produce. Now countless people worldwide are producing their own medication and they are achieving the same results we have described in our information. The time for change is now at hand, please join with us to help end the suffering of so many people and to bring hope to an otherwise hopeless world.

The hemp plant was put on this earth for us all to use freely for food, fiber, medicine, energy and a multitude of other applications. At last count, over 50,000 different things can be produced from this amazing plant. When these unlawful restrictions are removed, it will put people back on the land where they belong. Once again, they will get in touch with nature and become much more self-sufficient. Millions of jobs would then be there for the taking in earth-friendly hemp-based industries and, in a short time, we could have a hemp-based economy.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “When I first started taking the oil I had “Horrible” side effects, I must have eaten a half a box of doughnuts!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! I wish I had some more I slept wonderfully! Each day I looked forward to the night so I could sleep. I would take some oil at 7:00 fall asleep at about 9:30 and sleep until 8:30. Wonderful!!!” Tom “Ironic that we hear so many stories of people taking cannabis concentrates, daily, with no horror stories, no addiction, no side effects or related deaths but local law makers fight against the cultivation, use and sale of marijuana in the interest of ‘public safety concerns’, which, is a cover-up for their loyalty to Big Pharma and the ‘Booze-Baron’s financial bribery to restrict the growth of the cannabis industry in the US...” Raphael “Started giving the oil to my father this week. Advanced prostate cancer that has spread to some spots on the bones. So far he sleeps a lot and has regained his appetite. He wasn’t eating anything due to radiation pain in throat. Also some of his anxiety has turned to seemingly cheerful goings-on in his head! 67 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL He is still getting pain meds at hospital which are helpful for acute pain until things are under control. The docs don’t know about the oil though. We even hinted at the idea of combining oil with meds, but doctors came back with fabrications of monstrous side effects. Wanted to ask them to show us the studies, but don’t want to jeopardize dad’s release given we have been marked as ‘difficult’ for questioning the need for excessive meds that make him worse and worse.

I wouldn’t wish hospital cancer treatment on my worst enemy. I had heard the horror stories, but I guess on some level I thought things would be different for dad.

Sincerely hope it’s not late.” Edmund -- Edmund, they were right about possible side effects, but those would be caused by the chemicals they give him, not by the oil. The sooner you get him back home and fill him full of the oil the better the chance. It is never too late to start with the oil, the only question is whether it is not too late for it to get ahead of the disease.

But that is directly connected to how much oil you will manage to get in him and how quickly.

By this I am not saying that you should not follow the protocol at or that you should start with huge doses. Get him home, follow the protocol and let us hope for the best. JB “Hello Jindrich, want to share some of the “side effects” of the oil. First I have been making my own for a while now and also buying some at a dispensary (like my own better!), I do not have any special condition or disease, probably have ingested close to 30 ml since 2012, so...

-- cannot drink alcohol any more... one glass of wine and I am out! I was not trying to stop drinking but really my body is rejecting it completely and it fells really nice to be clear headed!! -- The iris of my eyes are completely green... no more little brown dots here and there (if you know iridology those little dots are an indication of organ malfunctions or even deceases), so clear eyes means great health! -- Same effect for my 10 year old shepherd dog-clear eyes and lots of energy! (He has had about 6 doses). The oil and all the unexpected side effects!! Thank you and Rick for all your efforts to share this medicine with the world. Much love, Estelle“ “I can tell you that my girl-dog (Shepherd dog) had milk gland cancer, big lumps.

I gave her daily 2 drops before nighttime. In 3 weeks ALL GONE!!! (it is like breast cancer in humans also estrogen sensitive!!!). AND it saved my friend’s life, she had bladder cancer - Gone. SOOO HAPPY to be able to help people and animals.” Dolly 68 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “I give all three of my dogs a drop of oil daily as preventative to cancer after losing every dog in the past to cancer.” Roger “I just wrote in last week about vomiting on the oil. I finally stopped and I’m still using the same batch of oil. I’m feeling great now. I think I was detoxing all the pharmaceutical drugs out of my system. It was a miserable experience but detox is never fun.” Robin “I don’t know for sure but my guess would be that you took too much too soon.

There is such a thing as getting too high and it can make some people vomit. I know this from personal experience. (I just realized that sounded kind of condescending I didn’t mean it that way.)” Tina ”Tina, I thought of that too and had many questions as to why I was so sick. I really believe it was detox because of what happened to me last December. I was told by my oncologist that I was in my “final stages” I had ran out of oil and had an IV of Zometa to help strengthen my bones. Turns out the oil was working as an allergy pill and saving me from the effects of Zometa. Off of the oil, I became anorexic, was in a lot of pain as the Zometa was going into my bones and was vomiting, having chills and hospitalized.

Since that incident, I couldn’t even sit Indian style because my joints and hips hurt so bad. When I started back on the oil, I was fine at first but then gradually got sick.

I then got really sick and when I was vomiting for days and miserable, something strange happened, all my joints got cleared out and I have no more joint pain after 6 months. I’m flexible again. I can only believe the oil got that crap out of my joints that can stay with you for a year.” Robin “It is very important to get as much as possible into a terminal patient as soon as possible. Most terminal patients have undergone chemo/radiation, pain killers, etc.

Make sure it is made properly and start taking as much as possible as soon as possible and I wouldn’t stop taking it at least until the cancer is completely gone!” Bonny “When your doctors tell you, “you are terminal,” would you not want to try whatever is out there? Think about it... After a diagnosis like that, what do you have to lose? I have a niece who is alive today... because of this oil... Need I say more?” Carol “That’s me her niece. It really worked.” Joanne “I did a half-marathon, I raised $5000 for cancer research. Little did I know there was already a fuckin’ cure and they wouldn’t give it to me. They gave me really strong chemotherapy twice. They ruined my liver; they ruined my kidneys. They sent me home to die in April of last year. They said I would not live for six weeks.

69 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL And here I am today, still alive, because I found and Rick Simpson showed me how to make my own medicine so I could be here today.

We need to tell everyone about this cure. Everyone needs to know: there is actual medical marijuana products that will help you live, and help your friends live that have cancer. Everybody needs to know: nobody has to die from cancer. There is a cure, there’s always been a cure. They just... Big Pharma won’t let us have it. How dare they?! Cancer research is a multi-billion dollar industry... And what are they doing? They’re killing people like me with their drugs. It’s bullshit! There’s a cure! Phoenix Tears oil works! Tell everybody. Please!” Joanne “Hi Rick Simpson, I have faith in the oil and am currently using it for my mother who has cancer, but I have a question, you say that should be consumed 2 ounces in three months, but my mom is very weak because of the disease and only taken as an ounce and is about to meet three months, but still taking it, and I want to know if it is the same effect, because you said it should be in three month. Please answer me the message because I am worried.” Esmeralda “Don’t worry too much about how much she has taken so far. Just keep trying to get her to eat a little bit more. Tell her to eat a bigger piece than she ever has before, when she goes to sleep at night, little by little she will be able to eat more. Make sure she eats a bigger dose at night and she will build up a tolerance faster. My dad did the same thing the first three months. It took him a long time before he was able to eat over a half of a gram a day and the cancer was disappearing even when he was barely eating a 1/4 gram a day-(tumor was getting smaller). Now he is up to around a gram a day, and he has eaten more than a hundred grams in 10 months. Good Luck!” Jose Replacement of Medications “With my experience with the oil, I personally do not know of a single pharmaceutical medication that I would be willing to use. I have several reasons for it but the main one is that they are not necessary. Your body can only process what your ancestors used to eat; it is not ready to process chemicals of any sort and consuming chemicals will eventually bring about trouble. They may help with the condition you are suffering from now, but you will pay the price later. The oil resonates with the human DNA and helps regenerate and rejuvenate cells in the whole body.

The oil works selectively and attacks everything that is unhealthy in your body. In addition, the oil does not produce harmful side effects. In a slight exaggeration, we like to say that the only side effects of using the oil are sleep, happiness, and health.

It is not to say that a patient will not experience unusual states of body and mind, 70 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL especially when they take more oil than they are used to taking. But even if they do, if they use high-grade hemp oil, they will simply go to take a nap and sleep it off.

There is no point trying to fight the effects of the oil, it is best to simply let it work and flow with it.“ JB “Okay so I have to share this. I got some oil from a friend in another state. The first stuff I took was from a dispensary and I had a feeling it wasn’t what it should be. I was taking a fairly good sized dose every few hours and it didn’t seem to be doing much. When I got the stuff from my friend yesterday I figured I could take the same amount as I had been of the dispensary stuff. Boy was I wrong! Y’all aren’t kidding when you say start slow! When you have the real stuff it is definitely potent! Unfortunately I didn’t have a good experience at all, major paranoia and unable to sleep all night. My son actually had to come over and “babysit” me! I’m very tired today and still feeling the effects so I probably won’t take any today and if I do it’ll be less than half a grain of rice! I guess on the good side I don’t have pain this morning. lol I’ll stick to the directions from now on!” -- Casey, lol. There is probably some sativa in the new batch, so try to get another one. Oil produced from what we recommend doesn’t do that. I would try a new batch or half of what you took. These unpleasant feelings can occur sometimes to someone, but once you learn how to deal with it, it does not represent much of an issue, as your babysitter can probably confirm.

But again, like I say, there is probably some energizing sativa in the oil. But maybe it has better painkilling effects than you previous oil. Try to take less and see how it works. If you don’t like it the second time either, give it to your son for recreational purposes or use it topically (for beauty etc.), and have him get you something more potent and sedative which will comply with the requirements specified in our “directions.” Best wishes, JB “It works for all sorts of disease and illnesses. If you’re taking it, watch out for your potassium levels as they seem to drop in some people. For anyone with kidney, liver, and heart problems, look into glandular supplements in combination with RSO and q10 for regenerative effects.” Matthew Melvin “Only cannabinoids regulate cells. Most ointments/substances for wounds are disinfectants and only try to make an ideal situation for the body to heal.

Cannabinoids are antibacterial / antifungal / antiviral etc. etc. and they regulate the cells so that the ugly damaged cells are regulated and not half-ass repaired and copied. In other words, you are less likely to have scars from using cannabinoids on wounds because cells are regulated with the following logic: 71 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Am I damaged a little? - Yes= Autophagy to recycle/repair the cell.

Am I damaged a lot? - Yes = Programmed cell death (Apoptosis) Am I past my used by date? - Yes = Programmed cell death (Apoptosis) Am I damaged exceedingly? Yes = Necrosis. When damage is so severe, unless cannabinoids are applied to the area, the endogenous cannabinoids in the blood will usually fail to reach the cells and regulate them and it will result in rotten flesh / Necrosis.

Cancer usually results from a damaged cell that remains unregulated because its CB receptors are not functioning due to damage.

Substances that are known to cause cancer are usually substances that are slow to exit the body and cause a constant cellular damage throughout their journey.

The more often cells are damaged, the higher the chance that a cell will exist with no functioning CB receptors.” Scott Healing Cancer with the Oil Judging from observations of the number of patients you have treated, is the oil effective for all types of cancer, or are you aware of any types of cancer that it will not help with? “The oil is effective in the treatment of all types of skin cancers and to the best of my knowledge, the same holds true for internal cancers and other medical conditions.

After years of experience in dealing with patients who suffered with all types of medical problems. I can honestly say I do not know of any condition for which the oil is not an effective treatment.

High-grade hemp oil, when made and used according to my instructions, seems to work on all types of cancer and I am not aware of any type of cancer that it would not be effective to treat. Some time ago, I did hear about a study that claimed THC can cause a certain type of cancer, but I think this was just more propaganda that was thrown in to keep the public from learning the truth. I can only say that this study must be flawed and I will now explain why I came to this conclusion.

Put simply, most research tells us cancer is just mutating cells that were allowed to multiply due to an underlying problem present in the patient’s body. THC kills mutating cells. So how can THC produce the very cells that it is so good at destroying? If you are looking for treatments that can cause cancer, look no further than chemo 72 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and radiation. Both of these so-called “treatments” are very carcinogenic, so, in other words, they can and do cause cancer. Even a CT scan exposes the body to a massive dose of radiation. Radiation causes cells to mutate and that is what we have all been told cancer is, mutating cells.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Can the Oil Be Used Along with Chemotherapy and Radiation? “When patients ask me this question, I tell them that yes, the oil could be used along with chemo and radiation. I have no doubt the use of this oil would be very beneficial and it would give them a better chance of surviving the effects such treatments cause. Still, why would anyone in their right mind even consider taking chemo and radiation? Chemo and radiation do not cure cancer, they cause it, and in the past, I have refused to provide oil to people who are planning to take such so-called treatments.

Why should I run the risk of going to jail to produce the oil for someone who plans to take treatments such as this from the medical system? If a person chooses to take chemo or radiation, by all means, that is their choice. But from my perspective I feel it would be foolish on my part to provide the cure, if these individuals are so intent on letting the medical system poison them. It is like supplying an antidote while pumping venom in the patient’s veins.

In the past, I have provided this medication to patients who want an effective treatment that does no harm and gives them a very good chance to survive. But I consider most of what the medical system is supplying to be more about murder than it is about medicine. That is the reason I tell people with serious medical conditions to take the oil and stay away from the medical system and their doctors.

Unless medical professionals start behaving rationally towards the treatment of cancer, I believe the patient is better off not seeking their advice at all. What the medical system provides in the end usually does much more harm than good and lessens the patient’s chance of survival. The damage caused and left behind by chemo and radiation will in most cases bring about the death of the patient, unless they ingest large amounts of oil to detoxify themselves. The vast majority of people who take chemo and radiation die from the effects these treatments cause and not the cancer they were being treated for.

As I said, from my experience, the oil seems to work on all types of cancer, but I have had a few people who acquired the treatment and then refused to take it. I cannot 73 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL explain their behavior other than to say that in the end it seems they were unwilling to break with the medical system. There have only been a few who have done this and, as far as I know, in the end all these patients died. I wish that I could explain why people do the things they do and why they are so reckless with their lives. But unless they are willing to educate themselves about what the medical system has in store for them I expect that this will continue.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Fighting the Damage Caused By Radiation “After the horrible earthquake in Japan that has caused all this damage to many of the nuclear reactors that are operating in that country, radiation is now spreading worldwide. With high levels of radiation being released into the atmosphere on a continuous basis, it will have a devastating effect on the lives of most living creatures.

Yet, once again, if used properly, high quality hemp oil can provide a solution that will be of great help to mankind in alleviating this situation.

For years, I have been telling the public that every man woman and child on this earth should be taking small doses of this oil every day to maintain good health.

With all the radiation that is now entering our atmosphere, it is basically urgent that we now all start ingesting this oil as soon as possible, to undo the damage this radiation will cause. Through my experience with the use of this oil, I have found that there is nothing more effective or more harmless, which can reduce the damage caused by radiation.

I have seen patients who suffered from cancer, which were badly damaged by the effects of radiation treatments that were able to eliminate the damage this so- called medical treatment had caused. Some patients who have come to me that had taken radiation, were burned and poisoned so badly by its effects that in the beginning, I really did not believe anything could undo this type of harm. After ingesting the oil treatment, their skin went back to its normal healthy state and the radiation burns disappeared completely. If the oil can do this for someone who has been severely damaged by the medical system, would its use not also be effective to combat the effects of the radiation, now emanating from Japan? There are thousands of reasons as to why the medicinal use of the cannabis plant should never have been restricted in the first place. Now, with the menace that all this escaping radiation presents, we would have to be insane to turn our backs on the use of hemp extracts to help us all deal with this situation. I truly feel sorry for the misery the people of Japan are now going through and if nothing can be done to stop the radiation from escaping, they may lose their homeland entirely.

74 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Don’t be fooled by government double talk regarding this issue, radiation is an invisible but dangerous threat to the well-being of us all and only a complete fool would try to say otherwise. The wondrous medicinal effects of properly produced oil from the cannabis hemp plant are finally being recognized once more worldwide.

Fighting the effects of radiation is just one more reason we must begin to start growing this plant again on a grand scale and it is time that we all told our governments that we have had enough of their nonsense. Our very lives and the lives of coming generations, plus the well-being of many other species are at stake and it is now up to us to determine what kind of future humanity is to have.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Success Rate for Cancer Patients? “When people come to me with a diagnosis of cancer and they have refused to take chemotherapy or radiation, it is almost a given that they can be cured unless they have waited until they are at death’s door to take the treatment, or they refuse to ingest the oil in the proper way.

Cancer can even be reversed in roughly 75% of those who have been badly damaged by the medical system if they take the oil treatment properly. However, there are about 1 in 4 who have been so badly damaged the best one can hope for is to give them a much better quality of life while they are still with us. But for patients in this situation, ingesting the oil still makes good sense, for it will ease their suffering a great deal and often they will live on much longer than expected.

Even if you can cure the cancer, in the end the damage from the chemo and radiation will often bring about the patient’s death unless the harm that was caused can be repaired. These individuals are not dying from cancer; they are in fact dying from the so-called “medical treatments” they received from the medical system. As you can see, hemp oil does have an amazing success rate especially when no doctors are involved. But if the medical system would start behaving rationally and use this medication as they should, I think survival rates could increase even more.

How many people that you know of have cured themselves with the oil? Since 2003, I have provided this oil to roughly 5,000 people who were suffering with all types of medical problems. Many of these patients had several medical issues which needed attention but most were brought under control or cured with the use of this oil. Due to the illegal status of this medication, I did not keep records, but it’s 75 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL safe to say I have seen hundreds of people cured with external and internal cancers, plus a great number of other conditions.

In addition, I receive vast numbers of e-mails every week from all over the world, telling me how much this oil has helped patients in faraway lands. When we put the instructions on our website and brought out the documentary “Run From the Cure”, explaining to individuals everywhere how they can heal themselves, it drew a lot of attention and many used this information to help provide those in need with a medication that worked. Since this oil is so easy to produce, already untold numbers of people worldwide have experienced its benefits and it is my hope that in the near future we will all have the freedom to do the same.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Is It Ever Too Late To Start Using the Oil? “It’s never too late to start using this amazing medication. Even people who have been badly damaged by the medical system still have a good chance of making a recovery. We had one gentleman with lung cancer who was in the hospital and doctors had given him twenty-four hours to live. Despite opposition from the medical system, his son gave him a large dose of oil and he left the hospital the very next day. About fifteen months later, this 83-year-old veteran did die, but not from lung cancer, he passed away due to a pre-existing heart condition that he had suffered from for years. During the extra months that he had lived, he enjoyed a good quality of life and he died in his sleep with no pain. Isn’t that better than dying in a hospital, drowning in your own fluid from lung cancer? We have had great results in the treatment of those who have stage 4 cancers and were not expected to live. Of course, we could not save them all, but one thing is for certain, we did save many more than the medical system could with their insane treatments and dismal survival rates. As I stated earlier, this oil is effective in the treatment of all types of cancer but the results I often witnessed in those suffering from lung cancer and leukemia were truly astounding. Frequently, these types of cancers respond very dramatically to the oil treatment and it is not unusual for patients to see improvements in their conditions daily.

I always encourage those who are taking the oil to get it into their system as quickly as possible. The idea is the faster they can ingest the THC-laden oil into their bodies, the more quickly they can cure their cancer and other conditions. This will ensure that the patient has a much better chance to survive, but still they will not be harmed.

76 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL I tell everyone with serious life-threatening conditions, “The oil will either save your life, or it will ease your way out.” Even if the patient does pass away, they will do so with dignity and the effects of all those horrible pain medications can be avoided. Our aim is to save as many as we can, but for those beyond help, it’s still nice to know that they will not have to go through a painful agonizing death, like others with the same conditions must endure in hospitals.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Are Some People More Difficult To Cure Than Others? “People who are the hardest to cure are the ones who have allowed themselves to be severely damaged by the medical system. Chemotherapy and radiation are both carcinogenic treatments, in other words they cause cancer. If the patient can survive these so-called treatments, they may witness a reduction in the size of a tumor. But in the end these treatments poison the body so badly that they are left with no immune system to protect them. This in conjunction with the cancercausing effects of the treatments themselves helps to spread the cancer to other places in the body.

Since the patient no longer has an immune system which functions properly to protect them, they are now incapable of defending themselves against many medical problems that can bring about their death. Any rational person should have no trouble understanding why the treatments provided by the medical system do not work. Yet, doctors continue to tell us that there are no other forms of effective treatment available. I guess this proves that if you pay doctors and other professionals enough money to not understand something, in most cases they are happy to comply.

I must also mention the fact that quite often patients are already taking medications that block their cannabinoid receptors, or interfere with the function of the endocannabinoid system. Such medications include Remonabant, Surinabant, Taranabant, and Ibipenabant, just to name a few. Since it was the doctors who prescribed these substances in the first place, I feel this is something that should be discussed with them. This is one of the reasons I tell patients to get off the chemical medications as soon as possible. If the function of your cannabinoid receptors is impaired, it makes such people much more difficult or impossible to treat.

Many individuals today seem to think the power of our minds has a lot to do with recovering from serious illnesses. They often feel certain that a positive attitude 77 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and a strong belief in the treatment being used is very important when it comes to healing. But most of those who came to me did not believe when they began treatment that this oil would be of any benefit. So although I agree that the power of positive thinking could be helpful, the vast majority of those I treated seemed to be able to heal quite nicely without it.

I tend to look at healing successfully as having more to do with the proper medication being used, rather than the state of a patient’s mind. I expect that many who believe in this new age rhetoric will tend to disagree, but I have no reason to twist the facts about what I have witnessed. In addition, our pets and other animal life have cannabinoid receptors in their bodies as well so they too can benefit from the effects of this oil. I have treated many animals and although some of these creatures were quite intelligent, I am sure the miracles this oil produced had nothing to do with positive thinking.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Leukemia “If you treat someone who has leukemia with hemp oil, it often produces results very quickly. Leukemia, from my experience, is one of the easiest internal cancers to cure and we have seen spectacular results with this oil’s use. The first place THC goes after entering the body is directly into the bloodstream. If cancer is present in the blood, it will not likely be present for long. I have seen the white blood cell count in those suffering from leukemia come down dramatically in two days and in my opinion, I feel that there is no better treatment for those who suffer with this condition.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Treating Skin Cancer “If the oil is produced properly, it will definitely work to cure skin cancer and it usually only takes a small amount of oil to accomplish the task. Apply the oil to the area that is causing the problem and cover it with a bandage, then reapply fresh oil and a new bandage every three or four days and the cancer should soon disappear.

I always tell patients to continue treatment until the cancer is gone and then continue to treat the area for about two more weeks just as if the cancer was still there. Doing this will ensure that all the cancer cells are dead and I have never seen a skin cancer return if my instructions are followed.

78 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL If you have had skin cancer for quite some time and the cancer is well established, it may take some time to cure, but usually even in quite severe cases, skin cancer will disappear in less than a month. In an extreme case, it may take longer, but if so, then just keep up the treatment until it is completely healed. Many people can cure their skin cancer in no time, but it all depends on your own rate of healing and how deeply embedded the cancer has become.

How many people have cured skin cancer using your hemp oil? I have provided the oil to hundreds of people with skin cancers. Usually within three weeks, the cancer is gone and all that remains is healthy pink skin. I really cannot give you an estimate of how many patients have used my method of treatment to cure such cancers. Yet, since this is becoming so well known, I expect by this time hundreds of thousands, if not millions, worldwide have cured themselves of this condition in this manner.

Can you compare this treatment to standard procedures? There is no comparison between treating skin cancers with hemp oil and what the medical system tends to call proper treatment. Quite often surgery is performed and sometimes they are successful in removing all the cancer cells that are present.

But judging from those I have met, who had to return over and over again to have it removed, I would say that this is quite rare. In far too many cases, patients must return to their doctors to have these operations repeated again and again.

Even when these operations are performed several times, the medical system often fails to eradicate the problem. Doctors also use other treatments for skin cancers, such as liquid nitrogen and creams containing chemo. These treatments are usually painful and, in many cases, the cancer just keeps coming back and tends to get much worse.

When hemp oil is used to treat skin cancer, it kills only the mutating cancer cells and the condition usually heals quickly. This harmless effective treatment causes no harm to healthy cells and from my experience, I believe that it is by far the most sensible way to treat this condition. Methods used by the medical system are to say the least unpleasant by comparison and one does not have to worry about infections or other complications when the oil is used.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer 79 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Oil versus Chemotherapy What are the main advantages to this treatment when compared with chemotherapy, radiation or other chemical medications? “Hemp oil has three main advantages over so-called conventional treatments. First, hemp oil does no harm, second, it works, and third, it does not kill the patient.

Chemotherapy, radiation and other poisonous chemical medications do extensive harm to the body and, in far too many cases, lessen our chance of survival. In addition, patients enduring such treatments often end up with other medical problems caused by these treatments themselves.

I cannot really compare hemp medicine to what the medical system provides, since I do not consider what they are giving us to be medicine. Chemical medications are liver toxic. Which should make it obvious to anyone that such chemicals should not be in our bodies, since they are poison and present a danger to the patient.

Chemotherapy and radiation are both carcinogenic which means these treatments are not only poisonous, but they can also cause cancer as well. Often, the size of a tumor can be reduced with the use of chemotherapy or radiation but in a great number of cases, it simply allows the cancer to spread. Due to the carcinogenic effects of such treatments and their poisonous nature, they ruin your immune system when you need it most. In my opinion, it is ludicrous to call chemotherapy or radiation a treatment for cancer or any other condition, when obviously they should not be used at all.

Can using the oil replace radiotherapy? The term radiotherapy sounds quite benign. It makes it seem as if all a patient has to do is listen to some music on the radio and they will get well. Of course as most of us already know this is far from what really takes place, so let’s call it what it really is radiation therapy.

I don’t think radiation therapy is any better than chemotherapy, since both of these treatments are poisonous and cancer-causing. Hemp medicine should be the first line of defense against cancer and all other illnesses, not treatments that could bring about our death or make our conditions worse.

As far as I can see, to allow the medical system to do such destructive things to our bodies is just a faster way to die. For some, chemotherapy and radiation does work as a delaying tactic, but in the end the damage these treatments do to your body is horrendous. If you are someone who happened to live through such treatments and their lasting effects, count your lucky stars because the vast majority are not 80 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL so fortunate. In addition, I want to warn people that it’s best to stay away from CT scans and such things, since they also expose patients to a massive dose of radiation which again can cause cancer or other health issues.

Hemp oil is not toxic to the body and when this oil is used to treat cancer or any other disease, it does not harm healthy cells. After taking hemp oil, it puts the patient in a very relaxed state so they can then get more rest and sleep, which promotes healing.

From my point of view, there is no comparison between chemical medications and hemp oil. Chemicals and poisons cause harm and affect your well-being; they can also have severe side effects and may even lead to death. Hemp oil is harmless and encourages good health and rapid healing. I like to say that this substance promotes life and from my experience with its use, I can actually report that this is the case.

Would you describe how THC acts on cancer cells versus healthy cells? First of all, THC does not harm healthy cells but it can have devastating effects on cells which have become cancerous. Most individuals have little knowledge about how these cells behave but in reality cancer cells are trying to commit suicide and this is a well-documented fact. But if our immune system has become compromised, we cannot produce enough natural cannabinoids to put a stop to their growth. When cells become cancerous, they actually produce more cannabinoid receptors, which allows the natural cannabinoids that our bodies produce to enter more readily. These same receptors will also accept cannabinoids like THC that the hemp plant produces and this can be of great benefit to the patient. So if your body is not producing enough of these natural substances to stop the cancer’s growth, then we must look for another way to bring up the cannabinoid levels in our bodies to fight off the disease.

By ingesting hemp oil, it provides these cannabinoids in abundance and then the disease can be brought under control and cured. Our bodies produce cancer cells every day, so in essence we all have cancer but if our immune system is functioning properly, these cells pose little or no danger to our well-being. When our immune systems become impaired, often that is when cancer will make its presence known.

But if a person is wise enough to ingest hemp oil to give their immune systems a boost instead of going to the medical system, its presence will not be felt for long.

We have studied research papers on the subject and I will now give you the scientific explanation as to why THC is effective in the treatment of cancer. When hemp oil is ingested as a cancer medication, the THC in the oil causes a buildup of a fat molecule called ceramide. When ceramide comes in contact with cancer cells, it causes programmed cell death, while doing no harm to healthy cells. This is the way it was explained in the scientific research we have studied but I have never stopped looking for other explanations.

81 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL With the help of a wonderful lady named Batya Stark, I have developed a new theory which involves our pineal gland and the melatonin it produces. Fluoride and many of the chemicals doctors provide plus other things we come into contact with, often impairs the ability of the pineal gland to produce melatonin. Melatonin is the greatest antioxidant known to man and it travels to every cell in our bodies.

The pineal gland and the melatonin it produces can play a very dramatic role in maintaining good health and indeed has a lot to do with our overall sense of wellbeing.

With the function of the pineal gland impaired, its ability to produce melatonin is greatly diminished. It has been found that as we age, melatonin levels decrease, and I feel this reduction could also have an effect on the development of cancer. It has been scientifically proven that just smoking hemp can raise melatonin levels a great deal. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why individuals who smoke hemp have lower cancer rates than those who don’t. Now just think of what ingesting the raw unburned oil would do for your melatonin levels.

From what I can understand, cannabinoids in the oil causes the pineal gland to go into overdrive and subsequently melatonin levels sharply increase. This, at least in part, is what we think causes the wonderful effect this medication has on so many conditions including cancer. If the pineal gland is producing vast amounts of melatonin, it does no harm to the body, but it can have a devastating effect on the disease the patient is suffering from. When melatonin levels remain high, the illness or disease that has been plaguing the patient can often be brought under control or even completely cured. In reality, I am not a doctor nor do I have the qualifications necessary to become one, but I still feel we should leave our minds open to other explanations. If I am correct about the importance of melatonin, then it may give us a new way of looking at disease control and it could help to explain the anti-aging effects this medication produces.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Cancer Testimonials Motto: Spontaneous remission of cancer seems to occur surprisingly often in the presence of cannabis oil “Friend has bone cancer. Just started the oil last week, pain is gone, he feels better.

Oncology doctors are shocked.” Joe “A bit of great news yesterday. A man we had just given some floored his doctor when it was found a few weeks later that the tumors in his lungs were gone as well as the one on his liver which had shrunk down to only a spot. One small tube! We’ve 82 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL got a few on the go and they are all doing well. I hope things are good. Phoenix Tears is alive and well.” Chris “Update - My 81 year old friend passed 3 tumors all together from his face (skin cancer) squamous cell carcinoma. They didn’t stand a chance against the world’s best medicine. 5 weeks on the oil and he feels better than he has in 15 years. His appetite is back! He’s winning the battle!!! We’re winning the battle! Jose Steve: Was he ingesting the oil and using it topically also? Jose: Both Steve: Fantastic Isn’t it amazing to know we can make a difference in someone’s life like that Jose: He started rubbing 68% THC oil mixed with olive oil and coconut oil on his cheek for 2 weeks before it surfaced. He also ingests it without the olive oil after rubbing it on the inside of his cheek.

Jose: His Dr called me yesterday and told me he also has skin cancer and would like some Oil to try on himself.

Steve: Now that is fantastic news about the doctor wanting help. Well done my friend!!!! And I’m glad your 81yr old friend is back to enjoying life again.

Jose: Yes, it really is amazing! Dr P we’ll call him, is a well-known author of a couple of books and a great Naturopath Healer and an MD. He has referred 5 of his patients to me in the last 2 weeks. All terminal cancer patients.” “Two weeks ago I gave another one of my skin/throat cancer patient/friend some healing oil to ingest and use topically, along with a little bit of coconut oil. Tuesday he told me the skin on his cheek had opened up and the tumor was exposed. I told him to continue applying the oil but, without the coconut oil, just the pure healing oil. He put the healing oil on the exposed tumor directly and he said “The bump that was sticking out disappeared by the next day. It started draining within minutes after rubbing it on. It oozed out - the oil drew the cancer out like a salve.” The cancerous tumor was there, now it’s gone... Two weeks!!!” Jose “A family member had throat cancer golf ball size tumors within 48 hours of oil was throwing up the tumors it works. It’s documented. Helps with female problems also. No one cares to find cures or help for that only give synthetic horse hormones then wonder why women go crazy.” Debra 83 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Hello Rick Simpson & Jindrich Bayer, I wanted to share some very HAPPY HAPPY news. Mom’s scans showed a “measurable” decrease in the size of ALL tumors in liver and pancreas. As well, the tumor in her lung is now COMPLETELY, 100% GONE!!! There is so much thanks to go around but the number one person who deserves the most love is Rick for so openly sharing this information with the world to begin with.

Thank you Jindrich for all that you do including your supportive kindness and instructions.

I know we are still walking on egg shells with her diagnosis/prognosis but if things continue to improve (tumors shrinking or “resolving” as they call it with no further metastasis). I will eventually send you her before and after medical reports so you can see that you helped save the life of an incredible, loving, active, giving woman, who is outdoors planting her herb garden as I type. :o). Much love, Barbara“ -- Hi Barbara, thank you, you made our day with your e-mail. Say hi to your Mom for us and make sure she does not go for any other scans or Xrays or other carcinogenic nonsense. Have her go by how she feels, she should eat 120-180g of the oil over six months or less. If I were her, I would then eat the oil every day for the rest of my life anyway, cancer has a very little chance when there is oil present in the body. Maintenance doses are an extremely important part of this method.

Best wishes, Jindrich “My mom cured her stage 3 small cell lung cancer with the oil!! J Did I mention she was cancer free only four months after diagnosis? Well, that’s what happened.

J” Dawn “My dad also has pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver and lung during chemo then it spread again he was very unwell and deteriorating quickly. He started the oil 3 months ago latest scan on Monday shows all 7 spots have disappeared and pancreas cancer has shrunk he feels 100% better and has quality of life back. The oil is truly amazing.” Lisa “My dad is also on the oil for pancreas cancer that spread to seven other spots he has been on the oil for 5 months all seven spots that appeared while on chemo have disappeared since starting the oil and the pancreas cancer has shrunk, the oil saved his life!” Lisa “Hi, I just wanted to update you. Dad has had another scan since starting the oil 5 months ago for pancreatic cancer. Last scan showed the cancer in the pancreas 84 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL had shrunk and the other 7 spots that had appeared while he was on chemo had disappeared since starting the oil. New results show the cancer in pancreas has shrunk again and there are no other spots which is bloody fantastic considering that’s why pancreatic cancer is so deadly because of the rate it spreads. So 8 months along 5 of those months using oil dad is doing great in fact he feels better now than when he was first diagnosed. So thanks again Rick, J.B and everyone that helps get this information out if it was not for the oil I would not have my dad!!” Lisa “My dad was also stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He also had 10 spots on liver... that was late November 2012. He now has 1 spot on liver (.08) and 1 spot in pancreas (8 mm). We are beating this. His doctors are shocked. He is gaining weight and all in all feels great. Cannabis infused oil is good also.” Angie -- Don’t play with diluted medicine, Angie. It is good for topical use but you don’t want to give cannabis infused oils to cancer patients as their only treatment. Full power full spectrum attack works best.

Especially for those who “have to” go take a scan “too see” how it is healing. Such people should automatically add another 60g of the oil to the protocol because they just unnecessarily went through a highly carcinogenic procedure “to see” how they are feeling. Curiosity costs money, sorry about that.

Congratulations and best wishes. It is great to see the success of people who think different. JB “I am factual proof that RSO has a direct effect on MPNST and NF1. Medical records, MRI, PET, CAT scans prove significant reduction in tumor size and avidity.” Kristyne “Ok my Peeps. Today is the day I had only hoped would ever happen. The biopsy results are in. Corrie Yelland HAS JUST RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT HER CANCER IS 100% COMPLETELY GONE!!!! I AM CANCER FREEEEEE!!!!! Not even any dysplasia let alone the big C.

To my incredible, amazing friends who collectively were responsible for me being able to afford the medicine = there are absolutely no words to describe how grateful I am to each and every one of you. You are all amazing! To Heather who first sent me RUN FROM THE CURE--That video quite literally changed my life. Who would have thunk it, hey? I love you! To Rick Simpson, to Jindrich Bayer from the bottom of my heart... THANK YOU for your knowledge and your support. I’m alive today because of all of you! I am truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends.” Corrie 85 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Hi Jindrich, just a quick note to let you know I saw my doctor today. The report says the cancer (anal canal cancer) is no longer detectable. Last fall I was told I had 2-4 months if I didn’t do radiation. I chose to do no radiation and to try the RSO instead. Obviously, it worked! From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU to Rick and to yourself!!!!” Corrie “My latest success story. This is a woman in her late 50’s who was diagnosed with Stage 3, but very close to Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Today I received this: “Well my mom went for her CT scan a month ago and got her results back a couple days ago.

It’s completely gone! Her doctor read them and said the larger mass is clear and there is nothing left...

She has COPD still but we will work on that and her smoking lol... Thank you so much for all the advice and knowledge of things we never were aware of. Everything came together for a reason and we are so happy. God bless you and your family.” Corrie -- Spontaneous remission of lung cancer seems to occur surprisingly often in the presence of cannabis oil. JB “Ok, all my wonderful Peeps, this is going to be a long read, but I think I may have hit PAYDIRT yesterday. I haven’t seen my dentist since last September. At that time, I was in the midst of fighting for my life. My dentist was told at that point that I had cancer. We had the usual conversation, where I told him I was not doing radiation and was doing an “alternative treatment.” At the time, he had asked what I was doing. I was hesitant to tell him, as he was known for his “rigidity,” but told him to watch Run From the Cure. He actually called me after he’d watched it. He said that as a medical professional, he tended to be in the box, that he had a brother, (a doctor), and another brother, (a pharmacologist) and how sometimes they “don’t have all the answers.” Fast forward to yesterday. He was Stunned to see how well I looked, and momentarily speechless when I told him the Cannabis Oil had worked. He began asking all sorts of questions. Many of them “scientific questions” that I couldn’t answer. He asked about clinical trials, diff. disease conditions treated with Cannabis etc. He wants to talk to his brother about myself, as well as Cannabis as a cancer “cure”, and also wants his brother to research Cannabis as a medicine. Would it be ok if he took my cell number and email address? Here’s where it gets big. His brother, Dr. Jake Theissen, used to be the Dean and pioneered the Pharmacology program at Waterloo University. He is now a consultant for drug companies and specializes in “New Approaches in Cancer Treatment.” He is strongly tied to the Canadian Cancer Society. (As well, he is the 86 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL one that has been asked by the government to head the inquiry into the diluted chemo scandal.) John was saying, that his brother has often said, there has to be something better out there for treating cancer. Something natural, rather than chemical. I told him to “look no further.” Cannabis is the “something natural.” Fingers crossed my Peeps. To have somebody this influential be on “our side”, could be freakin’ huge! Janet Sweeney, Robert Melamede, Peter O’Toole, Lester Grinspoon, Gersh Avery, Rick Simpson. Cannabis Science, would you guys be on board to help me on this one if need be, and would you be ok if I directed my dentist or his brother to you guys? Thanks for reading Peeps. Keep spreading the word... CANNABIS OIL KILLS CANCER!” Corrie Q. Have you ever seen RSO help cure prostate cancer? A. Of course. Follow the instructions on our site at for best results.

Here is an example of how it works and Dennis also provides some scientific explanation about how the oil works. Still, follow Rick´s instructions, eat the oil as instructed (low doses such as the ones that Dennis used might not be enough for other patients), and use the oil in a suppository form, too. Best wishes, JB “In early 2013 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer getting a Gleason 9 rating. As my first option I made the decision to try Rick Simpson’s Cannabis Oil. Most of the cancer was gone 90 days later according in a second biopsy but the tumor was still there. I decided my dose was too small, which was one tenth gram per day so I decided to do it again for another 90 days. This time I increased the dosage to 3 tenths gram per day for the first 60 days and 5 tenths gram for the last thirty days except for the last day I took a full gram. The next biopsy showed the tumor was gone. And better yet, my cancer was 99.9% gone! I thank God for leading me in the cannabis direct.

Prior to my cancer I had been very much against marijuana in any form but when you are facing death with the horrible radiation and chemo I figured I had nothing to lose. My urologist said he had never seen anything like this, it was completely off the chart.” William “I just got off the phone with the urologist. My husband has been having a lot of medical issues after prostate cancer years ago. He was sent in for a biopsy over about 2 months ago but because of problems in the tube from kidney to bladder they could not do a complete biopsy. They did however get enough tissue to see that the prostate cancer was back and now there were cancer cells on his bladder walls. They had to treat him for other issues before they could go back and resume 87 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL the biopsy due to other medical issues. With great difficulty, this was accomplished today. I just got off the phone with the doctor and although he has kidney issues due to radiation and may possibly lose a kidney, she was more baffled by the absence of the cancer cell she detected 2 months prior. No evidence of cancer and she just can’t figure it out. After the first biopsy, I immediately made phoenix tears. We both have a pretty good tolerance so within a week to 10 days I had him at the 1 gram dose. A month later, we have no cancer present! I am dumbfounded although I have never doubted the miraculous powers of the almighty weed. I too have autoimmune disease that is rare (same as actor Harold Ramis). I amaze myself daily as I have been in remission for over 3 years which I guess is pretty uncommon. I don’t know why but maybe my daily consumption could have something to do with this also.

2 of my doctors are aware of my treatments and are 100% supportive. So I am thankful Mr Simpson! Thank you for leading the way! I just wanted to send my testimonial to you becase I am so grateful. I will be donating to your cause once he is home and I have him settled in. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, DKS” “I have the same disease Harold Ramis died from last month...vasculitis. I have had it for over 15 years but was actually finally diagnosed about 4 years ago when the symptoms were so horrible that I couldn’t even walk. I have been in remission now for 3 years since original treatment of cytoxan (chemo) and prednisone. Then on imuran for maintenance. I wanted off all drugs because to me, their side effects were worse than the disease. My doctor said no. So I did what any other hard headed, stubborn person would do... I took myself off them with my own permission!!! Hehe. Steroids down to 2 mg per day now. They are hard to quit!!! Last doctor visit, because I was doing so well my doctor finally took me off the meds I quit prior (she never knew I quit years prior). I don’t know, but I have been in remission for 3 years now.

Most people who suffer this disease have so many problems all the time but I feel like a normal person with only a few problems the disease created in the beginning like neuropathy in feet and hand. Other than that, I am good. Work out every day and run. All I know is that as a daily cannabis user, I seem to be a very lucky person compared to so many others that have this disease and are on handful of horrible pills to suppress immune system and control the disease. The only thing I know for sure is that cannabis has helped make me feel as I do today. I have 100% support from 2 of my many doctors, one being my neurologist! It is very easy to make your own RSO. I was nervous at first so tried to make a small amount first. It turned out wonderful so with that knowledge, I made more. I just followed Rick’s recipe with a little help from a friend! As of a recent Facebook post I made (I am OUT about this miraculous herb) I have had numerous private messages about the success my family has had looking for help! I am about to put 88 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL my healthy adult children on maintenance just so they stand less of a chance of getting anything catastrophic. I love this!!! Thanks so much Mr. Simpson!!! Your dedication to everyone is greatly appreciated by this California gal!!!” Deborah “My husband did the Phoenix Tears program when he had stage 4 bladder cancer.

The path report after surgery (which he would NOT have had if we’d had more faith in the program) showed absolutely no cancer. I’m not willing to claim success with Alzheimer’s, but for cancer there is absolutely no better option.” Caren “Hello again Rick! I hope this e-mail finds you well. I am writing today to ask you how long should a patient stay on the oil? We have a patient with a huge tumor. He started March 15 and has been through 40 grams so far. He has been on 1.5 grams or more/day since day 2. Do you stop at the Therapeutic dose of 60 grams? Money is a factor for this patient. He has paid nothing for his medicine so far. Their Caregiver has donated the first 60 grams of oil, but cannot give free medicine forever. Thanks for your input. I value your insight. Sincerely, Janet” “Dear Janet, You say he has been on 1.5 grams or more a day since day two. The oil I produce is so strong that it usually takes the average person about 5 weeks to get to the point where they can ingest 1 gram a day. There may be a problem with the strain that was used to produce this oil hemp strains can vary a great deal in their healing abilities so the problem could be the strain. Usually by the time the patient has ingested 60 grams of oil the cancer is gone. But if it is not, I would continue to give them the oil until it is. The time it takes and the amount of oil required can vary a great deal from person to person. We are all different and some people heal much more quickly than others. Usually people who have been badly damaged by chemo and radiation will require a longer treatment and more oil. The oil has to undo all the damage these so-called treatments left behind. My advice would be to try producing the oil from another strong indica strain but by all means keep him on the oil it’s the only thing I know that may save his life. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” “I’m not sure if this is a success- But I sure count it as one! Just in case anyone wonders why I have a manly voice, it’s not because I was a cigarette smoker or anything- I never smoked, but because I had my thyroid removed. I’m 51 (and a half!) and have used oil since my 20’s. I just always found it delightful to vaporize.

A few years ago- I started to have trouble swallowing, and my doctors found nodes on my thyroid. Nodes on my thyroid that I had to go for cancer testing. When they do that- they just stick a big ass needle in your throat and get into the nodes to be tested. They don’t give you anything- no anaesthetic- because of the location.

So- do this a few times and see if you can sit still. Anyway- after being stabbed at 6x- and my thyroid becoming so big I had trouble swallowing and breathing- I had my thyroid removed. With all the cancer in my family- I figured I’d be ahead of the game. No Cancer. None. I’m the only one in my family to escape cancer so far. I’ve 89 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL been doing oil since my 20’s. I’ve had just about every cancer test out there due to family history- and nada so far Thank God! You do the math :-)” Janet “Hi Rick! Amy passed away this morning. Amy stopped using the oil when her numbers came up strange. You said something didn’t smell right- well the doctors screwed up her lab results, and they were bad. Amy was so tired (23 rounds of radiation, 3 or 4 of chemotherapy). She just gave up. I’m not kidding. She had been through so very much before us, that she felt her time had come. She was right.

Without the oil- it was over. The week before she looked so great- I swear! She wanted to go up to two grams a day, and really kick this. Then those damn tests came back, and she was done. I begged her to keep taking it. How do you deal with this? I’m devastated. Janet” “Dear Janet, I know how you feel, dear, I’ve had the same thing happen to a few people that I had under treatment and it is not a good feeling. At least we can take heart in the fact that what we were doing did help and we are not the ones who caused the harm. It’s often very hard not to get deeply involved with those we are treating and when something like this happens, it always makes me want to strangle those who are responsible. I don’t care how much those idiot doctors think of themselves and their profession, murder is murder and before this is over, the public is going to see them all for what they are. I look at it this way Janet, we can’t save everyone, but what we are doing, is easing the suffering of countless people. So about all we can do is continue on, until we can bring this world to their senses. You are a wonderful woman with a huge heart and what you are doing, means so much to the suffering masses. So try to concentrate on all the good you have done and don’t blame yourself for the incompetence of others. It´s people like us that make the difference and its people like us who will change this world, so please don’t let anything sway you from the path we are both traveling. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” “I shared Rick Simpson’s Phoenix Tears on my Facebook wall many times... then one day a friend of mine was on her death bed with Lymphoma. When she saw my posts on the oil, she immediately started taking the oil and is now CANCER FREE! Her doctors are amazed they told her she had three months to live… THEY WERE WRONG.” Jamie “Dear Mr. Simpson, I have a patient in the U.S. who has recently started on Phoenix Tears. It is legal in our state. He is about a month into the program, but has been requesting well over a gram a day from the second week. Does more than a gram a day do any good? I took this patient on for free, and I have a feeling he is playing me a bit. He wanted a gram a day since week two, and then wanted two grams a day - and this is extremely potent. I get looped on a quarter of a gram. We are using Buddha - 100% indica with over 15% THC content. How do you deal with patients who want more and more? Thanks, George” 90 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Dear Doctordoctor, I encourage everyone with a serious condition to take the oil as quickly as possible. The faster they can take it, the more quickly they can be healed. I have seen a few people ingest the whole 60 gram treatment in a month and cure their terminal cancer. But people like this are rare and it is more than possible that this guy is playing you. I had a couple of people try this with me and I put the run to them. I do not mind supplying oil to those who need it medicinally but I will not supply it to fools who are out to pull a scam. If you feel this guy is trying to scam you just tell him he will have to come up with the hemp himself to produce the medicine. If he is for real, he will likely try to do just that if not then you will probably never hear from him again. You do not have an endless supply of this oil and it has to go where it will do the most good. Keep up the good work. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” “I am treating a woman with TERMINAL cancer, with RS hemp oil and she is finally getting better. IT WORKS!” voodootattooo “Doing the same thing now. 25% THC SKYWALKER OG, last OG oil my PSA was 160. After 100 grams today its 7.” Jimmy “Hi Chris, Update... cancer is going away... she got a call from her confused oncologist yesterday morning. Usually we have a face to face appointment but he called her this time to advise her of the results of all the scans done a few weeks ago.

Liver - cancer no longer can be seen. Lung cancer, one lung cancer gone and the other lung cancer significantly reduced. Breast - he didn’t comment...

He didn’t mention the breast thought... so Mom is calling him back for a few questions and to set up an appointment for us to go in and talk to him and to view past and recent scans. I am afraid she was a bit shell shocked when the Dr.

started speaking about her liver and lung cancer disappearing that she forgot to ask about her breast area.

All the scans were for a prescreening for a new hormone therapy trail... but the Dr. says she is no longer a candidate for the hormone study as a patient has to have growth in the cancerous areas and all her areas are NOT growing but dying.

We are over the moon with the results of the oil!!! When I spoke with Rick a month or so ago regarding my mother he suggested that she should go on a 2nd 90 day treatment and so we are planning on that at the beginning of Sept. In the meantime we will put her on a maintenance dose.

Wow! She knew from the start of the treatment that the oil was working on her tumours she could feel them shrinking and going away. We are all so thankful that 91 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL you introduced me to your documentary idea and shared this treatment. I am home tonight if you have time to chat. Forever Grateful, Cindy“ “Hello dear Corrie... Just wanted to let you know that I gave the oil I had from my mom to a friend’s friend who has breast cancer... She took for a month and it’s in remission... Some cancer cells are dead in the tumor... And the doctor was amazed and positive and apparently if she has better results next time the will start to do something about the oil. I’m am so so happy and thanking God for letting me be able to give that information about the cannabis oil to this woman.. :)) So wished my mom could have taken the oil everyday...” “Hi Rick, I got some good news. My mother couldn’t stand any more psychically the cognition that she’s got cancer in her breast, so she underwent the surgery.

However, she ate 30g of the dose, and she was drinking some herbal teas from some guy which has all sorts of medical herbs and she put the bandages from these herbs also. Anyway, when doctors took that cancer out, it was no more than 7mm big and of 100% tissue, only 1% was active, and malignant and in the dying phase. 3 doctors were looking at this, and they said that they never saw something like that... So, if she went more 1 or two weeks without the operation, everything would be gone.

Now, she is taking every day the oil for 1 and a half gram and she understands now that the operation was completely unnecessary.

However, she’s much more calmer now then she was, because she was freaking out, so we couldn’t talk her out of the operation... but now everything is good, and the herbs and the oil did its job also. Anyway, the stupid doctors gave her 23 radio therapies, but she said she wouldn’t do it and the doctor said between the lines that she’s right. It’s unbelievable how far these doctors go. Everybody says hello, Rick.

Thank you very much for recommendation, and give big thanks to Jindrich once again.” Sasa “Rick... a friend just had a brain tumour removed from his head... he has spots on his lungs... they want him to have chemo and radiation... would taking the oil be a waste while on chemo and radiation? Seeing how he is after the brain tumour was removed is remarkable, he is 80 % better than he was last week with that thing in his head... I want to tell him not to do chemo and radiation and do the oil but it’s not my choice...” Sharon -- Sharon, it would increase his chances of survival. But in fact, the chemo will only cause that he will have to eat 120-180g of the oil afterwards just to undo the damage.

Of course, that is if he survives the poisoning. Best wishes, JB “For all you chuckleheads who think Rick Simpson is a fraud, you should know that Michelle Aldrich just cured her stage 3 lung cancer with cannabis oil, provided by 92 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Valerie Corral and WAMM! Why can’t the media and doctors start telling the truth for once?! Cannabis cures cancer, goddamit!!! And the irresponsible people are the ones trying to hush up this reality, not people like me and Tommy who want the world to know the truth about cannabis and cancer.” Steven “Hi everybody, I got great news. The wife got her PET scan result Monday. She had cancer for 5 years after 6 rounds of chemo and one stem cell transplant, then it still came back. 6 months ago she was supposed to do another transplant but it got cancelled because they could find no donor. So she started on the oil. On Monday the doctor told us the cancer was gone. Thanks for the oil, Rick. You are the man, thanks.” Luc -- Thank you, Luc. Medical documentation would be more than welcome. She should stay on a maintenance dose, I would eat as much oil as possible whenever possible.

Have her stay away from more scans, if possible. A Youtube video testimony would be great. Best wishes, JB “The year 2013 is now gone and I am glad I can see 2014 which Doctors didn’t think I can see the year 2013. But here I am still alive and well. A few people that I haven’t seen for several years said, wow, you’re still alive! Yes, I am still alive because I have been using the right herbal medicine (Cannabis Oil) to kill my incurable GBM Brain cancer.

So Thank you God for showing me the way to heal. And Dr Tiew Han for your skills in Craniotomy, Also Rick Simpson for sharing your knowledge about this God Sent OIL, and my wife Cinimin Mansur for taking care of me, and my Angels for your humble help, and friends and my family for their awesome support and love. Without you all, it’s impossible to see me healthy again. I feel so lucky and blessed. And yes, I believe in Angels.

All the best everyone for 2014, try not to stress, be happy and stay Healthy.” Elia “I would love to thank (xxx) for the oil that was donated for my cancer!! As of now, there is no cancer to be found in my body!! It really works folks, the proof is all in my medical records! Thank y’all so much and big props to the Tears!!!” Becky “Thumbs up to Jindrich, he was absolutely right about topical application being applied directly on the skin rather than on the bandage. The difference was like night and day.” Roland -- Of course. Tinctures with 20-30-50% oil also work great, because they get under the surface easily. In some cases, hemp seed oil (or shea butter) and hemp oil mixes are also very beneficial. But logically, the more oil you get right on the wound, the better. JB 93 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “I wrote before that we had success treating breast cancer. Now doctors said to the patient that her results are so good that she has to go to work. The patient said THANK GOD and the doctor said that she has to thank him not to god and I’m asking what for he didn’t do anything but keep telling her that she has to take chemo and radiation... crazy doc...

But we took it to next level, we are healing someone’s face because it was destroyed with pills 5 years ago. This person had big problems with intestine and they think that it was cancer at first and they give her some strong pills which than destroyed her face she was like a frog. Then they said it could be Crohn’s disease and so on and so on.

My point is that this person was trying to heal her face for 5 years with no success.

She put hemp oil on her face for 5 times and again we can’t believe how her skin looks now. OMG she is so happy now she can be herself again.

I try to take some pictures but in every 3 days but the skin healed so fast that I can’t show you how did her face looked before, but with her permission we will in following days show her old pictures (only her face skin) and new one so you people can see the difference...” Jasmin “I’m a 39 year old woman with a 2 year and have met breast cancer. This oil is my medicine and cure. These people so full of greed. They have no idea of the pain and anguish we and our families go through. Just selfish greed. Karma.” Sally “Well, two weeks... Doctor said I had a 2-3 cm tumor in my bladder. Wanted to take me directly to the OR. Made it go away in less than 14 days. Confirmed by CT scan.

Diagnosed on 2/15, CT scan done on 2/29.” Gersh “This CT scan was done 14 days after a 2-3 cm tumor was observed, via scope, in my bladder. In only 14 days, using only essential cannabis oil, no tumor is observed in the bladder. Cannabis only … 14 days... gone. Lawmakers please understand this. Don’t take away my medicine. This isn’t just another way to get drunk. This medicine saves my life.” Gersh “OK... I received the pathology report. The tumor in my bladder had shrank before they took it out. The last time the doctor saw it, it measured about 2.5 cm. When they removed it, it had shrank to 0.5 cm. I wonder what this doctor will say about that.” Gersh “Dear Rick, God Bless You! I have lost my Mother, my Grandmother, beloved aunts and uncles and friends to cancer over the years. But the one that hit me the hardest was my gorgeous, intelligent, wonderful sister Kim. She was diagnosed with 94 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL stage 4 lung cancer in July of 2010 at the age of 42, and by February 2011 she was dead. I don’t know what treatments she employed because she didn’t tell anyone in the family that she was dying until too late, and her junkie ex-husband stepped into her care and locked the family out. I didn’t find out about the oil until the last month, and I’ve been researching hard since then. At first I thought it was snake oil, like a lot of other stuff, but so far I’ve listed 27 people who claim to have cured or significantly reduced their cancer with it. 27 People!!! And that’s just on YouTube and online blogs alone! I wish I had known about this back in 1997, when my Mom was diagnosed, or in 2000 when my Grandmother came out of remission, or in 2010 when my sister was told to go home and die, or last year when my brotherin- law was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth and throat and had to have half his face removed and reconstructed. But now I do, thanks to you. God Bless You and all you love, and thank you for working so hard to make this wonderful medicine available to everyone.” Denise -- Dear Denise, what am I to say? They killed my Mom with chemo due to early small-cell lung cancer, so I know exactly how you feel. Nothing pleasant. All the time, the medicine should have been available and was not only because someone wants to make money. C’est la vie, but not everyone will just swallow it as peacefully as I have. It is a very traumatic experience when you find out about what all the oil can cure or control and what all has been used instead of it.

Please send me the list of those online testimonials, it could be interesting and helpful for others who were just as brainwashed as I was before I met Rick and found out about the real state of affairs in the field of “conventional medicine”.

Thank you for your support and helping us spread the word about this medicine.

After two and a half years of working with Rick, all I can say is that properly produced and used oil does exactly what he says it does. JB “Hi Corrie! AMAZING news once again. My friend ***** ***** you spoke to and sent to *** in Los Angeles, well he has been on Cannabis oil for about 2 or so months now and he went to have his medical scans done today and there is NO MORE CANCER in his body!!!!!!! ALL CLEAR!!!!!!! He is beyond beyond grateful to you to me for telling him about you and beyond grateful for you telling him about ****!!! THANK YOU forever more. You are so so so good to be helping all these people you don’t even know and saving lives all over the world! I am going to be driving down to Los Angeles to work with ****and try to stop all my diarrhea and get me off the toilet from going 60-80 times a day. How about this for yet another amazing report? We so LOVE this!!” “I want to share a comment from my Doctor today. I have had a Bladder Infection for a LONG time and the Dr has been treating the infection. Today he took a 95 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL firsthand look with a camera (not much fun) AND it appears I have the remains of a bladder mass (tumor) that has DIED in place (his words not mine) and is causing the infection to linger.

AGAIN! HIS WORDS NOT MINE; The Dr. said “I have been practicing medicine for over 40 years and have never seen a tumor die in place without some kind of outside intervention.” I have been taking oil off and on since March but since my crop came in I have been double dosing oil for about 6 weeks. Going to have a little clean up surgery on Oct 8th to make sure the mass is gone (if I don’t pass it before then). I HAD some doubt about the oil but FOLKS I HAVE DOUBTS NO MORE.

I have enough bud material to make up about 5 or 6 ounces of oil. The material used is Sativa Blend Pineapple Kush, 25% THC. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results so far. I have not told my Dr. anything yet because in FLa some Dr. will then refuse to treat you. So for now he knows nothing.” John -- But you know more than enough, John. Congratulations. I would continue taking the oil and I would leave the surgery for later. No more scans if at all possible. And I would also take the oil in suppository form, you always want to get the oil as close as possible to the sore place. Also, try to make the oil from more than one strain for best results, if you can. Best wishes to you, JB “Full agreement there JB. And underscore the delay of surgery. Any invasive body work allows infections into your system. Trough slovenly habits and a total disrespect of their own wonder drugs we now have antibiotic resistant flesh eating bacteria, rife in most hospitals. RSO will fix that one but what about a surgical “botch-job”? Run From the Cure says it all.” Tielman “3 days ago we treated a friend’s basal cell carcinoma with RSO. We checked it today and it had almost gone. We reapplied RSO and covered with a bandage. We will be checking it in another 3 days and expect it to be gone judging by the previous 3 days result. This one is on his right hand. Previous cancers we cured of his were on his left hand. Hooray, it works.” Mark -- Yes, it does. We would not do what we are doing if it didn’t. JB “My name is George, and I’d like to give you my testimony. At age 82, December the 22nd, 2010, I was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I was told that I would have 6 months to 2 years to live and possibly may require a stint placed in my throat at some point after radiation treatment to help with swallowing.

Prior my diagnosis, I was having trouble breathing and swallowing food, had swelling in both my legs and became fatigued with light activity. I had undergone 96 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL radiation treatment in early 2011. By September 2011, I was having a hard time swallowing and chewing solid food. I felt like I was choking. My food had to be cut up into small pieces. I preferred to eat mushy food and Boost shakes instead. I was also experiencing severe gas in my stomach. The gas ripped through my stomach like thunder and lightning. I was starting to experience dizzy episodes difficulty breathing, shortness of breath and sweating. My balance was poor and I was not able to get around very well. It was difficult to carry groceries to my suite without shortness of breath and sweating.

Later a severe episode of dizziness sent me to the hospital and the doctor put me on a second blood pressure pill. Shortly after my hospital stay, a stranger approached me and offered me some hemp oil to treat my cancer and directed me to the Phoenix Tears website for more information. I was uneasy at first and terrified about taking hemp oil, I always thought that cannabis was a gateway drug that would cause an addiction and lead me to other hard drugs. After researching Rick Simpson’s hemp oil I decided I was going to take the treatment. I realized during and after the treatment that hemp/cannabis oil is “gateway” to better health.

After my first dose -1/2 rice grain of Hemp Oil, I noticed it working in my body right away.

- I felt it flow through my body from my fingers to my toes.

- I experienced a sense of relaxation, happiness and an enhancement of my humor.

- My legs felt rubbery which after 6 hours faded.

- Breathing was quieter while resting and also while sleeping After days/weeks: - My piles/haemorrhoids disappeared.

- Pain in shoulder lessened - Shortness of breath lessened.

- From the second day the build-up of gas and stomach discomfort was soothed and became more regular and continued the treatment.

- I reduced and stopped taking my blood pressure pills as my blood pressure was getting too low readings. Once off blood pressure pills, my blood pressure normalized - Swelling in both legs and ankles was considerably reduced.

- Curbed my appetite and regulated my weight - I lost 26 pounds so far.

- Skin color improved - Dizziness disappeared - Heartbeat seems more regular and not so bothersome, considered I have an irregular heartbeat since birth - Bowel movements became more regular - Experienced better, more restful sleep.

- Balance and Coordination improved - Able to get around better without shortness of breath.

97 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL - Became more articulate in conversations - Changed my outlook on things and elevated my mood - Changed my view on Marijuana In general, all symptoms I was experiencing before I took the hemp oil treatment, disappeared.

It took me 3 1/2 months to complete the treatment. This experience was not that unpleasant. It was an adjustment though, when I increased the doses but after a day or two everything was adjusted. I followed the dose increments suggested by Rick Simpson more or less.

After 2 months of treatment, my visit to the Oncologist was surprising. He stated that my skin color looked good, blood pressure and heartbeat was normal, and because I was having no problem swallowing, there was no need for a stint. Also, he stated that the x-ray from a prior appointment looked good and that I didn’t have to come back for at least 6 months. Normally, I was scheduled to see the Oncologist every 3 months...

I believe that the hemp oil killed my Cancer. All the other health improvements that I experienced from the hemp oil makes me feel like a new man. I am totally amazed of the miracle of hemp oil. I am so thankful that I decided to take the hemp oil.

Hemp oil renewed my health and prolonged my life. I thank-you Rick Simpson, God bless you! Keep up the good works! I am completely convinced that hemp-oil can save lives. Thank you.” George “Mini-update for George... To date he has lost +31 pounds, now, a short while ago he had to visit his denturist, because of his weight loss (he used to be something like 280 pounds). He has learned he could gain the weight back pretty easily if he wanted now, however he is choosing a healthier lower weight & lifestyle), he had to have his dentures re-seated/adjusted. His denturist remarked on how well he looked and on his colour being better as well.

I have to mention that George said he has had good breathing still, and no problems with choking anymore to date, he had a steak, potato, and vegetables for supper earlier this week, and his food goes down much, much easier than it ever used to before his “treatment.” He tells us that he visited his G.P. (regular doc) earlier this week... His doctor exclaimed “WOW!, are you sure you’re the same George I seen before?” Also his doc said his colour has improved. George tells me he later showed his doctor how much more fluid he lost in both of his legs telling him he thinks it is almost gone... Then doctor said, “George, you no longer have oedema.” 98 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL He has procured some old medical info papers, and was told too (now) he should/ could try to get his an old x-ray plus CT scan image (on a disc) from his Oncologist on his next appointment (June). He is trying to get into his oncologist appointment earlier now... with his G.P.’s help now. On that visit he will be asking for an MRI. He has come a long ways now... however his only real problem currently (otherwise he says he would be great!!) is he has had an irregular heartbeat since birth, and lately it has been spiking a little more than usual. I don’t know if his weight loss triggers his irregular heartbeat or the excitement from this life-changing event or what is doing this for sure, I only know I want this too fixed for him. He has now a referral to see a cardiologist regarding his heartbeat etc. Also recently his colour got even more better he has more red/rosy face, his circulation appears even more better too.

Well, that’s all I could get for now... Peace 1” Freedom “Well, Rick and Jindrich, my hard work and dedication to RSO has finally paid off. I’ve been following Rick and Phoenix tears since 2004 and I was an instant believer in the healing capabilities of the oil. I spread the word and stood behind it 100% even when people laughed and called me crazy. I’ve now cured 3 people with terminal cancer and my most recent patient I owe a lot of credit to for actually going through the medical system and refusing all there treatment and having it documented that he was using RSO to cure his cancer... both of his lungs were full of cancer and they gave him 3 months to live when he was first diagnosed... 5 months ago. Today he is officially cancer free and he actually gained 27 pounds.

The cancer doctors are blown away by his miraculous recovery in only 5 months with barely any help from them and are actually saying he is healthier than they are now. Lol he was eating the oil in front of the doctors at the hospital and carrying around a Weed world magazine with a Phoenix tears article in it showing it to all the other patients and spreading the word about RSO. I will have copies of all the hospital documentation soon that RSO cured his cancer... it says it right on his paperwork that he used hemp oil for treatment. I will be putting together a story for him asap to help spread the word as much as I possibly can, I also know about 25 other people that have seen the RSO miracle work for many different illnesses and they are now working on curing themselves also... the word is out!!!! :) On behalf of the cured and soon to be many others in my area I would like to say THANK YOU guys for your continued hard work and dedication to the rediscovery of the panacea... You guys are lifesavers... Literally!! PEACE AND LOVE from P.A.” Steve “Hi, I have to tell you a story about a miracle that happened yesterday. I have a friend and her name is Shannon O’Brien. She is a 17 year Brain cancer survivor. She has had an inoperable tumor growing for about a year now. It had grown to almost the whole size of her brain. I shared with her the R.S.O., and yesterday her M.R.I.

results showed the tumor had shrunk by almost half. She has been taking it since Feb. 14. You have to understand that this was a Hail Mary. I am so grateful my spirit found your story and I was able to pass it on.” Nadine 99 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “My friend has been totally healed of bowel cancer, in 4 weeks of taking cannabis oil. The doctors are scratching their heads, they can’t figure it out. This man was to undergo radical surgery on Oct 12, he had a 10% chance of coming out of the surgery. On Nov 1st his doctors gave him a clean bill of health. These are the same doctors who told him he wouldn’t be alive to see Christmas. Hallelujah. Praise the lord for putting this extremely healing plant on this earth, to heal all who have enough faith to use it. IT WORKS.” Sherrie “Well, Rick, I am feeling better. Been on RSO for about 30 days for brain tumor and diabetes. My blood sugar is dropping. I stopped insulin 2 days ago because blood sugar was dropping too low.” Jeff “It also cleared another friend’s breast cancer stage 1. Went from a golf ball size tumor to smaller than a pea in two weeks. 0.4g twice a day, raw oil. Another friend with skin cancer removed it with topical solution rubbed directly on the skin.

On myself I have gotten rid of infection and swelling in a bad tooth, cleared out my lungs after a bout with asthma, and removed two funky spots from my skin that may or may not have been cancer... never got it checked and it is gone... oops. No chemo, no radiation, no side effects, no problem.” Bruce “I used oil I made myself using Rick’s video instructions and cured myself of Stage 4 Diffuse Large “B” Cell Lymphoma, a supposedly “incurable” follicular cancer in just 58 days!! Since then I have continued to make the oil for myself and others and seen over 10 confirmed cases of Lung, Breast, Prostate, Brain, Colon, Leukemia, Pancreatic, patients cure themselves using dark green oils!! I make oil using BOTH leaves and flowers because of the special anti-inflammatory compounds found ONLY within the green leaves! I lost my entire large intestine in 1992. I have had a “pouch” made from my small intestine that works like normal plumbing for 20 years that should have worm out 7 years ago! According to my gastroenterologist at PAMF; he credits the heavy cannabinoid use to a healthy ‘pouch’ “in better shape than 20 years ago the day it was first put in.” He has heard the same results from many other patients who use cannabinoids and now recommends it to his patients!” Craig “Whoot Whoot, Rick Simpson Oil is AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing with the world how to make this wonderful cure to all. I made my friend Carmen take the oil when she was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer. She has been CANCER FREE for a year now!!! And my addison disease is GONE with no trace of it and the doctors can’t explain how or why as this has NEVER happened before. BUT I can and I DO!!! Cannabis CURES!!!” Amy “Hello, I just thought I would share with you some good news. The cancer patient 100 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL I spoke to you about previously has recently gone through a CAT scan. There are no tumors present!!! There was a tumor on his chest that was about the size of a baseball. It and the other tumors are completely gone! The only thing remaining is some scar tissue. He and I alike praise God for this wonderful medicine. Cannabis, an awesome plant, a gift given to us all from God. We should all thank Rick Simpson and the sacrifices he made to make the people aware of what God’s plant can do. The patient has gained back the 40 pounds he lost. He looks healthier and better than I have ever seen. I am 100% confident and a true believer that the Rick Simpson Oil, when made and used correctly, can cure cancer. Now after 12 years of battling this disease, this patient is cancer free. We can only give our glory to God for this.

Thanks again Rick, for being a standup guy that made some very big sacrifices for the people. For a year now, I have been spreading the word of what RSO can do.

Now I am 100% confident that everything that was said in your videos is true blue.

I am taking on another stage 4 cancer patient and am very confident that he will become cancer free in less than a year. I will continue to spread the word the best I can. I will also help as many people as I can. The truth will prevail. Thank you for all you have done and still do. Sincerely, Grow Goddess” “This cure is a reality NOW. They told mom she was stage 4 lung cancer last December. 14 months later she looks and feels better than she has in years! Thank You Rick for having the balls to stick to your beliefs.” CK “Dr. Rondeau told me before Xmas that this black spot on my back was melanoma.

I went to him after it started bleeding. I came home and started putting bud oil on my back and I also started eating oil steady. It took less than 2 weeks and the spot on my back cleared up and I continued eating about 2 ounces of the oil. Barely a mark on my back and I feel fantastic.

Philip also had his one year check-up and he has been cancer free for over a year. So they call that cancer free. He does not need to see a doctor for at least 3 years. HE TOOK NO CHEMO AND NO RADIATION, HE TOOK ABOUT 4 OUNCES OF CANNABIS OIL AND HE STILL EATS A LITTLE BIT ALMOST EVERYDAY.

NOT MANY PEOPLE BEAT BOWEL CANCER. RICK IS OUR HERO.” Flute Wood “My boyfriend and I have recently made your oil and offered it to a good friend who had a bad looking melanoma on his foot. We explained how to use your oil, and just yesterday he called to exclaim his surprise that it was completely GONE! With fresh new skin growth underneath.” Gwendolyn “It is only hard to believe to the people who have not had a chance to get educated on the healing power of cannabis oil… I live in the area where Rick Simpson is 101 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL from, and we have seen the healing power for 10 years. It cures cancer, diabetes, muscle disorders, tooth aches, especially a miracle remedy for burns (you have to see it to believe it).

So far there is nothing that we have seen that it won’t work on, if taken properly and regularly. Especially good for skin cancer, nausea, cramps in the stomach, and whatever one needs. A good night’s sleep. There is nothing that relieves stress life cannabis oil, and most of our internal problems are caused by stress. So there you go. Good luck to everyone. It really works, you just have to trust it. Put your trust in God and Rick Simpson.” Terry “All I know is I was ready to go, couldn’t take it anymore, put my story on here, and my angel stepped up and hooked me up will the RSO oil. I had stopped eating, and with just a few rice grain size of the oil, I could feel the change inside of me.

Before that my life was on the couch with heating pad, kept down drinks. But by the second day, I was up, in the ice box, looking for something to eat, took a shower. To some that´s not a big deal, until the time comes when you can´t stand long enough for a shower. I stayed on it, gained weight, started living again, really getting my life back. Only regret I didn´t know about it before I had surgery. 56, white female breast cancer victim Kathleen” “My friend’s mother had breast cancer 3 times. She used marijuana regularly but her doctor told her not to use it when she was going through chemotherapy. She listened to her doctor and discontinued the use of marijuana but she never got better. The third time it came back she ignored the doctor and used marijuana throughout her treatments and continues to use it via Rick Simpson oil and edibles.

She has been cancer free for 5 years now and has no signs of it coming back!” Duane “Rick, I just have to share this excellent news with you and your following... My wife’s work friend told her a few months ago that her husband’s pancreatic cancer had returned for a second time, my wife and I already knew of your RSO so we put them on to your site to learn more about it etc., well he started on it straight away and yesterday went back to the hospital for the results of his most recent tests, the hospital were pretty much telling him that he need chemo again, but what actually happened when they looked at the results is, the cancer had definitely become much smaller than it was when they first noticed it had come back, almost disappeared in fact. They were baffled as to how it could have shrunk (they should learn about all types of medicine then eh, not just the poisonous ones). They said they want to remove what’s left, but I advised him to just carry on with the same doses he was doing before, as it has obviously had a positive effect, and not bother letting those butchers anywhere near him. I was so happy to hear the news though and couldn’t wait to let you know. :)” Mark 102 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL -- Well done, Mark, Go by how the patient feels, scans are not necessary in most cases. If he eats 120-180g over six months, he does not have much to worry about, it seems. JB “There are thousands of documented proofs that it indeed cures cancer in people who refused to have anything to do with doctors, just the oil. I had stage 4 cancer. I only had 3 months to live and that was 14 months ago.” Tom “Just to let you know, here’s an update on my uncle Tom. His new PSA level is 0.1 and stable. Thank you for giving us the knowledge to save his life. He was at stage 4 prostate cancer. We are looking to do a testimonial. God bless you.” Sherri “Since my recovery from Ulcerative Colitis and Cancer my Gastroenterologist now has ALL his patients on Cannabis products because they are the most powerful anti-inflammatories he knows of... and they work BETTER THAN ANY DRUG HE CAN PRESCRIBE!!!” Craig “I know it cures cancer... I cured my mom’s 3 times and she is now cancer free.” Mc Jay “Dear Lara, I just wanted to send you a message really quick to thank you for everything you do. I have been following your page for about 6 months now. (Sorry this is the first time we’ve spoken. I guess I’m not much of a big talker.) Although I very rarely ever say anything on your page, I have greatly appreciated the research you have done because it led to me doing my own research. One of the things I learned about when I first started following your posts, was how cannabis can cure cancer. This hit home for me because my mother has been very ill with pancreatic cancer for about a year now. She was really bad for a while and we were really terrified she wouldn’t pull through. One day I read your post about cannabis oil, and decided to ask my mother if she would try it. She had never consumed any cannabis before, but at this point she was willing to try anything. Since we live in southern California, I was able to order her a 3 month supply of cannabis oil from a local distributor. We figured we’d cut out the chemo for a few months to see if the cannabis worked on its own. Amazingly, you could see her getting better right away. She felt better, she was able to eat better, she had more energy but she was able to get a good night’s sleep without constantly waking up.. She was even able to walk across the room without assistance of a walker for the first time in months.

Just a few days ago we took her to the specialist to see how much the cancer had shrunk. She’s been taking this oil for 2 months and 2 weeks as of today, and I am pleased to announce, her cancer is almost completely gone. The doctor said its only 5 PERCENT the size it once was. When I told him how it happened, the doctor couldn’t believe it. I really think you helped save my Moms life. The struggle isn’t over yet, but it’s almost over and it’s totally winnable now. This message is from 103 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL me and my whole family… Thank you for what you do Lara. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ?” Dean “Dear, a while back, I read about the Rick Simpson Oil and decided to try making some. I have been growing marijuana for a very long time. I used some of my best buds, and made up some premium hemp oil. I tried it and could not believe it. It was so potent it was like nothing I have ever had.

After trying it, I knew of a patient that had been battling cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) for about 11 years at that point. I offered to be his medical marijuana caregiver, and supply him with the oil at no cost to him so long as he would take the oil as recommended. At that time, he was a stranger to me more than less. I had met him about a year prior at a compassion club meeting and learned then that he had the cancer. I really wanted to see if the oil could cure cancer, as mentioned in Rick Simpson’s “Run From the Cure”.

So, after getting in contact with this patient and presenting the offer to him, we filed the proper paperwork with our state and began treatment. We set it up to where he would be in possession of the plants, so eventually, he would be able to provide the oil to himself. That was also part of the agreement, that he learn how to help himself. We began treatment. At first it was difficult for him because the oil was so potent, and taking it three times per day can be quite difficult.

After three months, a very tumor on his upper chest started to shrink. After five months, the tumor was completely gone. He then went in for a CAT scan. The results came back that he is cancer free! The doctors have been trying to cure his cancer for at least 11 years. Chemo, bone marrow transplants, and so on. All it took was about a pound of premium bud converted into hemp oil. He has his before and after CAT scan results on disk (will be provided to us soon). He has come forward and spoken publicly to people. In fact, he is now a caregiver helping other patients with the healing hemp oil! This story is the real deal, no B.S. I have two videos (both to the right) that were taken at a local cannabis camp. One video is just my patient. The other video is my patient and other patient’s testimonies. My patient and I give the glory to God for this miracle. Sincerely, GrowGoddess” “A year ago my oncologist told us to contact hospice soon, colon cancer was back in my lungs and colon, had been removed from colon in 09 and liver in 11.

My husband insisted that they try one more round of chemo, at the same time I discovered Cannabis oil, I started taking the oil the same day as chemo. My tumor marker was 17.6. After ONE treatment (and 2 weeks of oil) my tumor marker was 10.6. Last Friday after 2 treatments and 5 weeks of oil, my tumor marker is 4.8. My 104 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL nurse told me she didn’t know what I was doing, but this chemo was not supposed to produce these results. I feel better than I have in a long, long time.” Diane “I tried it, I had colon cancer, cancer is gone!!!” Jean “Dear Rick, even though I don’t know you in person, I feel almost like you would be a member of my family for how important your role has been already for my life and life on my family! I will never have enough words to thank you for your commitment in helping the entire humanity in a totally selfless aim. I live in Slovenia and I heard you will be here on the end the month and I won’t miss the chance to thank you in person to shake the hand of my hero! My girlfriend mother has been diagnosed almost 3 months ago with 4 stage small cells lung cancer (a tumour big as tennis ball in her right lung, with 2 metastasis on her liver and lymph nodes). Just few months before I had the big luck to come across your video “Run From the Cure” and even if I knew of the many benefits of medical marijuana, I was shocked by the revelation made in your movie and I remember thinking “if it happens to me to have a cancer I will for sure go for the oil.” Then it didn’t happen to me but to my girlfriend’s mother, a really special person which I always loved beside the fact she is my girlfriend mother! So we decide to take action immediately and I was lucky enough to find all the raw material to prepare the medicine! Although she was open to the idea of taking oil, she also started with chemotherapy because at that time she was so scared she would do anything to get rid of this shitty disease.

So at first she started with chemo and from the day after she also began with oil. She could see the great anti-chemo effect after just 1 hour after she took her first dose of oil. It was incredible, even though we knew the oil would probably work we were not expecting such a quick improvement! After 24 hours of continuous vomiting and feeling like she was passing away, she started to feel better from any point of view (no nausea any more, no bad taste in her mouth, big appetite, great sleeping etc.) and she kept getting better and better till the next chemo.

After 3 rounds of chemo and 35 ml of oil, she had her first CT scan and the results were really encouraging, the big tumour on her lung was now the half of what it was on the previous CT, and of the 2 metastasis there was just one left, and it was smaller! In this period I also started to do a lot of research on the endocannabinoid system and on the properties of cannabinoids. And it’s incredible to see how many researches, studies and experiments exist on the subject and it really looks like all 105 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL the science is supporting what you discovered almost by chance. Lately even the National Cancer Institute (of America) opened a section in their web site called “cannabis and cannabinoids” and just one month ago it was updated with a lot of documentation on THC & cancer.

Now the reason why I would like to meet you in person (beside the fact that I need to thank you like you deserve) is because I need help to convince my girlfriend mother to quit this nonsense chemo which, even if she is getting cure from cancer, is harming her tremendously! I have calculated that on 15th of this month she will have completed the 60ml treatment, but on 27th she would have to go for the 5th round of chemo (which will be followed even by a 6th!).

So as you can understand, I want to avoid her to go for a chemo when she could be already cancer free! The problem is that small cell lung cancer is known to respond good on the beginning of chemo (or at least this is what doctors say) so they told her is really not so surprising the good results she had on her last CT scan...

What I suggested her is to do another CT scan before to go for the 5th chemo to be sure she won’t do a chemo on a clean body. She agreed but still I know she is scared to go against what doctors say...

I was wondering if maybe it would be possible to have a private encounter with you before the congress and before her 5th round of chemo. I’m sure she will be enthusiastic to meet you and probably you would be able to find the right argumentation and to give her the right incentive to quit chemo! I can imagine you are probably overloaded with all kind of requests for help so I would totally understand if you don’t have time and energy or even wish to get involved in every personal sad story you meet in your path… And independently from your availability to meet in person I’ll always be endlessly grateful for what you have done for me and for the entire world! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you all the best for your life and I hope one day you will also be able to go back to a normal life in a normal world! Respect, xxx P.S. If you want to post this testimonial feel free to do it, but please do not tag or use my name because we are still using the oil and still living in prohibitionist country so I can’t afford the risk of being caught. I’ll anyway keep you updated we the development of the treatment and I would be happy to provide you with a full good-ending story.

106 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Xxx, she should eat 120-180g of high grade oil over six months of more quickly, if she can. No more chemo, no more CT scans if possible - they are both carcinogenic and will spread the cancer even further. Make suppositories with 0.2-3g of oil in them (melt cocoa butter, add oil, stir, pour into molds, let cool at room temperature) and have her use them two or three times a day in addition to the oil she will eat (if she can take it, if not reduce the oral dose slightly). She should also vaporize the oil several times a day - coughing will help clean the lungs and later she will also cough out the tumors.

As for meeting you in person, we will be more than happy to, but we usually do a very short process with those who want to take chemo, we don’t waste our time persuading them anymore, the decision is up to them. From our point of view, all info they need is on our site and in Rick’s books. If someone came and said they wanted to take the oil with chemo, we wouldn’t even supply the oil to them, someone else will be more than happy to eat it without the deadly chemo. Any rational person must know that taking poison is not a good thing to do. The oil will do a much better job without the chemo.

Then, anyway, the more chemo she takes, the more oil she will have to eat to undo the damage - if she survives the chemo, of course, that you never know in advance and each injection might be the last. Sorry to say that, but that’s how it is.

So, the way I look at it, she should pound the oil in her and stay away from doctors and their treatments as much as she can. She should increase the pH of her body, eat seeds from two apples every day and then eat the oil, take it in suppositories, vaporize the oil and maybe also use it topically on her chest in an alcohol tincture or in a mix with hemp seed oil or similar. Simply follow the instructions on our site and in Rick’s book for best results. Also check Rick’s Youtube videos – you will hear pretty much the same sentences that you would hear from him or us in person, the message stay the same – and it is “Stay away from chemo and radiation” as much as you possibly can. Best wishes, Jindrich Bayer” “As someone who had gone through chemo as a teenager I can tell you its no walk in the park!!! Feeling this I can tell you that we’re trying to find a cure and why not try everything we can to find it in less painful ways. Giving poison to kill poison isn’t always the answer try a natural cure and see what happens.” Constance “We need to see some real changes...and parents should not be forced to inject poison in to their child (chemo)! If people actually knew what chemo was they would second guess pumping it in to their bodies. Not to mention if you are lucky and beat cancer the side effects for chemo! It’s disgusting! Time to wake up America and the World!” 46/7 Fighting for a Cure 107 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Hi Jindrich, yesterday l finished reading Rick’s book. Great stuff! Honestly I really don’t need any more evidence about the truly magic power of the oil! I’ve done also some experiments and every day I discover something new this medicine can do! Amazing! Sadly even though I’m convinced and even if my girlfriend is convinced still her mother is somehow not able to “let go” completely...

and still she is not sure if quitting shitty chemo… I’m constantly trying to bring out good argumentations but I can’t decide for her! She is the one with cancer and she is the only one who can decide what to do with her life.

I know she will get cured anyway on the end because we will stuff in her so much oil that it will be impossible for her to die. But still I feel it’s so stupid and so dangerous to play with these fucking chemicals, especially when you have access to natural medicine which has been proved to cure cancer! I read about your experience with cancer and medical system... I’m really sorry for your loss… and now I better understand your attitude toward the traditional so called “medicine”!” Luigi -- Hi Luigi, thank you for your nice words about the book and it is a pity that you have to go through. It is her choice which treatment she chooses but I would not go near the chemo - just read my Mom’s story for her, maybe she will grasp that taking poison is never a good idea, especially when it is not substantiated nor necessary.

Her chances of merely surviving the chemo will greatly improve if she takes the oil, but again, why cause even more damage to her ill body? It makes no sense at all.

Best wishes, Jindrich “A friend sat me down to watch Run From the Cure about two and half years ago thinking it may help my psoriasis. We made the oil together- the first time for both of us- within three weeks, my plaque psoriasis was gone. I have been making the oil and ingesting it ever since. If I ingest every day, and apply the oil topically at night to the individual spots that pop up randomly, the psoriasis is very controlled and almost invisible. Because of this experience, I jumped in with two feet and now own the first fully state licensed Medical Marijuana Business in Colorado. A year into my business, my dad was diagnosed with stage IV Melanoma- it had spread into his lungs and liver. His oncologist gave him 3 to 12 months and told him to be prepared for hospice care. I immediately started him on an RSO regimen and five months later, his cancer is gone. Gone. Easiest thing in the world! Thanks Rick, for reintroducing this amazing medicine to the world! :-)” Erica “Hi! I just saw your webpage and I didn’t know that that one existed. I am from 108 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Croatia and my mother has cancer. I don’t know how much time I have (about several weeks) and I tried everything, but the doctors couldn’t help her.

I read some articles and saw video with Rick Simpson talking about hemp oil and curing cancer. I am skeptic but I haven’t any more time or options and I’m ready to try everything.

The only thing I wanted to know is what happens with the people who were in that video. I tried to find it on the Internet, but couldn’t. I need just one example why to believe in it (I.D., some medical report of any person from the video before and after disease)... anything! Please, send it to my e-mail address as soon as possible. I don’t have much time. Thank you very much... Josip” “Dear Josip, I cured my own cancer with this oil seven years ago. If you want proof, Google THC and cancer. High quality strains of cannabis hemp are loaded with THC. We are not trying to scam you. If we were trying to do that, why would we be telling everyone how to make their own? Simply go to our website www. and follow the instructions. Practically anyone can make it. I am currently in Croatia myself but have no access to the material needed to produce it.

All I can do Sir is give you the information and wish you the best of luck. If anything can save her, it´s the oil. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” “Hi Rick, thanks so much for the info you’ve provided. My Dad and I are trying this on my little sister who was diagnosed with a fast moving breast cancer. This was back in Sept of ‘09 which has now progressed into her spine and pelvis. We’ve had her on the oil since the beginning of Feb and she was on Protocel before that.

We can’t do chemo as she can’t do needles and really we don’t believe that is the ultimate answer for cancer. We’ve probably gotten about 1 maybe 2 tablespoons into her since we started her on this. She is developmentally delayed so you can imagine that we’ve got an interesting situation here. We have upped her dose to about 2 “grains of rice” every 3 hours for pain. The pain seems to be getting worse and so we’re having to mix hydros in which unfortunately really mess her up. We’re trying to get as much of the oil in her but we’re losing some faith here. Has this wonder actually turned cancer of the bone around? We like to think that we can’t overdose her on this stuff, is that a good assumption? Any more guidance on this matter would be so helpful and appreciated. Thank you so very much, Jessica” “Dear Jessica, the instructions on how to use this medication are on our web site at From what you have told me, you have not been following our instructions. If the patient were to receive an overdose the effects would wear off in a few hours with no harm done. If you have good oil it will kill pain that morphine will not even touch. Go to Google and punch in THC and cancer for more information. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” 109 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Cannabis oil cures cancer. I am a stage 3 breast cancer patient and using the oil to cure myself.” Adele “Rick, my brother is on day 2 of the oil. He has compromised respiratory due to double lung cancer. Though the lesions in the brain seem to have responded to radiation last year he is still taking Dilantin for scarring from the lesions. Should I be concerned about the oil and shallow respirations? Do you think it safe with the Dilantin? Thank you for any information and I wish you continued good and health and safety.” Gwen “Dear Gwen, dilantin is garbage the same as the rest of the trash the medical system gives us. You said your brother’s brain cancer responded well to radiation.

Do you not know that radiation and chemo are carcinogenic? These treatments cause cancer, they do not cure it. In the beginning, these treatments may seem to be beneficial, but in the end, in most cases they spread the cancer and give the patient little chance of survival. Best Wishes, Rick Simpson” “No Chemo, no radiation... RSO & diet change... RSO cured my stomach cancer without any of that shit...” Dale “Made it, administered it to my 18 year old son… No sign of any cancer now. I owe you a massive thank you Rick Simpson. My son was diagnosed in October with synovial sarcoma after removing a tumour before having a biopsy... Was told that the cancer would still be there and could have spread to his lungs due to the aggressive type of cancer it is... Most recent test results, they cannot find any trace of it to their bewilderment... Cannabis oil was one of many things I started him on almost immediately after diagnoses.” Amanda “A close friend of mine used to be given morphine for brain tumor pain. The morphine itself caused addiction, withdrawals and it only made things worse during its use. Cannabis itself was the one medicine that provided relief for withdrawal symptoms, depression, pain, and the cancer itself. Your message is what saved my friend.” Jasper “I am so excited about the oil. This last month was the first time I had ever read or heard about it. I am enthralled... Mr. Simpson, many of us thank you for the unselfish and loving work you have done for all of humanity. You are my definition of a Humanitarian!!! I have volunteered with Hospice since 1998, I have seen many suffer and pass away, even in my arms. To think that so much of this suffering could have been alleviated is literally mind boggling...” Cindy -- It surely is, especially when one considers that all the info about the “miraculous healing powers” of the Rick Simpson oil is true. Properly produced and used oil can 110 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL really cure cancer, diabetes, and thousands of other conditions. It can really help with pain that morphine won’t touch. It really does rejuvenate the body and regrow muscles. The word mind boggling does not describe it fully, I think. JB “OMG. I just got word from someone whom I am giving Phoenix tears to who had and I mean had cancer of the kidney. After taking the oil for 90 day the newest PET scan shows the tumors are gone.. This is incredible. I have seen Phoenix Tears cure many since I have been working with it. Thank you for helping me help others heal.” -- Congratulations and thank you for helping others, Gregg. No more scans, just the oil. The scan is carcinogenic, it might cause the cancer to return and who wants that? JB “Hello dear sweet Rick Simpson & Jindrich Bayer, I hope you are both well and happy. Considering the amounts of email you must get I’m sure you don’t remember me from months ago so I included our prior correspondences.

Mom is alive and very healthy! Saying we are so very grateful is an understatement.

At diagnosis Feb. 2012 (stage 4 pancreatic adenocarcinoma with metastasis to liver and lung) her prognosis was 3 to 6 months with anticipated severe decrease in health during that time frame. Instead she is alive, happy and well 10 months later.

I know you both oppose chemo and so do we… But when they said 3 months we threw EVERYTHING at it including chemo along with starting RSO right away.

We have been told no one stays as healthy as mom on as much Gemzar chemo as she received. The RSO had to have kept her healthy during that time.

Chemo stopped 6 weeks ago when she decided she could feel the beginnings of chemo damage. She has now been off chemo for 6 weeks and is feeling great.

Since her diagnosis in February 2012, after initial build up, she has taken a gram RSO a day (approx 300 grams total so far).

The latest scan done Monday 12-17-12 showed more tumor shrinkage including documentation that some of the tumors were too small to be visualized via CT scan. It was incredible news! Then on Tuesday we got the results from her lab work. After receiving such good scan news we were shocked to hear that her tumor marker test (CA19-9) had increased from 285 up to 2100. Have you ever seen this happen before? Do you have any explanation regarding why or how the markers increased? Any ideas at all? Any suggestions? This question has gone out to several RSO makers but so far no definitive answer.

Here are her CA19-9 results to date. Normal level is LESS THAN 37. There was no 111 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL tumor marker test done at initial diagnosis in February. 4-30-12... 23,568; 5-30-12...

5,240; 6-18-12... 4,458; 8-8-12... 538; 10-8-12... 285 (Last chemo was 10-29-12); 12- 17-12... 2,100. Any input you may have will be treasured by my family! Much love, B” --Dear B, CT scans give a massive dose of radiation and that is what might have caused it, plus the chemo was totally unnecessary.

I would have her eat 180g of the best quality oil as quickly as possible. No more CT scans or any other carcinogenic nonsense, just the oil and as much of as she can take. You have to undo the damage from the chemo and radiation first and it will take some time, it just made the job harder for the oil. Like giving an antidote while pumping venom in her veins, it makes no sense at all to me. Best wishes, Jindrich Bayer “I was approached by a woman with breast cancer about 4 weeks ago and managed to get her pointed in the right direction. She has a pretty significant tumour, (I think she might have more than one.) and is able to feel it.

It’s been only 3 weeks since she started the oil and already the tumour is definitely softening. Not bad for 3 weeks! I feel very encouraged for her and I just KNOW this lady will be another success story. One Love.” Corrie “My dad is 89, has skin cancer on his face. Three times I’ve taken him to hospital to have some cut out, which opens him up to infections not to mention taking from the nursing home and back it’s hard on him. I have started with cannabis oil a couple of weeks ago. Some of these are the size of my baby finger to my thumb.

There were 11 I have treated now there’s 4 the one the size of thumb size of baby finger. They just die and fall off skin healed. I’m amazed as are all the nurses and doctor.” Steve “I would just like to say that I am extremely happy to announce that my father in law’s scan for his cancer has come out completely clean for the second time after the first one showing spots on the lungs. We started him on the oil right after the first one showed spots. Cannabis has taken his lungs and cleaned them up! He was told he needed Chemo. We were against it and put him on the oil instead. Cannabis cures cancer!!! I have also started my little pomeranian on the oil because he has a collapsed trachea and congenital heart failure. He has not been on his regular meds since summer and he has not coughed barely at all for the first time since summer (he constantly coughed and gaged even on his pharmaceuticals given by the doctor). He has more energy and is doing better than he was doing when he was on the meds.” Karen 112 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “It cures Cervical Cancer too! I couldn’t afford treatments (not even ONE...) and went a year without any kind of medicinal help... but I did smoke nearly every day...

then a year later at my annual exam, the doctor and nurses were blown away... they couldn’t find a THING other than slight scarring where the cancer had been... I’m 100% cancer free now... thanks to Marijuana... not doctors... not “medicine”... not treatments... but because of a pure, herbal, NATURAL plant... I’m living proof...

The doctors said that I should have been at a level 5 cancer from going without any treatment... but yet it was GONE... with NO help from them... they were so blown away that they sent me to the STATE HOSPITAL in LITTLE ROCK (UAMS) for more testing... and UAMS didn’t find anything other than slight scarring either...

they said it was a miracle... I think it was just the Marijuana... Legalize it already...

help people... isn’t that what humanity USED to be about?” Monica “I am soooo thankful David Triplett put his video out there...loved the video and it was one of the stories that got me to try cannabis oil on a basal cell carcinoma skin cancer on my forehead...which is now gone!... Don’t stop spreading the truth!” Dee “I used Cannabis Oil to treat Basal Cell Carcinoma on my head neck and face.

SUCCESSFULLY. This is an ideal cancer to do research on. It is clearly visible to the naked eye, and any changes that take place are easily seen. I’ve tried to generate interest in this here in the US, but the feds have anybody, and it seems everybody scarred to death to touch. See what you can do.” Joseph Siler (First post on the CANNABIS CURES CANCERS! Facebook Group admined by Kane Slater, January 7, 2010) “I have a lump in my thigh, it used to be hard, almost 2 cm, now it’s less than half the size & getting softer (4 weeks).” Katri “I just found out I’m cancer free after being on the oil for 5 months straight!!” Mimi Q. JB, do you have anything on healing certain tumour types called “hemangioblastomas”? I follow your posts, as well as others. I have NEVER seen a treatment of this type of tumour other than excision. I have a bunch of them.

Graeme A. Not in person, we certainly have not had a chance to treat all diagnoses known to man personally, but judging from what I have read about it now, I see no reason why the oil should not help. As far as I know, they can only diagnose it using CT scans, and the way I look at it everyone who takes a CT scan should eat at least 60g of oil afterwards. And if the eat those 60g before surgery, in most cases I’m sure the surgery won’t be necessary because the tumors will not be there. So I would definitely give the oil a try myself. All good wishes, JB 113 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “The very fact placebos heal some people is reason to discard medicine forever and study the art of placebo. Having said that you never do a placebo study when you have an effective cure, you’re right, that would be killing half your patients, sick and cruel.” Christopher -- It indeed would be sick and cruel, and that is why I personally will not do it.

Others can if they wish, but I won’t. I want the medical system to start using the oil as a placebo - if they prove that whatever they want to use is safer and more effective than the oil (and more fun/pleasant for the patient), then they can go ahead and sell it. If not, then not. It is quite simple and very rational, I think. And that’s how it is going to be in the future anyway, so why wait? JB “It is never too late to accept the fact that cannabis is simply medicine. At the same time, it is never too late to start using the oil as medicine, no matter what your condition is or how severe it is. With the use of the oil, there is usually a chance for the patient or the oil will provide them with maximum quality of life until the end.

And that’s a lot, too.“ JB “When patients who have taken chemo start using the oil, the first thing the oil has to do is to detoxify the body. So it sometimes takes say 120-150g of the oil before it starts attacking the cancer itself. It is really not a good idea to take chemo, especially when it is absolutely unnecessary considering that the medical system has known about cannabis as a cure for cancer for dozens of years.“ JB Q. ‘Terminal’ Cancer patients: Do you start them out aggressively on 1 gram a day or work them up to it over a week or so? Advice from experiences? A. No, we always start with small doses and pretty much follow the instructions. Of course, if they have previous experience with cannabis and know there is nothing to be afraid of, sometimes you can start with a higher dose. But you never know how the patient is going to respond to the oil, plus they are usually on a mix of various medications, so you might want to be careful and watch the patient’s blood pressure etc. The general recommendation is to follow the instructions, the less formal one is - follow your instinct and judgment and when the patient has “nothing to lose”, I would not hesitate to give them a high dose when necessary (acute back pain etc.). A gram of really high grade oil can get an unexperienced user very very high.

Sometimes this hemp-induced comma would be beneficial, and I am sure it will be used that way for anesthesia before surgery sooner or later anyway, but right now we want to see patients stay in their comfort zone as much as possible. I hope I explained it well. More info can be found in Rick’s books. Best wishes, JB” “Corrie, my friend, you helped me with ***. I have been giving him med for his neuroendocrine tumors. He has been on the med for 1 month and it is starting to 114 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL shrink. It was so big it was pushing on his stomach but now it’s down to the point that he can eat again and his doctor said he never seen a tumor like that shrink so FAST. It freaked him out and all blood work came back normal so another one on the way of being cured and that is AWESOME. And you are AWESOME and God is great.” “I have a friend that has brain cancer and I have Cml. The oil is working for both of us!!! My friend is first hand proof in my eyes that this oil is a miracle... I had my doubts before but not now! Take the oil, IT WORKS!” Tyler “I was asked last year by my mother’s friend if I could make a 6 month course of hemp oil for her mum, from the highest grade cannabis. She had cancer of the neck.

I made her the oil following the Youtube advice, I then posted it to Russia. She used the first 6 month course with amazing results and asked for another 6 month dose, I sent another load over to her, and now 14 months later she is in good health. You are doing amazing work, Rick. Thank you.” Gareth “Hello my name is Alysa Erwin and I am 16 years old. In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 3 anaplastic astrocytoma. We (my family and I) made the decision to use a cannabis concentrate. The University of Michigan told us I was not likely to survive more than a couple of years and the cancer itself was inoperable because it was in a spider formation. Last January I went for my regular MRI at the University of Michigan. All the tumors are gone.” “I was diagnosed with cancer again. Third time. Stage 4 bone and liver mets, from breast cancer. My cancer story started almost 7 years ago, I’m one of the lucky ones to have survived the amount of chemo I have subjected my body to, not to mention the radiation. This third diagnosis had me convinced that I was done for; I mean who survives this kind of diagnosis?? So I went searching for miracles and I found Rick Simpson. I was sure there was no way this guy was telling the truth, so I looked deeper. I began to connect with people in Michigan and learned more about Rick Simpson Oil or cannabis oil and the result people just like me were experiencing, which was survival, remission, cure!! At this point I have nothing to lose, so I reached out and asked for help. I began ingesting a gram a day of my medicine, working up slowly to that dosage. Rest became a big part of my day, which is exactly what my fighting body needed. The only side effect I ever experienced was the amount and wonderful quality of sleep I was getting. That plus my blood pressure regulating and my pain is now under control.

115 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Less than a year ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bone and liver cancer with innumerable tumors (so many they just quit counting), I was told to get my things in order. (That still takes my breath away.) Fast forward to today and I am inches away from remission. My PET scan last week was negative... Negative! I’ve never had one of those before. It means that there is no cancer. The only reason I am not in full remission is because there are a couple of shadows on my bones in the cat scan, but I am continuing my treatment and those too will soon be gone. This is nothing short of a miracle, innumerable tumors to a couple of shadows that don’t even show up on a PET scan.

People may say be careful with the word cure… But, I mean, it is what it is. I am here and I am getting healthier every day and John has helped me get there. He took me in when I called to him and asked for help. He and his group have taken the time to sit down with me to make sure that I am educated on the seriousness of this medicine and the commitment it takes on all of our parts to make this possible. To me, and to you this is a life and death matter. I hope everyone takes it that seriously! We will depend on this medicine for the rest of our lives.

The Michigan Cannabis Club has taken care of my needs medicinal and my educational needs. This is a serious group and they need serious support, bless you John Roberts, your sacrifices have kept me alive. Please help them now, so they can continue to help so many. Thank you!!” -- This update was posted several months ago and she is now in full remission.

Michigan Cancerproject “I am a 68 yr old male who was living in what I considered a normal healthy life with no major issues and maintained myself with a yearly flu shot and checkups.

My body functions were fine and all seemed ok until I awoke one morning with awful stomach pain.

Thinking it was appendix or hernia my wife rushed me to emergency. I had emergency surgery about 2 hours later, Aug 15 2012, and there was a massive tumor on my colon that was removed along with 14 lymph nodes. One week later my insides broke open and poisoned me and that led to a second surgery.

Starting to feel better 4 days later, I was on my feet and slowly getting mobility back and I started to bleed out. Back for surgery number 3 and a day later had a mild heart attack.

Shortly after that -33 days in ICU- I was discharged and toting an OSTOMY BAG. The bag was with me 8 months and a reversal surgery was done with no complications. The surgeon said cancer had not spread beyond the nodes.

116 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL In spite of that they marched me to the Cancer Clinic and started to discuss Chemo and radiation as a “follow-up.” Standard protocol they said. BULLSHIT said I! There will be no radiating my body or poisoning it more with Chemo or Radiation.

The oncologist at the Cancer Clinic did not argue and outlined follow-ups every 3 months for a year, which entailed a CT scan and blood work.

I sourced the material as outlined by Rick Simpson and produced the RSO.

Following all instructions for the extraction process and using Naphtha as my solvent, I had the finished oil in syringes and started to ingest it twice a day, a tiny amount each time.

I completed my 4th follow-up at the Cancer Clinic and they stated that the CT scan does NOT show anything that would indicate the presence of CANCER. The blood work showed CEA level at 1.4, but what the heck, everyone has a cancer cell or two in them. They consider anything 5+ to cause concern. I am now preparing another batch and will ingest daily as a preventative measure.

To ANYONE suffering now from cancer I suggest you do the same. We have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain.” Gerry “Is it too late to save someone who has stage 4 and is already skin and bones, and can barely walk anymore from the loss of strength?” Tumble “It’s never too late. Many miracles have been seen with use of this oil. If it can’t save them, the least it will do is ease their suffering without the harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals. Note that if they start on high doses there will be a lot of sleep until there tolerance is built up. It is very potent.” Nick “I am a two time breast cancer warrior. I would like to be living proof that your oil works to help save lives.” Michelle “Me too, thyroid cancer free!!” Michelle “Dawn: Say what you want about me, defriend me, judge me... Your argument is invalid! This is the final scan mom will ever get!!! CANNABIS KILLS CANCER! Stacy: What stage was your mom? I know you posted it once before, but I forget.

That’s a fabulous report right away!! Dawn: Stacy, it was stage 3 small cell carcinoma of the lung. 5 tumors with small mets to the upper lymph system.

Debbie: That’s so phenomenal! I’ve never heard of anyone curing small cell, even 117 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL with all the regular protocols. This is remarkable! You not only saved your mom’s life, but this will save other lives because it’s proof that cannabis works. Thanks so much for sharing this! Dawn: Debbie, she did it all, cannabis oil - chemo - radiation BUT was cured before her chemo & radiation treatments were done so she refused the remaining treatment and stuck with the oil... Which she still takes and will take EVERY DAY for the rest of her life! Steve: says ‘this is most compatible with post-radiation changes’. Did she have radiation therapy? Dawn: Steve, yes she did but she never finished... Dr is floored!” “Patient: Linda V., Service Date: 11/16/2013, Procedure: CT CHEST WITH CONTRAST A CT of the chest was performed... Comparison is made to prior chest CT from 7/8/13 INDICATION: This is a 64-year-old female with history of lung cancer...

FINDINGS: There is increased interstitial change and interlobular septal thickening... which is improved compared to prior exam... No definite mediastinal soft tissue nodules or mediastinal adenopathy is demonstrated. There is no definite evidence of axilliary lymphadenopathy or hillar lymphadenopathy. Aside from post-radiation changes in the medial aspect of the right upper lobe, no additional parenchymal pulmonary opacities or suspicious pulmonary nodules are demonstrated. The trachea and main bronchi are patent. There is no pleural effusion. The heart size is normal. There is no pericardial effusion. The visualized portions of the upper abdomen are unremarkable. There is no focally aggressive lucent or sclerotic osseous lesion.

IMPRESSION: Improving post-radiation changes in the right hillum and medial aspect of the right upper lobe. No definite evidence of recurrent or residual disease.” “Oil reversed all radiation damage and healed beyond belief... Medical Marijuana SAVED me and keeps me off of 5 pharmas. I lost my right kidney to chemo and it starts to seize to where it hurts to have skin on me... and within minutes of consuming the oils in a tincture that I make the seizures stop and stay away for months... Amazing and that is just one the oils reversed nerve damage in my eyes caused by chemo to where I was diagnosed with glaucoma, and at my last visit just 6 months ago shows no sign of glaucoma at all and my vision is better when I medicate...” Teresa 118 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “My aunt, with stage 4 glioblastoma, went from wheelchair to walking after just three doses! Her left side was paralyzed for over a month. But now fully functional!! So excited!” Nicolette “I worked at a collective and for many years and had skin cancer on my left arm due to hanging it out the window while driving. Now I know no one needs to believe me but I started putting RSO oil on it every day and I swear it’s gone. It took a couple months but it’s really gone where it has been for years.” Randy “This has changed my life after being diagnosed with CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) almost a year ago and I watched the video Run From the Cure about how cannabis oil cured terminal cancer patients. Well, I am living proof that is works. It has changed my cancer levels. Not cured yet but hopefully one day soon I can say I am a survivor, so unless you have walked a mile in any cancer patient’s shoes, don’t start bashing something you know nothing about.” Denise “I believe. My friend was diagnosed with 3 kinds of cancer. He was given 3 weeks to live. Now 2 years later, he’s down to 1 kind and doing good.” Sandra “My brother had lymphoma, stomach, metastised to his spine. The drugs they gave him kept him up all night every night and day and never got to sleep or eat for weeks. One gram pill of oil and he gets to sleep for 18 hours and eat to his heart’s content. A week later, he’s 78% cancer free. The doctor was baffled. We didn’t tell him because he was in a nonmedical state but cannabis saved his life and ours.

Now a year later MY BROTHER BEAT LYMPHOMA! Nobody does that... without cannabis.” Errl “I currently have stage 4 cancer. I’ve had liver ablation & resection as well as folfox chemo. I’ve used the oil & tumor markers went from 1200s to 3. All med team saying NSD. No signs of disease.” Jim “I got rid of 5 of my tumors using cannabis oil... was interesting to see the doctors face when he couldn’t find the 5 of the original tumors... where did they go? Does it matter? Thank you cannabis oil.” Kelly “I had a large vile of it, a while back. I would take a drop a day. The person that gave it to me asked for it back. He ended up giving it to a woman who was fading away from cancer. She couldn’t eat, drink, let alone actually live. She weighed less than 70 lbs. My friend gave her the oil... voila! She began to eat, drink, and continued her fight... successfully. Firm believer of the healing properties in cannabis.” Tara “Today I got word a man I donated a large amount to. He had a cancer’s tumor in his throat. Completely has been tube feed since early April 2013. The sick man’s 119 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL wife calls all in tears. After 4 weeks of taking oil 2 times a day it’s gone. Completely gone... He has eaten solid food... No new treatments or new drugs, just RSO. Share the knowledge, save a life.” Jared “Dean: My aunt used chemotherapy. Same results. DEAD.

Stephen: Sorry for your loss. I’ve seen hemp oil pull skin cancer out of my godmother.

I think you still have to catch it early. I’m sure cannabis helped.” “I just got word that my 16 year old patient who HAD non- Hodgkins lymphoma is CLEAR! Tumors gone, labs normal.” Janet “Received a call from a terminally ill patient. She is treating with RSO for a couple of months now. Intestinal cancer. Dr. Ted her she had months to live. Jindrich Bayer, I am happy to report that at the last Dr. Appt, he gave her the best Christmas present ever. He told her, I can’t find any cancer, and you might live!!!! That is a Christmas present. Thank you Jesus!!!! Never say never...” Raymond “I’ve had two friends who survived cancer by doing the famous Simpsons Oil! One had lung cancer and was given 6 months to live, he’s been alive for 7 years now and the other has gone through cancer twice, the last was ovarian cancer and I’m pleased to say as of 2 weeks ago, no more cancer! Both times she used the cannabis oil!!” Vicki-Jane “I’ve been following Rick’s page about a year now, ever since my Mom got her diagnosis of small cell lung cancer. She was diagnosed in March last year and started chemo soon after. She endured chemo and chest radiation through the summer and became very ill as the radium burned her throat so she could not swallow/eat etc. she was hospitalised for near two months. She then had some brain radiation (preventative, bleh :/) all this time we’d been researching big time and had begun our journey of getting everything together to produce our own oil from scratch.

Which we succeeded in doing -yay! So after her first two days of brain radiation she became very very ill from it so we made the decision that she would start the oil (October ). From the very first dose, she never looked back!!!! She sailed through the remainder of her brain rads and amazed doctors that she had no migraines or severe vomiting or memory loss etc etc! She was flying! So after her checkup in October it showed big reduction in lung tumour but it was still there. They wanted to see her again in January to decide the next steps. So we ploughed on through November and December administering her just oil and no other treatment. She had a minor setback at Christmas and became v depressed 120 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and vomiting for two weeks but we put her back on her raw vegan smoothies and wheat grass and she has really perked up and looks glowing. Her big checkup after her latest scans was yesterday vas guess what... My mom is CANCER FREE!!!! It has disappeared!!!! How amazing is that!!!!” via Janet “About 6 months ago my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer metastatic melanoma with 6 tumors on both her lungs. The doctors told us that chemo and radiation wouldn’t do anything and said they had a new treatment that they had that had been successful in stopping tumors from growing and maybe expanding her life for a couple more years. We started the new treatment and the side effects were horrible so we stopped. About a week later a friend of mine mentioned your documentary on Youtube, Run From the Cure.

After watching this I decided what harm could come from trying? Hey, if it doesn’t work she is going to die anyway. To cut a long story short mum has been ingesting the oil for about 3 months and she had scans 2 days ago and 5 of the 6 tumors are COMPLETELY gone and the last one is half the size it was.

I can’t express in words the gratitude I have for your information and saving my mum’s life. It’s horrible to think of all the people and children in the world that are suffering and dying when a simple plant can fix all this. I am now determined to spread the word and maybe grow some of my own and make oil for people I know that need help. Thanks again and good luck in the future with everything.” via Janet “Ovarian cancer, 5.5“ tumor, 90 days to live, spread to stomach... Ingested 90 grams in 38 days. No cancer anymore. Have all documentation one would need to believe but still people don’t! God bless you St. Simpson for helping us keep our Mommy!!!” Larry “I have some pretty awesome news folks. One of my Peeps back east gave one, count it...ONE tube of oil to a friend who had a massive tumour wrapped around his Carotid artery. He just ignored it, grew his hair long to hide it as it grew bigger and bigger. His brother, a physician, was at a loss as to what to do as the patient refused chemo/radiation. Unable to ignore it any longer, 2 days ago they took him into the operation room for what was to be a massive surgery. Several specialists/ surgeons were in attendance as this was going to be a highly dangerous, long and complicated surgery. They would try to remove as much as possible of the tumour and were going to have to take a vein from the leg and transplant to his neck. They opened up his neck, and VOILA the tumour was completely encapsulated and detached from the Carotid. They quite literally reached in and pulled it out! The doctors are flabbergasted and want a detailed report of everything he did. It won’t be a long list folks. Just juicing and ONE tube of oil.” Corrie 121 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Oil is amazing!! A friend of mine had ovarian cysts...she had surgery to remove one and a month later she was back in only to discover she had more! A month went by and it doubled in size and she was told if anything happens to come back and they will do emergency surgery! Her guy made her some oil...she took it for 3 her amazement when she went for her next ultrasound it was almost gone!!!” Jolie “1 year ago today someone very close to me told me he had terminal cancer. He was told he has 8 months to live. Within 5 days I gave him some cannabis oil to ingest by eating a half of a rice grain size bit of the oil. Within 6 weeks there was a reduction in the size of his tumor and there was no sign of it spreading like they said it would.

I am happy to say the tumor was the size of a large grapefruit and today it the size of an acorn. The cannabis oil has saved his life. He will continue eating the oil until it is gone. Not only is it curing his terminal cancer but it has also had an amazing effect on his health. He was pre-diabetic and obese and he is now down to the perfect weight and is happy than ever! I encourage everyone to look into cannabis oil therapy. Please watch ->RICK SIMPSON “RUN FROM THE CURE” Video on Youtube... It just might save your life or someone you know. Give them the gift of life!” Jose Evidence “Rick Simpson Oil has full scientific credibility if you bother to read the scientific literature” Robert Melamede, aka Dr. Bob “The inhibition of the cell survival pathway leads to dephosphorylation of Bad, and translocation of this Bcl-2 protein into the mitochondria, and subsequently to apoptosis.” Ummmm, Layman’s terms please???” Chance -- That translates to: “Cannabis kills cancer cells,” Chance. JB Q. Why should I expect doctors to support the claim that cannabis cures cancer? A. Well, because it does cure cancer and that’s all there is to it. THC causes apoptosis, so surprisingly it causes apoptosis in all cancers. Why? Well, because decarboxylated oil gets into all cells in the body somehow if ingested in the right quantities. The endocannabinoid system regulates the immune system, so when you get the immune system working right, it can fight cancer, too. Not much to this, really, it is really offensively simple.

122 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Properly produced high grade oil is the best chance the patient has anyway (surgery will be required in a few life-threatening cases, maybe). And if you know of a treatment option that is safer, more effective and more fun for the patient than the oil, well, tell us. There isn’t any.

Look at what Mechoulam and Pacher say: “Inflammation/tissue injury triggers rapid elevations in local endocannabinoid levels, which in turn regulate signaling responses in immune and other cells modulating their critical functions. Changes in endocannabinoid levels and/or CB2 receptor expressions have been reported in almost all diseases affecting humans, ranging from cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, neurodegenerative, psychiatric, bone, skin, autoimmune, lung disorders to pain and cancer, and modulating CB2 receptor activity holds tremendous therapeutic potential in these pathologies.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.

gov/pubmed/21295074 And how do you do all this? Well, with the oil. You balance the levels or put them in an overdrive, when necessary. You can eat the oil, rub it on, vaporize it, and take it in suppositories, and between these four methods, you can find a way to help each and every patient on this planet. Later on, doctors will be injecting the tumors with the oil and shrink them in record times that way (not recommended at home).

And why did I suggest skin cancers (or diabetic ulcers or burns)? Well, because you can see what is happening there and it usually does not take long to cure them with the oil, a few weeks max in most cases. Then simply realize that the same thing that happens after topical application on your skin happens inside your body when you ingest the oil. Again, offensively simple, but that is a very precise explanation in the end. And then go back to what Mechoulam wrote: “Changes in endocannabinoid levels and/or CB2 receptor expressions have been reported in almost all diseases affecting humans, ranging from cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, liver, kidney, neurodegenerative, psychiatric, bone, skin, autoimmune, lung disorders to pain and cancer, and modulating CB2 receptor activity holds tremendous therapeutic potential in these pathologies.” Knowing all that, I am going to go modulate my CB2 receptor activity immediately. JB “It cured me of cancer… Stage 4 brain… So yeah.” Crystal “Saying it cures cancer is quite a dangerous and illusive overestimation of an otherwise valid point that deserves more research. But no, no, no. Cannabis does not cure cancer. There is no definitive and no real cure to cancer at the moment, and only a number of conceited medical, alimentary and psychological efforts can help to reduce the risk of death by cancer. Cannabis does not cure cancer, and patients must know this.” Davide 123 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “RSO kills cancer, mate... Smoking it, no, but RSO yes.” Kevin “Care to help me here please mate...?” Jeff “First of all, “cancer” is anything from a cyst to neuroblastoma, so “cures cancer” is generic, illusive, nonspecific. Then, cannabis does have a very good effect on cell duplication, which surely helps, but does not systematically cure tumours.

Again, every type of cancer is different and cannabis has shown a somehow positive response on breast cancers, which are a type o carcinoma, widely and very effectively treated by conventional medicine as well. That being said, I am TOTALLY for legalising cannabis, but even though I’m very open to alternative therapies I have to find myself disagreeing with this pompous claim.” Davide “Jindrich Bayer, help, please!!!” Kevin “Saying that cannabis shows a positive response in fighting certain types of tumours is a claim I can accept.” Davide -- Davide, accept whatever you wish, that’s ok with me. Yes, there is very little hard data available about the Rick Simpson oil, but that is only due to the corruption of the medical system and their money masters. This will change very soon when Colorado and Washington start supplying their data. Plus, Israel and the Netherlands are starting to test the oil now, Czech republic will probably join very soon.

As far as we know, and from our practical experience with thousands of patients, the oil seems to work on all types of cancer much better than anything currently supplied by the medical system. If you want proof, make some oil and find someone with skin cancer and watch what happens when the oil is applied to it. Best wishes, JB “Make it yourself, we were asking Rick where we can get it and after a while we realized, since we live far far away from America and we cannot travel somewhere to get it due to financial limitations, we just watched the video like 100 times, practically memorised it, found cannabis from a local provider, bought the rice cooker, the alcohol, even a thermometer to be sure of the temperature. It was easier than we thought, WE MADE IT OURSELVES, my boyfriend has been taking it for 4 days now... We will wait and see. We have read medical journals and watched many documentaries, all of their findings are the same (clinical trials done at UCLA, Harvard...) -- the oil kills cancer cells! So we decided to make it because after all you can never now until you try it!” Ioanna “The very fact placebos heal some people is reason to discard medicine forever and 124 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL study the art of placebo. Having said that you never do a placebo study when you have an effective cure, you’re right, that would be killing half your patients, sick and cruel.” Christopher -- It indeed would be sick and cruel, Christopher, and that is why I personally will not do it. Others can if they wish, but I won’t. I want the medical system to start using the oil as a placebo - if they prove that whatever they want to use is safer and more effective than the oil (and more fun/pleasant for the patient), then they can go ahead and sell it. If not, then not. It is quite simple and very rational, I think. And that’s how it is going to be in the future anyway, so why wait? JB “Hey Kim, I challenge you to PROVE that Cannabis as a non-toxic life-saving medicine is “rhetoric”. Good Luck with this. I USED TO sound just like you do.

Then I decided I was going to blow holes through this “rhetoric” because this HAS TO BE BULLSHIT... boy was I wrong. I mean DEAD WRONG. You cannot deny the scientific 100% IRON CLAD FACTS. I could not do it and you won’t do it either. The FACTS are the FACTS and this is a FACT, Kim. The AMA & Big Pharma are CRIMINALS. They knowingly have allowed this wonderful gift from God to be demonized and lied about for PURE PROFITS! They have allowed your family members to suffer and die, Kim. If you think these Petro Chemicals that they peddle are Medicine, you best think again. You want to discover some “rhetoric”, go talk to your Dr., go talk to the American Cancer Society, go talk to your poison pill manufacturers. Please note, Kim, EVERY PILL THAT THEY CLAIM IS “SAFE” is NOT! Find me one that is not TOXIC, just ONE! Yet here we have a NON TOXIC VEGETABLE that produces THE most powerful medicine on EARTH that’s been PROVEN TO CURE DISEASE and our “health professionals” and Government has seen fit to deny us this life saving vegetable, allowing us to suffer and die AND be put in prison to make things even safer in society... You want to talk about “RHETORIC”??? I hope this post opens your eyes to the TRUTH. If not, RIP Kim, there is no hope for you and your kind, you have “Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiencies.” Look it up, it’s true.” Dan “My husband is right. I have 4 PET scans that prove it. When I was heavy on the oil my tumors were going away like mad. When I had to reduce my dose, they’re more stable than shrinking. I have visible evidence the stuff works.” Maria “Sounds like a hoax to make money. You really think the law is going to let me grow hemp to make some oil? Get real dude. I got leukemia and I don’t believe a word of what you say. You freaking scam artist praying on the sick should be imprisoned. If you are so sure this works, then do some real clinical trials. Plenty of countries will let you do them, don’t use some Lame Ass FDA excuse!“ Steven -- Steven, the sooner you get on the oil the better for you. Don’t blame me for the 125 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL lack of scientific studies about the oil, really. If the medical system really did what they are supposed to do, these eighty testimonials alone would have been all they would have to see to conduct all those tens or hundreds of thousands of studies that will need to be conducted.

Rick and I really cannot afford to conduct all those studies, it is way beyond our budget, plus we cannot conduct them legally and the way we want to conduct them, so it is really up to others to do their job now. As far as I know, there are states where medical marijuana is allowed, I don’t know why they didn’t conduct a study yet. For instance on skin cancer, that would be done a in a few months, with topical use of the oil only. But it doesn’t seem to happen, or I don’t know about such studies.

But there is scientific evidence to back up everything we are saying, just do your research, check PubMed and connect the dots for yourself.

I hope it will satisfy your scientific needs and I hope you will get on the oil before your doctors get a chance to kill you with their chemical poison, which would have been never allowed if it were tested in a proper and ethical medical study. JB “The researchers concluded: “The data reported herein are the first of which we are aware of to demonstrate the critical role of CB1 (cannabinoid) receptors and endocannabinoids in the etiology of PTSD in humans. As such, they provide a foundation upon which to develop and validate informative biomarkers of PTSD vulnerability, as well as to guide the rational development of the next generation of evidence-based treatments for PTSD.” But don’t expect federal officials to help move this process forward. In 2011 federal administrators blocked investigators at the University of Arizona at Phoenix from conducting an FDA-approved, placebo-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the use of cannabis in 50 patients with PTSD.

Scientific integrity? Not when it comes to marijuana. Not by a long shot.“ -- Please do not blame us for the lack of medical studies about cannabis oil. The sooner you will realize that yes, there is a group of people who really control this world and that they simply will do anything to delay the comeback of cannabis the better for you. It does not mean that we will not push cannabis medicine through, it only means that it is going to take longer than necessary or expected. JB “I am a firm believer in the oil. My husband’s son had leukemia, the doctors gave him 4 months. He lived for 2.5 YEARS all because of the oil he ingested in applesauce.

Thanks to Rick Simpson!!! God bless you.” Terri 126 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “4 days without to get a new job. No side-effects, withdrawals, and not biting peoples’ heads off! There’s your research, lol. Spread the word! We need this. We owe it to humanity to make the World a better place. This is the start :)” Christina “Last April, after being 5 years free of breast cancer, I was diagnosed again. This time it was stage 4, terminal with mets to spine, rib, lymph nodes, sternum and breast. I was basically offered palliative care and told they would try and keep me out of too much pain... to go home and sort out my affairs. I was in a lot of pain and they kept prescribing more and more toxic painkillers with VERY nasty side effects, (Percocet, hydromorphone and dexymethasone). I couldn’t function on these.

My husband started reading this stuff on the internet and I was, to say the least, skeptical but figured I literally had nothing to lose by trying it. Chewing a very tiny amount of White Widow 3x daily. Last week I got the news that my bone mets have completely gone. Today I was told that the MRI shows SIGNIFICANT shrinkage of the soft tissue tumours. Not so skeptical now and feeling great, no pain.” Julia “It does cure cancer, I am living proof. Stage 4 bone and liver mets with innumerable tumors, used the oil and am now cancer free.” Laura “Hi Jindrich, yesterday l finished reading Rick’s book. Great stuff! Honestly I really don’t need any more evidence about the truly magic power of the oil! I’ve done also some experiments and every day I discover something new this medicine can do! Amazing! Sadly even though I’m convinced and even if my girlfriend is convinced still her mother is somehow not able to “let go” completely... and still she is not sure if quitting shitty chemo… I’m constantly trying to bring out good argumentations but I can’t decide for her! She is the one with cancer and she is the only one who can decide what to do with her life.

I know she will get cured anyway on the end because we will stuff in her so much oil that it will be impossible for her to die. But still I feel it’s so stupid and so dangerous to play with this fucking chemicals, especially when you have access to natural medicine which is been proved to cure cancer! I read about your experience with cancer and medical system... I’m really sorry for your loss… and now I better understand your attitude toward the traditional so called “medicine”!” Luigi -- Hi Luigi, thank you for your nice words about the book and it is a pity that you have to go through. It is her choice which treatment she chooses but I would not go 127 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL near the chemo - just read my Mom’s story for her, maybe she will grasp that taking poison is never a good idea, especially when it is not substantiated nor necessary.

Her chances of merely surviving the chemo will greatly improve if she takes the oil, but again, why cause even more damage to her ill body? It makes no sense at all.

Best wishes, Jindrich “This is the battle many good people have to deal with, an ignorant Doctor who thinks he/she knows more without ever moving forward on new evolving and existing information on cannabis, its cannabinoids and the ability to kill cancer without harming the patient. How insane from our perspective that they would demand poison over something so safe, why? Is it ignorance or are they running scared? I have seen a Doctor Once in 5 years since learning of this oil for my IBS and it was for something I could not do myself. A dislocated pinkie and I used the oil to never get infected, removed the stitches with no suffering and every time I applied it, the pain instantly vanished because of inflammation being removed. It was fully healed in 2 1/2 to 3 months instead of physiotherapy and about 9 months to a year for healing. I have seen with my own eyes time and time again and no one can take that from me.” Covey “Doctors are NOT scientists nor do they practice science. If they did, they would be demanding the government allow them access to marijuana. The reason is a now proven part of the body, the endocannabinoid system, has been completely ignored by American medical society. While other countries are doing more and more research on marijuana and specifically cancer treatment, American medical establishment is run by Big Pharma, big insurance, and big money. The doctors have given control over their craft to non-physicians and fear-based politicians.

They will spend years trying to find alternatives under control of patent lawyers, while threatening potential cures.

If marijuana was hidden in some deep jungle, controlled by some illiterate tribe, Big Pharma would be the first to control its production, patent its 64 different cannabinoid compounds, then turn around to doctors to ‘prescribe’ it. But the biggest tribe in the US is already starting to shout out the truth. Too bad for Big Pharma this tribe ain’t for sale.” Bryan “That evidence is with us. And we are sharing it. The medical bunch [no longer to be treated with respect] of drug pushers, who work for incentives are being exposed.

They’re squirming in their wallets. They are aware of what’s happening and their playmate the FDA is going down with them. No different than any form of tyranny we’ve encountered before accepting this time it’s domestic. We’re doing this to ourselves. There is a cure for cancer, there’s NO CURE FOR the way MEDICINE is 128 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL being forced on us at the moment unless we vote with our pockets and our ballots!” Thielman “I’ve watched relatives, friends, decline and die so quickly after being forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars to be slowly killed when the cure grows right out of Mother Earth. Come on now, wake up and smell the bullshit. Don’t jump on stereotypes and do some REAL research.” Amy Jane “I know I’d rather have RSO than chemo/rad… Funny how some people can call RSO when the side effects of everything else can leave you with very little quality of life.” Kerry “It needs to be easily obtainable. It NEEDS to be available” The more I read, the more fascinated I am.” Shelley “All cancers are unregulated cells. The cell just needs to be regulated. If his body cannot regulate the cancer cells then the cancer cells might have broken/damaged CB receptors. When a phyto-cannabinoids (phyto = plant based) comes into contact with an unregulated cell, it can signal to the cancer cell via more gateways than just the CB 1/2 receptors. This is how a phyto-cannabinoid succeeds where an endogenous cannabinoid fails.

Here are some notes on the process of how cannabinoids regulate cancer cells: Cancer 1) Cancer is an unregulated cell.

2) Inducing Apoptosis Regulates the cancer cell.

3) Cannabinoids induce Apoptosis in cells.

Cancer is defined as “a broad group of various diseases, ALL involving UNREGULATED cell growth.” Q: How do we regulate cells? A: Via Apoptosis. Apoptosis: wiki/Apoptosis#Process “Apoptosis (pron.: /?æp?'to?s?s/ also pron.: /?e?p??p'to?s?s/)[2][3] is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms.

[4] Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death.” “The process of apoptosis is controlled by a diverse range of cell signals, which may originate either extracellularly (extrinsic inducers) or intracellularly (intrinsic inducers). Extracellular signals may include toxins,[13] hormones, growth factors, nitric oxide[14] or cytokines, that must either cross the plasma membrane or transduce to effect a response. These signals may positively (i.e., trigger) or negatively (i.e., repress, inhibit, or dampen) affect apoptosis.” 129 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL How do we make a cancerous cell go through Apoptosis? We need cannabinoids/endocannabinoids to signal to Cannabinoid Receptors (CB1R, CB2R) to induce Apoptosis (it has long been suspected there are more than 2 receptors): What is a CBR? (Cannabinoid Receptor): “Cannabinoid receptors are activated by three major groups of ligands, endocannabinoids (produced by the mammalian body), plant cannabinoids (such as THC, produced by the cannabis plant) and synthetic cannabinoids (such as HU- 210). All of the endocannabinoids and plant cannabinoids are lipophilic, i.e. fat soluble, compounds.” Can Cannabinoids signal to a CBR to induce Apoptosis? “Studies in these disease models along with many in vitro experiments show that cannabinoids exert their immunosuppressive properties in four main ways: (1) induction of apoptosis,” Autophagy - If I’m incorrect please correct me but from what I understand: Autophagy is a process where a cell can be repaired or recycled. Usually with cancer cells they are just programmed to die however Autophagy can still play a part in this process.

It’s like you have a recycle container and a garbage container and you are collecting various waste and organizing it into the 2 containers. Sometimes you need to recycle, sometimes you need to just dispose of something.” Scott “In the new study, Chen and his team discovered that ?9-THC treatment caused an increase in levels of an enzyme called cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) in the mouse hippocampus, a brain region involved in learning and memory. Drugs or genetic techniques that reduced COX-2 levels in mice prevented memory problems and neuronal abnormalities caused by repeated ?9-THC exposure. Because COX-2 is inhibited by over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen, the findings suggest an easy strategy to prevent the side effects of marijuana.

The researchers also discovered that ?9-THC treatment reduced neuronal damage in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, and this beneficial effect persisted when the animals were simultaneously treated with a COX-2 inhibitor. “There are no effective medications currently available for preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease or halting disease progression,” Chen says. “Our results suggest that the 130 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL unwanted side effects of cannabis could be eliminated or reduced, while retaining its beneficial effects, by administering a COX-2 inhibitor along with ?9-THC for the treatment of intractable medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.” http:// “New government-funded cannabis/cancer study SHOCKS scientific community...

THC, cannabis’ main psychoactive ingredient, may actually change the human genetic code, in order to prevent cancer and inflammatory diseases. What?!!!! What-WHAT!!!???? Rick Simpson and his Chief Elf, Czech activist Jindrich Bayer, have been saying this for many months, and I was polite but secretly scoffed at the notion, because it sounded like a bunch of hocus-pocus to me (and because of other minor technical disagreements I have had with their perspective). . . Medicines can’t change DNA, right? WRONG, apparently! HOLY [BLEEP]!” Alan Gordon “Background: Cannabinoids induce potent myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSC) in vivo. Results: Functional MDSC induced by THC show distinct miRNA expression pattern. Conclusion: Specific miRNA may play important roles in MDSC development and function by regulating target genes involved in myeloid cell differentiation. Significance: Select miRNA could be important molecular targets to manipulate MDSC activity in cancer and inflammatory diseases.” -- OK, whatever this means, this is beyond my sphere of expertise. It probably says something like cannabinoids can cure cancer, and they do it via gene modification, somehow. And that more research is needed, as always.

All I say is that the very thought of a matter is the smallest particle of the matter and the oil can fix thoughts, too. Genes are still too big. The research should focus on what cannabinoids do with the smallest particles of our bodies, atoms, quarks, strings etc. That’s where problems start, in the smallest particles, that’s what you need to fix if you want to really fix the problems. JB 131 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Information about Healing Other Illnesses Skin Conditions “From my experience with my currently banned hemp cosmetics, in which we used oil from industrial hemp buds, which is much weaker when compared to the oil you make, we found hemp is basically a cure-all because it can be used on almost any condition. Can you confirm this? History calls hemp a panacea, which means cure-all and in the past it was used to treat a vast array of medical problems. From my experience in seeing hemp oil used for various medical conditions, I too call hemp a cure-all. Hemp is useful in the treatment of practically any disease or condition; it promotes full-body healing without doing any harm. So to me and many others, this has become the ultimate medicine and I firmly believe that there is nothing better.

In the world we live in today, many are even afraid to go out in the sun but this medication mixes well with such things as skin creams and suntan lotion, so why hide in the dark? Wouldn’t it be nice to go out in the sun again and enjoy life without worrying about things like skin cancer? You bet it would and now this wonderful substance can make this all possible.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Burns “I know from personal experience that there is no better treatment for severe burns than hemp oil. If oil is applied to a burn, it takes the pain away within minutes and greatly accelerates the healing process. If hospitals would use hemp oil in their burn units, human suffering could be greatly reduced.

Back when I first started producing the oil, I was ingesting many harmful medications prescribed by doctors that affected my reasoning abilities, so my thinking was not very clear. This altered state caused me to be somewhat careless and this resulted in an explosion and fire, which left my right hand with severe third degree burns.

When I say severe, I mean severe, three quarters of my right hand had literally melted and was now hanging in gobs. My girlfriend Leah came down and after she looked at the burn, she took a pair of scissors and cut off all the dead flesh. I know this sounds gruesome, but what she removed was dead, so in reality I did not feel a thing.

132 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL In eleven days, my hand was completely healed, leaving no scars. The only way you could tell that I had even sustained an injury, was the presence of all the new pink skin that was visible and even the hair follicles grew back.

Now look what goes on in these burn units that our medical system provides.

Children and adults which have endured severe burns will find that burn units are little more than torture chambers, which seem to provide no end to the suffering.

These patients are subject to infections, many painful operations involving skin grafts and in the end, they are usually still badly scarred.

The essential oil of the hemp plant is a natural anesthetic and a natural anti-biotic.

When you put the oil from the hemp plant right on a burn, within 5 minutes the pain is gone and the healing begins. Judging from what I have seen this substance do to heal the burn I sustained and others who have suffered similar injuries, I firmly believe that this amazing medication could possibly re-grow the face or other parts of the body for those who have suffered a severe burn.

If the oil can re-grow my hand and leave no scars, then why not a foot, or even a face? So, if those who run burn units would really like to help their patients and ease their suffering, perhaps it’s just about time that they started using something that works.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “I received 3rd degree boiling oil burns on my fingers on Sunday morning. Large blisters and very painful. I remembered reading RSO is amazing for healing burns, thus I tried it. OMG Folks, the burn is totally gone in only 40 hours. No sign of it at all. I applied a gooder amount of RSO onto the blisters, a fillet of fresh Aloe Vera and a bandage. Repeated 12 hours later. No need for the 3rd application. You Rock Rick Simpson.” Bobbi “My daughter in law was deep frying pork chops and basically dipped her fingers in the boiling hot oil up to the first knuckle and they turned white like cooked chicken. We put RSO on them and the pain was gone in about a minute or so, she coated them 2 x’s a day with the RSO. They healed very quickly in just a few days and there was no skin loss or scarring at all. It is amazing we now keep a little in the kitchen fridge so if anyone gets burned (especially the children) we will apply the RSO immediately, there’s no need to feel that kind of pain when we have a natural plant that will take care of it.” Debra “Used it on severe sunburn. Worked great, I have seen it heal a knife wound in less than a week. It cures halitosis as well. I have been using it for six months or so and came off seizure medications completely. When I ran out I had a minor seizure. I am lucky to be able to get medicine like this, I lsao recommend for nerve pain.” Jack 133 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “I use a wood stove for heat so burns on my wrist have accompanied me plenty of colder months. Did a deep scalding last fall, not quit awake yet. I was given RSO oil prior so applied a dab, covered the burn and in two days the area was a pink, clean patch, no blister or burn look at all! I am sold 100%!” Janine Scars “I have seen burns healed with the use of this oil that should have left horrible scars behind. But afterwards, all that remained was healthy pink skin and according to the medical system such things should not be possible. Throughout history, hemp has always had a reputation for having the ability to heal wounds while leaving little or no scarring afterwards.

I have supplied this oil to many people who had bad complexions and scarring problems on their faces. After treatment with the oil, the improvement in their complexions was astounding. Even scars which have been there for years can be completely or for the most part removed simply by treating the affected area with oil.

This can be accomplished in much the same way that one would treat a skin cancer: simply apply the oil to the scar, and cover with a bandage. Keep repeating this until the scar fades away and in time, the area that was treated will blend in with the surrounding tissue.

I came into contact with a man in the Czech Republic who had a horrible scar on his face that looked like it had been caused by a sword. After he treated the area with oil, I had a very hard time even telling where the scar had been. From my perspective, those who have been disfigured by scaring can be helped and the treatment is painless, so if you have a nasty scar, now you know how to deal with it.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Ulcers, Warts, Moles “Ulcers within the body can be cured by ingesting the oil. Unhealthy ulcers, warts, and moles on the body can be removed by simply applying oil and covering them with a bandage. The oil goes after unhealthy or mutating cells and destroys them painlessly in most cases. Quite often, warts and moles can become unhealthy, at which time they will usually darken in color and begin to grow. If you have something like this to deal with, doctors can often remove the problem, but in 134 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL many cases, it just returns. To rid the body of such things in a sensible way, give this medication a try.

In the past, I have even treated people who were suffering with plantar warts on their feet and this type of wart develops roots, which usually can only be eradicated by an extensive operation. Rather than let the medical system cut your feet to ribbons, simply apply a drop of oil to the head of the wart and cover with a bandage. Try to keep the bandage in place for about three days, then reapply the oil and another bandage. Usually after doing this three to four times, the roots of the wart have been destroyed and the head of the wart just falls off. When the oil is used to treat this condition, all this takes place painlessly, so if you are suffering with planter’s warts, why go through the torture that the medical system has in mind for you, heal yourself in a sensible way.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “My joints flair up on my fingers and voila, rub some oil on, pain gone. Burned myself on the burn barrel last week, 3 inches of black, bubbling skin on the inside of my wrist. Small amount of oil, bandage, two days later, amazing pink skin. Applied again, same, two days later and it was healed... U.P. of Mi. ~ Thank You!!!!!” Janine “I’ve used RSO style oil on a witchy-wart on my face. 2 applications covered with a band aide and it’s almost gone!” Leslie “I’ve used cannabis infused olive-oil on burns and cuts and they heal within a couple days. Never seen anything like it. I know the RSO would even be better. Cannabis was used to treat everything before our government got greedy.” David “I burned myself on an exhaust pipe pretty good and I put some cannabis oil infused with grape seed extract and it healed in less than a week and hardly no pain or irritation and NO SCARS!” Daniel “I have lots of scaring from a skin condition that I was given awful meds for nearly 6 months. Oh surprise! A few weeks after treatment my skin is bad again. This is good to know. I was horrid on them meds, moody, dry flaky skin, sweating, my god it was terrible. Won’t be seeing doc again.” Nikki “Dear Sir, I’m an old hippy from the 60’s and live in No. Calif. Have been hybertising a variety of Train Wreck and White Widow for 8-9 years with excellent results. I saw that Rick has used White Widow too.

I’m currently aiding a Hospice patient named Jason Greewold in Redding,Ca. in convalescence, who was/is? dying of the last stages of MRSA as directed by my old 135 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL doctor Dr. Ronald Sand... I started him off on tinctures I have been making and giving cookies from both water to budder extraction and just butter extractions four months ago.

Another grower brother friend I attend Unity Church with turned me onto your web site just three weeks ago now. Have started Jason on the ‘JOY GREASE“ and he has gone thru his first tube and is now on his second. A little over a month ago is balls were the size of a very large melon bigger than a softball... Since eating my baked goods and now straight of the “Magic Grease”, he is getting better each day and his Gonads have almost gone back to normal size... They say there is no cure for MRSA??? Jason has had very bad large bed sores on his back since he cannot lay on his side or stomach. He now tells me they are subsiding and when our doctor showed up with another team in tow they all could not understand why he was not dead or why he was getting better. I have not told the doctor yet about my/our Hemp Oil treatment but will soon any day... I really want permission from the doctor to treat his sores now with the Oil topically, don’t you agree??? If we can stop MRSA in a patient who had only months to live just think about what this could or should I say SHOULD say to the medical community. Peace & respect, Craig” “My husband had a 30 year scar from a burn that required a skin graft... So I thought, aha, another place to experiment with this amazing product. Well, he had less than zero belief it would do anything... After a few applications it’s morphing, he now has pigment where there had been none. Hair growth where none has grown in 30 years.” Rebecca “I had second degree burns all over my face and arms from a house fire. I put RSO mixed with cocoa butter all over for a month and you can barely tell I was ever burned. It is amazing how quickly it works and it’s the best pain killer I have ever had.” Amerikanisch “I had a mole on my scalp that began to itch recently. I applied a dab once a day for a few days and the mole actually started shrinking! Talk about amazing.” Amanda “I’m a believer... fixes gout... it must bring the yin & yang into balance cause I thought I was happy before but lately I find a sense of happiness emanating from deep within... Thanks Rick Simpson.” Irving “Since the age of 11 (I am now almost 30) I have been developing a kind of fungus on my skin, mostly around my neck chest and back. These red round stains appear on my skin every year and I have taken everything there is to take to treat my skin 136 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL condition. The medications the dermatologists prescribe take 5-6 days to take away these spots and another 5 days to totally eliminate them.

The other day I noticed these spots were starting to show once again, BUT this time I decided to put some cannabis oil on it... and it truly was magic!!! I only applied it 2 times and the spots are ALL gone. I couldn’t believe my eyes! No more pills and creams and special shampoos for me! Now I made coconut oil infused with cannabis oil and I will continue to apply it for another week or so to make sure the spots will not reappear. Thank you so much RS & JB for all the help and information, I will be forever grateful.” Ioanna “In 2002 I was in a horrible accident. I had lacerations all over and lost part of a bone in my arm. After skin and bone grafts I was almost healed and got an infection in my arm. Turned out to be a bone infection and had to start all over. Because of that anytime I get cuts/burns (I am a welder) they would always get infected. This past year I got a horrible burn from a steam line at work on my stomach. By keeping it clean and using the oil it was healed in just a touch over a WEEK! My little weld burns could last 4-6 weeks. Not anymore with my oil. Screw Neosporin, I use OIL!” Chris “Poison ivy on my arm… Rash and burns gone within 5 minutes… No bumps, no rash, no pain… I used one grain of RSO with a little coconut oil… GONE in five minutes!!!” Estelle “I got poison oak on my face, after the second day it was from my forehead to my neck, big itchy blotches, raw and some bleeding from scratching. I mixed some oil with a bit of coconut oil to make it easy to spread. I put it on and instant relief from itching and pain, within an hour the rawness and inflammation was gone, by the next morning it wasn’t visible unless you really looked. It certainly raised a few eyebrows and finally some skeptics got to see what I’m always talking about. The Healing Power of Cannabis!” Cindy-lee Mobbs “Arthritic psoriasis in less than a month… J” Giulliana “My Psoriasis disappeared after I started eating the oil... Just using the oil topically was not helping mine that much- didn’t disappear completely until I started using it orally. It has not returned yet. I am on a maintenance dose now, so I HOPE that is enough to keep the psoriasis away. I haven’t had any signs of it in almost 4 months.

The doctors told me it would never go away completely, and that the only time it would ‘clear up’ was when I was really sick and my immune system had other things to fight. Well... I don’t feel sick, and the crap is GONE!” Lindsay “Also cured tendonitis in a few days. Even a 7 month old injury. Just rub a little pot 137 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL butter or RSO on the painful area once a day. Amazing shit. I used the RSO on a 3rd degree burn last Sunday-Tuesday, no sign of the burn after 40 hours of treatment.

Sure wish I’d used it the second it happened. It would have saved me hours of big pain and holding ice on it.” Bobbi “What can’t it help? Through my studies the possibilities are endless. I have a cyst on the right side of my cheek on my face. Five days of taking the oil (ingesting) the cyst rapidly shrunk. The oil was made of frosty leaves and small bud which was soaked in ever clear. The mixture sat for 2 weeks. First night of the oil my cyst had a tingle feeling. Five days later gone. The oil works. There is way too much proof and the science behind it all is amazing. There is chemical compounds out there that respond to all of our receptors in the nervous system is a work of nature. The amazing part is, it is all found in one plant. CANNABIS. It’s time to see how far humans can go. It’s time to evolve. Dr. Dank” Jeremy “The first time I made the oil (infused in coconut oil) was for the topical treatment of an elderly neighbor’s back. She had sores all over that itched badly. Bed bugs are ruled out, so was scabbies, flees, skeeters, and such because she was affected nowhere else but her back and there are no signs of critter activity on her bed.

Know what her son did??? He sprayed the mattress heavily with chemical to get rid of bugs that did not exist. I gave her a new mattress with the explicit instructions that it is to NOT be sprayed. She had to go into the hospital for bleeding ulcers and while she was there, she expressed the issue of her back and you know what the doctors told her to do??? Wash her hair and body for lice, she has no lice. So who do you think I am going to listen to to help her? The doctors? NO. I made the oil, treated her back with it and there is improvement and healing going on.” Michele “Morning Scot, spoke to my sister last evening and she says she is all healed!!!!! The medicine cured her shingles :) She says she feels wonderful. Just wanted to be 100% sure before I wrote you. Thanks so much for your help.” “The girl with the shingles had something else happen to her and she never told the family what was wrong. Here it is, she just sent it to me: “Hi again,just found out yesterday that my sister had a growth on her thyroid a year ago but didn’t tell our family. Apparently the doctor told her they would keep an eye on it and if it grew, then they would operate. It was not big enough to get a biopsy of it. Anyways, she had her doctor’s appointment this past week and found out that the tumor has stopped growing. She believes the medicine stopped the growth. Isn’t that wonderful news? She is continuing to take it in hopes that her next appointment will prove that the oil kills tumors. Will let you know more when that happens.” Scot 138 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Yesterday I got a woman started on the medicine. This is her report from the first day. Simply amazing! Here’s my day one report: Woke up with eczema on my lip yesterday morning and put some oil on it.

Stinging stopped in about 10 minutes Soreness was gone in 30 minutes Swelling was down in a few hours Blisters on my lip are about half gone today – it normally takes up 2 weeks for them to heal up Breathing the vapours from the oil on my lip Noticed the aching that’s been in my right sinus for several weeks has stopped And my nose stopped running Have only sneezed once since yesterday Noticed my fatigue wasn’t as deep as usual Noticed that I felt relaxed and that anxious edge was gone Noticed decreased body pain in the evening - Normally I’m in so much body pain by the evening that I can’t sit still (ankle nerve and muscle pain, knee/shoulder/ elbow/wrists/thumb pain significantly decreased).

Also, I get a very light glow with each dose. Am not having any difficulty working or focusing and wouldn’t hesitate to drive. I’m very clear headed even though I forgot to take the Citicoline this morning. I’m putting the equivalent of about half a grain of oil on a Craisen and taking it that way.” Q. Hi JB! I wanted to ask you something, I was wondering if RSO would help my mother´s burns from radiation? She decided to go ahead with the “conventional” treatment, and now she has her chest, in lack of other words, fucked up. It hurts just to look at it. I remember that either you or Rick once got burned, I guess while preparing RSO, and showed pictures of how the oil works also on burns. So, would it do any good for her? A. Hi Enrique, of course, rub the oil or a hemp salve on her chest and back. Of course she should eat the oil and stay away from doctors and all other such forms of unnecessary damage. JB “My Mom (72) has had painful cracked skin on most of her fingertips for about 2 years now... very painful. Doctor says, “Yep that comes with age.” Dufuss!!! We mixed a very small amount of the oil with aquaphor... one treatment, overnight...

gone! Her painful cracks are healed and continues to be good for over a week now! AMAZING!” Dolly “I used the oil on a fresh open surgery wound. In September of 2012, I had 2 Basal Cell Carcinoma tumors removed from my face. One was big and was the feeder tumor that was spreading it. As well, an internal tumor in my cheek was scraped 139 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL for a biopsy. When I got home and unveiled my wound, I had a crater in my face.

For the first 4 days I mixed Shea butter and oil and applied it. I then switched to straight oil and have not stopped. When I went for my post op appointment, the Dr that thought I was going to have plastic surgery was amazed at my healing. I decided to tell her the truth, that I had not used the prescription, that I had healed it with Cannabis Oil. She had heard of Rick Simpson & Phoenix Tears, she did not judge me, and said to keep up the good work.

In one month, I go for my second surgery, plan of action to heal this wound...

Cannabis Oil. Will I tell this surgeon? At my Post op appointment! In love & light.” Patti-Jo -- Patti, there won’t be any surgery required if you continue with the oil. Or postpone by another 60g if necessary, but stay away from surgery and doctors, if at all possible. It is a sad prerequisite for the success of the treatment in many cases. JB “RSO has made my psoriasis almost non-existent. I have been ingesting a maintenance dose for going on three years now and my skin is clear, my mind is clear and I have never been healthier.” Erica “I’ve seen someone close to me use Rick’s oil on a bad burn that would have left a nasty scar and within a week of applying the oil it was gone and no sign of a scar or that it was burnt.” Janice “We have my daughter on the oil now. She has psoriasis on both elbows, forearms, and one knee. Took pics at start. So far the dry scaly areas are gone. The skin is red, but smooth instead of raised and inflamed. Smaller areas on the outside have cleared completely. We are convinced this is going to work. We are taking pics every other day or when there is noticeable improvement. All this in less than a week using the oil topically. Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this medicine that will ultimately heal nations Rick and JB. I am sharing posts every day and telling anyone who will listen. It’s starting to sink in.” Ron Q. Do these mixtures work for acne? A. Jennifer, the oil works for “all sorts of skin conditions.” That means including acne. Best wishes, JB “(I found about the oil) 3 months ago searching the internet for a cure for acne and rosacea. It cleared that up instantly! I add iso oil to coconut oil to use it on my face and neck once a day. My husband says I look 15 years younger! Thanks so much for sharing this information. God bless you all. Keep up the good work.” Toni 140 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “It works for ingrown hairs on the face as well. I used it on my 23 year old son with success in 2 applications. ONE LOVE.” Patti-Jo “Charlie is walking. No pain meds. He is standing tall. His strides are straight and wide. He can run jump and play. His neck is almost 90 percent healed. It has not looked this way in two years. He ate a banana, pizza, a half a sandwich, fried rice, yogurt and more yesterday. He has NEVER eaten this much. (…) Charlie’s right knee, was the worst. It is about 50 percent better. The left one is almost healed completely except for the fact that he itched it the other night and blistered it back up. But nothing major... The biggest change is the wound on his neck and under his armpits. The neck is just about healed completely as well as his armpits.

I use a small drop of the oil in his g-tube before baths. It also has helped with knee pain. If his knees hurt, he gets that drop. I do not add any tylenol or ibuprofen. It does the trick. I also make my own ointment. I have a water machine that filters water and separates alkaline water from acidic. Since acidic oxygenated water is so good for the skin and is also an antibacterial, I take place acidic water and mix it with methocelullose to create an ointment.

I add the concentrate to make a salve which is like the consistency of vaseline. I butter his dressings with this and use it on his wounds. THIS alone is making an incredible difference with the pain, itching, and healing. I will send you pics soon.

I have been taking them every change. I think the oil will last for another month, but since this is the first time I have ever done this, I am not sure. I am thrilled. His appetite is never been so good. He ate more food yesterday than he has all year.” Trisha “Hey Rick and friends, I have a friend who has had this sore (approx. 2 inches by 4 inches in diameter) on his left shoulder blade for going on 4 years now, eeeking infection, with no scab in site, just a pure raw opening, under the surface you could feel a hard baseball size lump sensitive to the touch.

He has topically applied the oil 8 times in 7 months with about 2 weekends on internal use also.

Scabbing and scarring lump is gone, open wound scarred over and my friend feels blessed to have had a chance to use the oil.” Rebecca “Yesterday I cut my finger on a blender at work. At 3 am I woke to a pounding finger that I tried ice, peroxide, neosporine. Nothing worked. Was throbbing still.

I then remembered hearing oil would help cellular regeneration and stopped pain 141 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and healed scars n skin issues so why not try it. So I took a drop and spread it around the whole tip of my finger. Within 1 minute the pain was 80% gone. Within 30 min. I was able to flick my finger with only a little soreness but no real pain. I am sold. At 12 hours later I reapplied and have no pain since.” Rebecca “Hey Rick, I’d like to keep my name confidential if you happen to post this (which I don’t mind). My girlfriend had a really rough upbringing and resorted to cutting her wrists when she got depressed, this problem is years and years behind us but some pretty nasty scars on her wrist still remain. There extremely visible and bubble out quite a bit, it’s the first thing a lot of people notice when they first meet her, she’d like nothing more than to be rid of them.

So my question is would the oil help get rid of the scars? Or at least help make them less visible? I love what you’re doing and I wish I knew about the oil when my grandfather got sick with cancer, you’re a hero for all the lives you’ve helped save!” -- Dear XXX, start applying the oil topically on the scars, they will most likely disappear within weeks or months. I would also get her on the oil, too, it will help with her PTSD from all those memories of what she went through, it will also improve the quality of her sleep. Take photos and videos if you don’t mind, the scar will really go away - either completely or they will be hardly visible. Best wishes, Jindrich Bayer “Hey Rand, I have the same problem with the leg sores. First because I was prediabetic.

But I found out I’m highly sensitive to bug and mosquito bites. I put the oil on them and put a band aid on overnight and the bites are healed.” Michelle -- What the oil can do for mosquito or tick bites is simply amazing. Give it a try and you will see why we say that no one should leave their house unless they have the oil on them. The oil has so many uses that it is irresponsible to try to live without it. JB “Eat the oil... I’ve been taking the oil for two months, my psoriasis almost 80% clear, and I don’t have to use any medicine at all… And took my arthritis away too...” Giuliana “I’ve used a cannabis olive-oil mix and in a week my psoriasis started to clear.

Sadly I just had a little and I didn’t have enough to take it more both internally and externally. OBSERVE, I didn’t even have real RSO, but a cannabis oil made on olive oil.” Teemu -- Let us hope you will get some more oil soon, Teemu. It is best to use it topically to control the symptoms and also to eat the oil, you want to remove the underlying cause of the problem, too. Best wishes, JB 142 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “It works well on mosquito bites & tooth aches too. My daughter was bitten, not kidding, at least 50 times by mosquitoes in 15 minutes WITH OFF! Deep Woods bug spray on. I tried a banana peel, deodorant, aloe vera, dermaplast & hydrocortisone.

None of it brought the swelling down (she’s allergic to mosquito bites & they swell badly) or provided her relief. In desperation I scraped the resin out of a vaporizer, mixed it with just a bit of coconut oil so it would spread easier & “greased” her legs down with it. Within about half an hour all the swelling was down & while she still had red dots where the bites were they weren’t bothering her & I avoided giving her Benedryl.

I had an abscess forming in my mouth & I packed the resin from the vape around the affected tooth & again within about half an hour the swelling went down & I was able to heal it, no problems with it since. I did pack it two days though to be sure. Now I can say that packing the resin (if you have a Vapir No2 inside the cone where you change the screen collects almost pure hash, concentrated too.) around my tooth I got incredibly high, probably higher than I have ever been in my life.

I even texted my husband from the living room to ask him for help getting to the bedroom. Sub-lingual medications work better though, which is why in the ER if they suspect a heart attack they spray nitro under your tongue. All is fine now though, I didn’t die from an overdose, I didn’t wake up horribly hungover & best of all... I didn’t have to take large amounts of Tylenol or Advil & do even more damage to my stomach & liver.

I know the resin isn’t the most effective way & I wasn’t even sure if it would work but it was what I had to work with since I live in an illegal state. I figured it couldn’t hurt though. I can’t wait to live in a state where I can freely grow my own organic starting material of the highest possible quality, make my own oil & heal myself & my entire family... including my almost 2 year old daughter who has been going through hell the past year because no one can figure out what is wrong with her.

They think now she has a protein disorder but that’s just another thing they are throwing around because they have no clue what is in fact wrong. Getting her on the oil might just save her life.

While I would love to have an accurate diagnosis so I know what I am treating but the bottom line is I just want my baby feeling better & if that means bucking conventional society then that is what I will do.” Sara “Thank you isn’t enough for what you have done. I’m sitting here with oil on my poison oak. I NEVER would have tried without you. It lasted over 2 month touching nearly 100% of my body last year because of someone starting a brushfire so I will now get it everywhere & worse they say cuz we don’t build immunities to this one.

143 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL A day ago it popped up. So, the oil last night, didn’t stop the itch at all. However I see it healing scars daily so I have faith. This morning, 24 hours after 1st application I see it worked and is healing any injured skin from my scratching. So with some zinc oxide paste over my oil I believe I may have just found the 1# aid for poison oak.

I actually can’t wait till next season to see if maybe the oil heals to repair this issue for life. I’ll let ya know. Wouldn’t that be great? Again Thanks for all you do.” Rebecca -- The oil can fix that, too. It is a cure or control for all medical problems. The sooner it is applied the sooner it will fix what needs to be fixed, that’s about all there is to it. JB “I want people to know that RSO cleared up a huge blister my husband got on his heel while lying in bed so long from being so sick. I put the oil on it and within a week it was gone. I was totally afraid it was going to develop into something much more serious. It covered his whole heel. Thank you Rick Simpson for all you do.” Susan “Being a mechanic I have used the oil on some pretty bad cuts and you are 100% correct... It heals the skin way faster than anything else.” Cory “Cured my HPV in two weeks with only three topical applications.” Miles “I am in the process right now of treating a nasty mole that has turned black. Every morning I apply a generous amount right on the mole then cover with a band aid.

In 3 weeks I can visually see the mole is shrinking. It WORKS. I also eat a little everyday... what a difference in energy level. MEDICINAL BLISS THROUGH CANNABIS!!!!!!!” Beau “I admit it... I’m clumsy... I have a bad habit of sticking the tines of the pitch fork into my foot. RSO directly on the spot, cover with band aid, pain gone in seconds, healed in 3 days.” Heather “I’ve seen a much less potent balm version of the oil destroy psoriasis in days, reduce ovaries swelling on 1st day of period in 20 mins, and prevent scarring and pain when applied immediately to minor burns. Truly makes me wonder what the oil could do...” Beres “I had one of the worst cases of athlete’s foot when I was 10, I wish I had the oil. But I have it now. All is well 47 years later. Cures most everything.” Donald “My daughter in law was deep frying pork chops and basically dipped her fingers in the boiling hot oil up to the first knuckle and they turned white like cooked chicken.

144 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL We put RSO on them and the pain was gone in about a minute or so, she coated them 2 x’s a day with the RSO. They healed very quickly in just a few days and there was no skin loss or scarring at all.

It is amazing we now keep a little in the kitchen fridge so if anyone gets burned (especially the children) we will apply the RSO immediately, there’s no need to feel that kind of pain when we have a natural plant that will take care of it.” Debra “I had a small batch of lumps on my elbow, treated them with the oil... A week later my elbow is smooth and no bumps... I think they were warts but because I don’t believe in doctors I couldn’t tell you for sure.” Carla -- No matter what is wrong with your skin, simply apply the oil, cover it with a band aid and reapply the oil every day or two or when the band aid falls off. Burns, warts, eczema, psoriasis -- the oil doesn’t care what it is and will fix it, just give it time and oil. JB “My friend had a cyst on his face and after taking the oil for a few days it was gone.

And he was ingesting it not using it topically.” Jonathan “Not a cancer patient but I had an infection on my heel that would not respond to treatment. I even had a wound care tech work on it... he got the infection to stop spreading but it still wouldn’t heal. I smeared the oil on it and in ONE day the redness was less. Day two and redness gone. Day three and the infection is looking like skin again! Wonderful healing oil!” Tammie “I worked for a pool and spa company... I’m fair skinned, outside all day. I had some crazy spots appearing on my face, head and arm that was always out the driver’s window. The oil cleared those spots right up in a matter of weeks! I now ingest.5 gram of pure THC every day to help battle any illness and to keep my immune system strong. BTW no flu shot ever! No flu since I was a kid.” Jay “I know the guys here are always saying use the pure RSO, and I am a really big fan of that stuff. However I just want to let people know that a coconut oil infusion made with the sugar leaves, has completely replaced neosporin for us, I have not had to buy that stuff for 2 years. It works better and faster, and I can slather it all over people’s hands and face and I don’t have to worry about them getting sick if they accidentally eat it.” Tina -- Tina, nothing works better and faster than pure RSO but I know what you are trying to say. Of course that less potent forms of cannabis medicine can also do wonders. The problem is that the success is not as reliable as with undiluted most potent RSO.

145 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Cannabis cosmetics will replace most currently available cosmetics soon, namely after women find out what the oil can do for their beauty. Hemp seed oil, coconut oil and shea butter are my favorite carriers but one can use whatever is popular locally where they live and add the oil to it. 20-30% RSO in creams works marvels but 0,01-1% can also be of great benefit for less serious conditions and everyday maintenance. JB “My girlfriend is highly allergic to mosquito bites and last night she had one on her temple... it was huge, anyways I suggested getting a band aid and putting RSO that we had made from cannabis leaves onto the bite. This morning when we woke up the bump had completely disappeared.” -- Thank you, Jimmy. I am sure this piece of information will help many people.

The mosquito season is here. And the oil works as a repellent, too, give it a try. It is always better to prevent problems from happening even though it is so easy to fix them with the oil. The oil can be used topically on anything that itches, burns or hurts. The sooner you apply the oil the sooner the problems can go away. Remember it. JB Q. How long can the oil last? Forever? What is the best storage, fridge, freezer, pantry? Thanks.

A. In a syringe and if kept in a dark cold place the oil will last for years, especially if you manage to protect the oil against visitors and family, namely women, because they seem to like ingesting the oil even more than men.

The moment women in your family find out about the rejuvenating effects of the oil and what it does with wrinkles, you will not have to worry about how long the oil will last, it will always get eaten or used topically very quickly. If you want to preserve your supply of the oil, do not tell women that cosmetics with 20-30% of the oil will do miracles for their complexion and make them look as young as physically possible, otherwise they will simply take it from you no matter what you will try to say or do and you will not have to worry about how long the oil will last.

This is not (meant as) a sexist comment, I am only informing of what I have seen happen many times, it is just an observation and an attempt to draw attention to what the oil can do for your complexion regardless of the gender. JB “If women knew that it reversed aging skin and repaired damaged skin (like in this person’s case) cannabis legalization support would go through the roof! The entire economy has thrived because of the suppression of this amazing natural medicine and we will all watch it crumble together as more and more people become informed and simply start medicating themselves.” Gil 146 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Q. Do you apply it to your face for wrinkle treatment> or take it orally or both?” Toni A. Both for best results, but topical application only can do a lot, too. JB “Did I read wrinkles? It helps WRINKLES? :0” Margie Chronic Pain “If you have the proper varieties to make the oil from, there is nothing better for chronic pain relief than hemp oil. The oils from many types of hemp are a wonderful natural painkiller that is not addictive or harmful. The medical system gives chronic pain sufferers dangerous, addictive, and harmful medications to control their pain. I do admit that such medications are somewhat effective but essentially all they do is mask the pain while providing no healing effect. When you are taking hemp oil for chronic pain, it not only reduces the pain, it actually goes to work trying to heal the cause of your suffering. For anyone suffering from chronic pain, hemp oil is by far the best treatment, since it is non-addictive and does no harm to the rest of your body.

I have seen people with bone cancer in agony when morphine and all the other pain medications the medical system uses could not kill their pain. But the hemp oil brought it under control in a matter of hours and they were able to get off these harmful substances very quickly with few withdrawal symptoms. I have also provided this medication to many patients with chronic pain and some of the results have been truly amazing. It was not unusual for me to receive reports from people the very next day, telling me that they are no longer suffering.

As I said, hemp oil has the ability to eliminate pain, but it also goes to work healing its cause. Again, the idea is to get off these dangerous addictive pharmaceutical medications as quickly as possible and replace them with the use of this oil.

Realistically, there is no comparison between hemp oil and pharmaceuticals. Most pain medications supplied by our medical system are dangerous, addictive, and deadly, while hemp oil presents no addiction or danger to the patient.

If a patient is taking morphine or other opiates to control their pain, I suggest they begin with doses about the size of a piece of short-grained dry rice. Then increase the amount you are ingesting as rapidly as possible, while reducing your intake of these substances until you have no further need for the pharmaceuticals at all. There are vast numbers of people who have been taking medications that their doctors prescribed for years and they have done little or nothing to help. If you want to know what it’s like to feel good again, give the oil a try and leave the insanity of the medical system behind.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer 147 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Back Pain, Scoliosis Have you had any patients that experienced relief from back pain or scoliosis? “The producer of our documentary “Run From the Cure” Christian Laurette had suffered with scoliosis for years. About thirteen years ago, the medical system offered to do an operation but they would only give Christian a 50/50 chance of walking again. With odds like this, he felt his only alternative was to live with the pain. Almost daily, he would collapse in agony from the scoliosis and he had more or less convinced himself that nothing could help. I provided him with some hemp oil and within hours he reported that he experienced no further back pain.

I explained to him that he had lived his life with a condition that would not allow him to exercise the way a normal person should, therefore his back muscles were very weak. As expected, after taking the oil as directed, Christian now functions normally with no pain, his back muscles have strengthened and he can now go without the oil for extended periods. Christian is just one of many with back problems who have found an effective cure or control with the use of this medication to ease their discomfort. In my opinion, there is no need for anyone to go through life in a constant state of agony. If you have back problems of any nature, I am sure this medication’s use will be of great benefit for most who have these conditions.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Diabetes “Diabetics that have just been diagnosed are usually quite easy to cure and in no time they are often free of the disease. But in patients who have had this condition for a long time and have suffered the effects of the disease for years, it will often take longer. Even in badly damaged patients, if high-quality oil is taken properly, often within six weeks they no longer need insulin. Unfortunately, the damage this disease causes within our bodies can take considerably longer to heal, but given time, most of this too can be repaired.

The oil seems to often have the ability to rejuvenate the pancreas quite rapidly, so it can again function properly. We were first able to prove this on a diabetic I had treated for cancer. At the end of his cancer treatment, he went off the oil completely for ten days. To my surprise, his blood sugar levels remained normal and he was eating many things that a diabetic should not. This man had been a diabetic for over thirty years and he had been taking two injections of insulin a day. So after he 148 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL had taken no oil for ten days and his blood sugar levels remained normal it became obvious that his pancreas must be functioning properly again.

I always tell patients I am not a doctor, but I think it would be in their best interests if they could get off the chemical medications they are using for other conditions.

Quite often, certain medications can impede the oil treatment’s effectiveness and the oil’s use will usually replace these medications anyway.

I have had reports from patients who were suffering from both type 1 and type 2 diabetes that stated the oil had treated them successfully. For instance, I have encountered patients who have been injecting insulin for thirty years, and, after starting the oil, within six weeks they no longer needed to take these injections. At the same time, other reports I received from some stated they were only successful in lowering their insulin intake. But they also stated that with the use of the oil it also did other wonderful things that improved their overall health.

The way I look at it, getting off insulin and having the pancreas controlling blood sugar levels once more is the goal. Yet, even if this cannot be completely accomplished, the effects of the oil will still be very beneficial to the patient’s body.

Since this disease causes circulation problems and other complications, often an infection caused from an injury is impossible to heal using the medical systems socalled conventional methods. For example, if a diabetic gets an infection on their foot and it refuses to heal properly, in the end, the medical system’s answer is to remove the foot or at least the part that had become infected.

I have known of diabetics personally who had this done and in no time they usually need to have more removed because infection continues to set in. What a horrible prospect for a diabetic to face and what makes it even worse is the fact that these operations are completely unnecessary.

At that time, I knew nothing about the healing abilities of the hemp plant and all I could do was watch the agony these patients had to go through; but since then I have finally learned the truth. If the oil is used externally, it will heal diabetic ulcers in a very short time, so you can imagine the benefits a diabetic receives when this substance is ingested. I have been making this information available for years but still doctors choose to ignore the use of this medication and continue to mutilate their patients. This is one of the reasons that I have no use for the medical system and all these so-called doctors who feed off our suffering.

After taking the oil treatment, many diabetics who have been on restricted diets for years behave like a kid in a candy store. Suddenly, they can again eat foods that a diabetic should not and some patients will tend to overindulge themselves.

As time goes on, the oil can reverse damage that has been done to the bodies of 149 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL diabetics such as bad circulation, etc. The oil will also heal those nasty infections that diabetics have to deal with in a sensible way, and from what we have witnessed, high-grade hemp oil is effective in the treatment of all types of diabetes.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “The oil rejuvenates the pancreas and, believe it or not, it then often starts producing insulin even after years of inactivity. Many patients can stop shooting insulin after several weeks on the oil. The oil also helps cure or control all the other diabetesrelated problems in the body.

I would eat the oil and/or use it in a suppository. Smoking or vaporizing can also help reduce blood sugar level, but the effects are very limited when compared to ingesting the oil. I would use the oil topically for diabetic ulcers, simply apply the oil, cover it with a bandage and repeat this every three days until the ulcer is healed. I would mix hemp seed oil with the extract and use it for massages, which will promote blood circulation and help prevent swelling and other discomforts. I would also include hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in my diet.” JB Heart, Blood Pressure Have you had any beneficial reports about hemp oil and heart conditions? “For those with heart problems who are commencing treatment with the oil, they should be aware that often the oil can increase a patient’s heart rate, until they become comfortable with its use. The increase in heart rate is usually only slight, but I feel that the patient should know that it can happen.

This medication is effective to reduce cholesterol levels and improves blood circulation, so that in itself would be of great benefit to the patient’s heart. Certainly, the heart is a vital organ and from our experience, hemp oil can rejuvenate vital organs. Although I have never told people to stop taking their heart medications, many have done so with no detrimental effects. I feel that hemp oil’s effect on heart conditions requires more research, but from what we have seen, this medication appears to be very beneficial for the heart.

Can the oil regulate blood pressure? Hemp oil can regulate blood pressure, indeed. I use it myself to help me sleep and to regulate my own blood pressure. When commencing treatment with hemp oil, 150 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL I tell patients that are already taking medication for this condition to keep a close eye on their blood pressure. Most who were using pharmaceuticals to control their blood pressure no longer require them upon commencing treatment with hemp oil.

Since hemp oil reduces blood pressure, anyone who tries to continue using their pharmaceutical blood pressure medications will likely find that the combination of the two will drive their blood pressure down too low. It’s a good idea to avoid this situation and with the use of portable blood pressure testers available today, this can easily be accomplished.

Can it help with other internal organ illnesses? From what I have seen with the use of hemp oil, many internal organ conditions and associated problems can be controlled or cured. When an internal organ is rejuvenated and healed, it can once again resume its duties within our body.

Personally, I think it makes much more sense to rejuvenate our own vital organs with the use of this oil, rather than to go through an organ transplant with all its associated dangers and then spending the rest of your life taking medications so the organ will not be rejected. In some cases, an organ transplant might be the only answer, but if this medication was used properly to rejuvenate vital organs, I think that there would be much less need for transplants.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “Heart is an internal organ and the oil rejuvenates vital organs. When patients start using the oil, they usually cut down their doses of their heart medication to a half, and most stop using the medications as soon as they feel they can stop using them.

The oil is very beneficial to the heart.

The oil can regulate blood pressure and arrhythmia very easily. It usually lowers blood pressure, so those who use blood pressure medications should be careful with the use of the oil until they get used to it. A combination of blood pressure medications and the oil can drive the pressure way too low, and so it is a good idea to monitor blood pressure using a blood pressure tester. In many cases, the oil increases heart rate slightly.

This area requires much more research, so patients should follow their common sense when commencing with the oil, but they should also stay in touch with their physician to make sure that the heart.

Heart patients should check the electric wiring in their home or employment.

151 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL The heart works on electromagnetic impulses, and so they should avoid staying in electromagnetic fields as much as possible.

I would eat the oil and I would also use it in suppositories. As for topical application, it never hurts but I cannot say how beneficial it really is at the moment. As always, I would use hemp in all ways possible. I would also include hemp seeds and hemp seed oil in my diet, both seeds and the oil are known to have very beneficial effects on many heart conditions.

If I were a doctor and were to carry out a heart-related surgery or transplant, etc., I would try to rejuvenate the organ with at least 60g of the oil. If 60g would not bring the patient to a sufficient state of health, I would still continue to give them the oil.” JB Asthma “Even smoking pot is beneficial for many asthma sufferers, but ingesting the oil or vaporizing it is a much more effective and medicinal way to treat this condition.

Using the oil in suppository form is also very effective for those with breathing problems, and so this method could be of benefit as well. We know many people who have asthma that have been helped with the use of this medication and I can honestly say that I am not aware of any treatment for this condition that is more effective. Even those who suffer from such things as COPD have witnessed amazing improvements in their ability to breath properly with the use of this medication. If you are experiencing any type of breathing problems, give the oil a try and I am sure you will have no regrets.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “One would expect that vaporizing the oil is the best treatment for asthma or breathing problems. Surprisingly, we found that hemp oil suppositories are extremely efficient in opening airways. Usually, within 30 minutes after a patient takes a suppository, they report that they feel as if their lungs opened and they can breathe much easier. Of course, as with any other illness, I would ingest a standard 60g dose over three months and then I would stay on a gram a day until I would feel completely healthy. Then, of course, I would stay on a maintenance dose for the rest of my life. I would use the oil orally, topically on my throat and chest and in suppository form.” JB 152 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Children and the Oil Mothers in particular will worry if it is safe to give oil to children. Is it safe then? “I consider hemp oil to be perfectly safe in the treatment of children in all age groups who suffer from cancer and other diseases. I really do not know how doctors treating little children in oncology units can live with themselves. Do they not know the damage they are doing to these little ones with their radiation, chemo, and other harmful, poisonous chemicals? Anyone who has ever studied medicine knows the effects of such treatments and is aware of the fact they are much more likely to produce death with the use of these treatments, rather than a cure. If parents would only take the time to fully understand what the medical system intends to do to their children, I am sure that most would rather have them treated with hemp oil, because it is a natural substance that is safe to use and will cause no harm to the child.

Knowing what I do about the medical system, I would never let them get their hands on any child of mine. In the event that someone tried to force me to do otherwise, the situation would instantly turn very ugly indeed.

I think it is only natural that any parent would want to protect their children and keep them out of harm’s way. If I thought the medical system presented a danger as the parent of the child, I would feel that I should have the right to choose other methods of treatment. Recently in the US and Canada, there have been cases where the authorities took children and forced them to take chemotherapy against both the wishes of the child and the parents themselves. It seems that as adults we have the right to reject their insane treatments, but our children do not. Since chemotherapy is simply poison, if anyone were to go against my will and administer such a thing to a child of mine, it could likely be said that they would not have a very bright future.

In my opinion, anyone who would do such a thing without the parents’ consent is guilty of attempted murder and if the child were to die, they would then be responsible for their death. I don’t care how you choose to look at it, poison is poison, and if a doctor administers these substances, they are just as guilty as I would be if I were to do the same. Just because doctors wear white coats does not mean they have the right to harm their patients; in fact, it goes against their own Hippocratic Oath. If I were them, I would start practicing medicine in the proper way before someone connected to the patients they have harmed decides to seek retribution against them.

153 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL How can hemp oil be used in disease prevention? Once again, would it also be safe to give the oil to children? I know of nothing better than hemp oil to prevent diseases and I also consider this medication to be perfectly safe in the treatment of children. I have often stated that if children were given tiny doses of hemp oil, diseases like diabetes, MS, cancer, and many others could be prevented from ever occurring in most cases.

If minuscule doses of oil are given to children, THC and its associated cannabinoids will build up in their systems and prevent disease. I am not talking about getting children high; this is about providing children or people of any age with a harmless, non-addictive medicine to prevent medical problems in the future.

There is no logical reason why we should be prevented from growing and producing our own medicine to treat the ones we love. Should our children or even we ourselves be suffering and dying because drug companies want to make more money? When there is a natural medication available to ease our medical problems that most people have little trouble producing? It’s time to kiss the drug companies good bye and find out what Mother Nature can provide to keep ourselves and our children healthy.

How to dose hemp oil for children? As for doses, children are no different than adults and they all have different tolerances for this medication. To prevent diseases in children, only miniscule doses would be required once a day about an hour before bedtime, so the chance of getting a child high would be very remote. Again, hemp oil does not cause any harm, so I do not know why anyone would hesitate in giving it to their children.

In addition, imagine all the everyday injuries which take place that we could now treat ourselves if the oil was available. Things such as burns, cuts, scratches, sores, infections, insect bites, etc. can be treated so easily and effectively with the topical use of this oil.

After my experiences with this medication, it would be the first thing I would give my child for internal and external conditions. Yet, I definitely would hesitate and think twice before I would allow them to ingest chemical medications. In fact, knowing what I do about the medical industry, I would not even consider such a thing.

It takes experience with the healing effects of hemp oil to get to this way of thinking, but no doubt after seeing what it can do, you too will become converted. I firmly believe that if children and people of all ages were to take small doses of this oil on a regular basis, they could all live longer and be much more healthy.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer 154 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Q. Is there an age that they can start this? My son is 3 and has bad eczema and its cold a good portion of the year here.” Roxanne -- Roxanne, it is absolutely safe to give the oil to children, even to newborns, especially when used topically in a mix with hemp seed oil or shea butter. It is a good strategy to mix hemp seed oil with the oil (1% of oil will do, but 20-30% would be ideal) and then add a few drops of it to the bath every day. It will leave a thin film on the whole body and that is usually all that is needed (or at least for maintenance). Take pics and videos, the improvement will be very very quick. The itching and irritation will go away in seconds or minutes, and the eczema should simply disappear within a week or more. Best wishes, JB “That smoke is NOT healthy for kids or mamas... stupid mamas and what are you telling your kids? Oil or nada! Especially to kids!” Naia -- I wouldn’t be so radical, smoking or vaporizing also has beneficial effects, for instance against nausea in pregnant women. It won’t harm the kid. JB “Smoke isn’t so great... especially if you have tendencies towards allergies...

just saying. I cannot handle smoke! Also, kids are not capable of knowing when to stop... whether it is sugar, caffeine, food, etc. You have to be their guide. I do not think advocating cannabis smoking is a great idea for teens. Just saying. Just my opinion from what I have seen. Could also distract from school work and important issues.” Naia -- I used to get distracted from schoolwork and important issues, too, and we did not have any cannabis available to us at all. All it took for me was to see a good looking girl somewhere around and that was it for school work and issues that were important to others but not to me.

If you control how much tea your kids drink, of course go ahead and control how much cannabis they are going to take or ingest. Good luck with that. It is a vain effort but I am sure it will keep many people busy for the next few years until they realize how safe cannabis is and that it is really practically impossible to fatally overdose on it.

So who cares how much of it anyone ingests? I don’t. I don’t even care how many cups of tea or coffee people drink a day, imagine that. Why should I? It is none of my business. And it is none of anybody’s business how much of this life saving and preventive medicine anyone ingests.

The more oil you have in you and the more often the better for your health. That’s the only rule that really applies. To people of all ages, including children and 155 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL pregnant mothers. If you don’t like this idea, get over it, learn to live with it, that’s the best thing you can do. No regulation of cannabis will work, it simply can’t be regulated anyway. Plus, there is no reason to regulate it. JB “I am so happy to finally be able to announce that my sweet baby boy is using cannabis to fight the side effects of chemo & radiation AND to ensure that he doesn’t grow any new tumors! This medicine has helped him tremendously. Before he was getting this medicine he was constantly throwing up, he wouldn’t eat, he was very lethargic & cranky... now he’s eating, he’s keeping his food down, he’s gaining weight & anyone who has been around him knows how absolutely happy he is.“ -- Well, without the poison in his body the kid would be doing much better. It really makes no sense to use chemo and radiation along with the oil, it is like giving the patient an antidote while pumping venom in their veins. Oil only for best results.

Doctors should know this, it is not so difficult to understand that it is not a good idea to give children poison when it is not necessary. JB Q. “I’m a 29 years old single mother. My son is now 8 years old and lives with moderate autism. I wouldn’t change my mini me for anything in this world, except to make his life a little easier. I was wondering if you’ve had any other parents come to you asking about the oil? Or any success stories with autism/Asperger’s? If I did decide to go this route what kind of dosage would I be looking at? I appreciate all info! Thank you. From a frustrated mama & little boy.” A. “The oil is about the only thing that might work,” said Rick when I read this to him. Dosage instructions and other info on how to produce and use the oil is on our site and in Rick’s e-book. I have helped quite a few autistic children in the past, and this medicine does wonders for them.

Children love taking this medicine, they are not prejudiced, they don’t know that they are “doing something wrong”, and parents enjoy it a lot when they have some time for themselves. For best results, as always, I would start with a standard 60g treatment, no pills, and then I would keep the kid on a maintenance dose in an amount of his choice for the rest of his long and peaceful life. And the kid from the video should do exactly the same, if at all possible. Best wishes, JB Q. My wife has severe lower back pain due to being 7 months pregnant, she describes it as a nervous twitch that’s is extremely painful. I tried looking around on your site and here. Will RSO dramatically help the pain? Do you have a link to a previous topic on this subject? I am concerned if they put her on codeine it will harm the baby A. I would have her ingest a tiny doses of the oil and apply the oil topically on her 156 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL back. Give her a massage with a mix of the oil and hemp seed oil. Yes, there is a good chance that codeine might harm the baby. The oil cannot and will not harm the baby in any way. JB “What is the youngest person you are aware of being treated with RSO? Is there a pediatric treatment protocol? While we have been unsuccessful so far in swaying grandma’s opinion & be able to cure grandpa. I have a 2yr old with unknown gastric issues (yes she has been in “medical” treatment for over a year & all the pills, creams, lotions & Big Pharma potions have been unsuccessful. They are now leaning towards a protein syndrome. Obviously a 25lb child can’t handle the same dosage as a 175lb man so do you recommend it at all for pediatric applications?” Sara -- Pregnant mothers should be using the oil and then increase the dose when they give birth. After birth, mothers should be eating small doses of the oil to make sure that the child will develop in an optimal way.

So, if you ask me, my youngest patient was minus eight months old and is still doing great, he is the best developed kid in his kindergarten and started to speak sooner than most others. His mother used the oil before she gave birth to him, and the kid also was given the oil after vaccination with a hexavaccine to make sure that the dangerous chemicals will be flushed from his body as quickly as possible.

Cannabis oil is a safe medicine for people of all ages. If you have problems grasping this, see what the oil does for eczema or a diaper rash and then come back and tell me that you would never give cannabis to your child. All you would hear from me is that a parent who would not give cannabis as medicine to their child is either badly misinformed, or they are psychopathic sadists who enjoy to watch others suffer.

Do you know how effective the oil is against toothaches? Would you give the child the oil to fight the pain associated with teeth growing? I would. With no hesitation at all.

Dosage for children is basically the same as for adults, when you are treating something serious. Start with a minuscule dose three times a day, get the patient used to it, increase the dose every four days or as convenient, and always try to get as much medicine into the patient as quickly as reasonably possible, while making sure that they stay in their comfort zone. JB “A nurse friend used it on stage 3 diaper rash, gone overnight!” Alice -- For those who think that children should not use cannabis. What other medicine would you like to give them if not this oldest, safest natural medicine that has been used for thousands of years? Or are you going to watch you kids suffer from all those 157 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL eczemas and rashes for no reason? That’s not a nice thing to do, I’d say. Especially when there is such a simple solution to all these skin problems.

Is it ok to watch your children scream from pain when you could simply give them a drop of the oil and they would be pain free? Hm? JB “The neurosurgeon looked at Spencer’s most recent MRI, and said, “The large tumor, on the pineal gland, and there is NO doubt it was a large TUMOR, is GONE!!!!” He then went on to say, “The brain stem tumor is totally calcified!! It’s very unlikely to grow, ever!” Next he said, “I do NOT believe he has ANY tumors on his spine, these small spots of light do NOT look like tumors to me.” I found out the reason Spencer’s mental status has improved so drastically, is because the pineal tumor is GONE!!! The neuro tried to say it was the chemo, but I pointed out that that tumor was still totally unchanged, 30 days AFTER we stopped chemo!! His response? “Well, I guess he is a lucky kid, whose tumor MAGICALLY disappeared!!!” Magic? No. Chemo? NO, and we can prove that. I did not mention cannabis oil. He was VERY insistent that we do another MRI immediately to confirm his opinions.

He said to call his office the very second we book the appointment for the MRI. So, there you have it folks! Neurologist confirmed, CANNABIS safely KILLS CANCER Peeps!” Corrie “Can the admin please advise what kind of dosage to give to an 8 year old who has been sent home to die?” Ricardo -- Start with a small dose, see how the kid responds and then up the dose as quickly as the kid can take it. Three times a day. Usually they are full of pills when they are sent home to die, so you want to detoxify them first because you don’t know what the interaction will do, usually it’s not very nice what the interaction with those deadly chemicals do. But it is because the oil is trying to clean the table so that it could start to work.

Or, if you have nothing to lose, you can also start with a large quantity of the oil and put the patient in a state of controlled coma that way. That’s what I would probably do, but it is up to the parents which direction of treatment they choose.

All I know is that aggressive illnesses should be treated aggressively. And I also know that, in general, the more oil you manage to get into the patient and the more quickly you do it, the better the chance of success and survival. But I also know that the dosage instructions are mentioned at for a reason.

158 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL If it were my kid, I would fill him full of the oil, I know that for sure. The kid would be swimming in it and I’d most likely not let any doctor come near him or her. But that’s me and I know what to do. Best wishes, JB Suppositories Suppositories with the Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) are a blessing for all women with PMS-related issues as well as for anyone with hemorrhoids, Crohn’s, bowel and intestine issues etc. They are also great for breathing and for lung conditions, not to mention flu control. They produce a very pleasant long-lasting feeling in the body.

I have not seen anyone yet who didn’t like taking them after they overcame their initial hesitations.” JB HOW TO MAKE SUPPOSITORIES? Melt cocoa butter, add oil, approximately 1-2g of oil per 100g of melted cocoa butter to start with. Then increase the dose every four days until the patient uses about 0.33 g of the oil in each suppository.

1g (total weight) suppositories for children, 2g for adults, 3g (balls) for vaginal issues.

0.01-0.02g of oil per suppository will work well for beginners. If you start someone with 0.05 g in a suppo, they will probably not feel it much either, but it is better to start with a small dose (for those who have never tried hemp in the past etc.). Doses of up to 0.005g of THC are usually tolerated with no or hardly any symptoms at all.

The real RSO is very potent and you never know how exactly a patient will respond (blood pressure etc.), but suppositories would be a good way to get people accustomed to the oil.

The interesting thing about suppositories is how they seem to open the lungs and make breathing much easier within say 20 minutes - a dream come true for many with COPD or asthma etc. Patients have also used them to treat psoriasis, high blood pressure, Crohn’s, PMS cramps etc.

You can also add other natural oils to the suppositories, it depends what you want them for and what the purpose is. Simply to some natural medicine sites and read what different essential oils do and you can experiment as much as you deem necessary.

159 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Also, suppositories are a great way to treat patients that can´t eat the oil or can´t keep it in their stomach for some reason.

As far as I am concerned, judging by the effects, taking the oil in suppositories is the best and most pleasant way of using hemp. It sounds and looks funny at first, I admit that, but those who have tried agree. Maybe it opens the chakras from the bottom up, who knows, but it certainly feels great.

Women would love taking the suppositories - they also help with all sorts of bacterial and viral infections, “partner exchanges of microbiological information”, allergies to condoms and the lubricants used on them, etc.

Did I mention how greatly the oil takes care of (levels) hormonal imbalances? Best wishes, Jindrich Bayer “Suppositories with the RSO can also be used for all sorts of vaginal issues, including but not limited to yeast infections, HPV, condylomata, herpes and many other illnesses or infections one doesn’t necessarily need to suffer from. Especially when they can be taken care of so easily with the use of the oil.” JB “Can you give me advice on whether hemp oil is safe to use during pregnancy please? There is not a lot of info out there that I can find. My friend has just been told she has a umbilical cyst that may cause blood clots leading to her baby dying. I have seen the effects of hemp oil and the good it can do, I’m just unsure if it is safe during pregnancy.” Christine -- Dear Christine, of course it is safe to use it, hemp has been used during pregnancy and for labor pains, too, for centuries. I recommend that she makes suppositories with 0,01-0,06g of oil in each one (start with 1-2g of oil per 100g of cocoa butter).

The cyst will disappear within several weeks, or it usually does. Three times a day, and no worries, the oil will not harm the baby. Best wishes, JB “JB, I agree with the suppository however what type of cocoa butter are you using? Should I get unrefined pure unbleached cocoa butter? Also will coconut oil work as a suppository base?” Sara -- Well, it is up to you which brand or type of cocoa butter you will go for. Coconut oil might be too runny. Cocoa butter works better as a suppository base. JB “Would anyone have any ideas on how to give the hemp oil to someone through a feeding tube? I’ve mixed it with olive oil to make it not as thick, but I’m still afraid of it clogging the tube. Any ideas?” Steven Havre 160 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL -- Steven, it is always best to find a way how to administer undiluted oil, that is the best way to go. When you cannot find a way, you can mix it with the patient’s food and have them eat it that way. Yes, it might clog the tube, namely if the oil is of a thick consistency. Some oils are thick, some are more runny. But when you warm them up to body temperature, they should be runny enough to not clog the tube.

Another way is to give it to patients in suppositories with cocoa butter. Still, eating the oil is the preferred way of taking this medicine, whenever possible. There are many ways of administering the oil and it is often very individual, so try to find a way that will suit the patient best. Best wishes, JB “Exactly! I’m treating my Mother she has throat Cancer and have successively administered it through her feeding tube, warm it a little and I mix it with coconut oil! Never have clogged the tube!” Steve “I am giving it to my son through his feeding tube when he won’t swallow it - I pour very hot water onto the oil in a cup, then it dissipates, then I add some cooler water (not too much) so the water’s not too hot, then pour it into the tube. It’s worked quite well although sometimes oil does line the tube a little but it’s never been blocked. The secret it to pour it down while it’s still very warm.” Angela “I know it sounds terrible, but a little coca cola through the tube to flush it after administering viscous stuff, or just to clean clogs in general works well. An old RN standby.” Ellen Surgery or Oil? “You’d never take my tits, when I can ingest RSO!!” Chloe “The very idea that breast cancer is a “percent risk” is a complete lie. In reality, everyone has cancer micro-tumors in their bodies, including myself. Cancer is not a disease you just “get” like being randomly struck by lightning. It’s something you must “manage” or “prevent” day by day, meal by meal, through a lifestyle choice that involves vitamin D supplementation, nutrition, superfoods, vegetable juices and avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals and radiation. So when a doctor says you have a “chance” of getting cancer, what he’s implying is that you have no control over cancer, and that’s an outright lie. Cancer quackery, in other words.” -- When you have a “chance” of getting cancer, simply get on the oil. It is a much healthier and safer option.” JB 161 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Look at cancer or another serious disease as if it was a fire. The bigger the fire, the more power you need to extinguish it.

So, would you rather use a hundred buckets of water (RSO) or a glass of water (other types of oil) if your own house was on fire? Or would you like to see professional firemen come and help you with it? That’s what I would prefer, but the current firemen, i.e. doctors, are not even allowed to use water to extinguish all those fires and they don’t even know how to use it after all those decades of indoctrinating, brainwashing and not using cannabis in medicine.

Does it makes sense to you that someone would send expert firemen to a big fire in the city and did not let them use water, i.e. the most basic and traditional form of fighting against fire? Not to me. But still, that is exactly what those in power did to the medical system we have today.

Lots of fires, no water, i.e. lots of extra work for firemen/doctors who cannot do their job the best way they could. That is not how it should be, I think. They should have the best equipment and the best tools for their job, shouldn’t they? That is what I would do if I were their manager/government. Is there anything wrong with looking at it this way? I don’t think so.” JB PMS, Menopause “This is one thing for which hemp and hemp oil in particular is the best there is, bar none. You simply will not find anything that could or would help better than hemp.

It will help restore hormonal balance and take the edge off the aggression, mood swings, etc. It will also help ease premenstrual pain and cramps, uneasy feelings, anxiety, etc.

If I saw a woman start behaving strangely due to PMS-related hormonal imbalances in her body, I would give her hemp immediately in all ways or shapes or forms available. I do not see a reason why anyone should suffer needlessly. Not to mention that when one suffers, everyone around them suffers consequently, as anyone who has had to deal with a premenstrual woman can confirm. I would have her eat the oil, use it in a suppository and I would not neglect topical use on her belly and back.

She will like it because it will take away the pain and improve her skin on those parts. I would also smoke some oil with her so that she knew that she is “not alone” and that someone cares.

With hemp, menstruation does not have to be a frustrating and unpleasant experience for everyone involved.“ JB 162 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Q. Damn it, JB... she was doing great, UNTIL the anti-estrogen shots. They make her deathly ill.

A. Surprise, surprise, Valerie. “Stay away from doctors” is the rule of the game at the moment. We don’t say it out of pleasure, it is a reality. The patients usually do well on the oil until medical experts intervene and screw it up with some unnecessary highly alternative and experimental chemical medications. So until doctors learn how to use this medicine properly, it is really safest to stay away from them (if the circumstances allow, of course). She does not need the shots, she needs to ingest as much oil as she can as quickly as she can to undo the damage from previous medical treatments and to get her condition under control. If the oil doesn’t help, it is highly unlikely that something else would. JB Body Weight Regulation “Hemp oil is a great detoxifier and it is not unusual for people who are overweight to lose many pounds during their treatment. It’s almost as if the oil knows what you should weigh and over time it will bring your body to that level. In my own case, the oil took about 30 pounds off me, but I have seen many people lose a great deal more.

When you are ingesting hemp oil, it is not like being on a diet. You can eat as much as you want to and whatever you like. The oil seems to naturally curb an overweight person’s appetite and I know of no better or safer way to lose weight. In addition, it can stimulate the appetite of a person who needs to gain weight.

It’s just as I said, the oil wants to bring your body back to a healthy weight no matter if you are underweight or overweight. If you would like to go on some type of diet, that is your choice, but I for one would prefer not to eat rabbit food all the time.

In addition, at my age I really find no joy in doing all kinds of exercises, so if I wanted to lose weight this would not be an option. If I want to shed a few pounds, I know the way to do it without diets or exercise and now you are also aware how this can be accomplished yourself. Once this wonderful oil becomes more available, in a short time, those who are now overweight or underweight will likely not remain so for long. Being overweight can cause an early death, so if you are carrying a few pounds extra, now you know how to deal with the problem.

Do you mean it seriously that it can take off excess weight without exercise? Yes, hemp oil can take weight off without exercise and I am living proof. If I take 163 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL my shirt off, I look like someone who has worked out a great deal and my body is at the correct weight for a man of my height.

When I was younger, I did a lot of swimming, but now since losing the excess weight I was carrying, you can see all of my stomach muscles again. I don’t even have love handles, just a band of muscle on each side and I don’t do any exercises.

If you would like to experience the same, all you have to do is follow my example and soon your body will begin to look the way it should.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “My son uses Simpson oil for his Crohn’s but I hear it can help lose weight. If so how?” Krystal -- Yes, it can, eat the oil and you will lose weight if you are overweight and gain weight when you are underweight. Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how it’s possible, I don’t know the answer. It simply happens. I lost 50 kilos myself on the oil and believe me I tried my best to disprove Rick. But I failed and the oil regrew my muscles, too. It was strange and hard to believe, I admit. But I don’t mind that I lost all that weight without a drop of sweat and without exercise. Actually it was quite enjoyable and I didn’t mind the good sleep that came as the only notable side effect of using the oil. Dosage instructions can be found at JB Anxiety, Paranoia “I think anxiety and paranoia with the use of this medicine could be greatly reduced if the system would just stop arresting people for using it. When beginning treatment with the oil, I tell patients, “If the oil is making you sleepy, don’t fight it.” Some people can become anxious while trying to overcome the relaxing effect of this medication when what they really should do is just relax and not fight these effects. Many varieties of hemp have a very low potential to cause anxiety, but there are some strains that do. If patients feel uncomfortable with the oil they are trying to use in such cases, I often advise them to make the medicine from a strain that will cause less problems.

If this medicine’s use were only legal, I am sure it would take away much of the anxiety associated with its use. Also some strains can produce more anxiety than others, so if you are experiencing such feelings, simply switching strains could eliminate the problem. Many people find using substances like dark chocolate 164 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL and cayenne pepper to be quite effective in helping to lower their anxiety and reduce their heart rate. The most important thing to remember with the use of this medication is to keep in mind it is the safest medicine on earth.

The use of this substance does no harm and if the patient experiences anxiety, it is caused quite frequently by the patients themselves because they get all worked up for no reason. Or often pharmaceutical drugs a patient is needlessly trying to ingest could present a problem that can give them symptoms of anxiety. But this is easily rectified in most cases by simply getting off these harmful chemical medications. In addition there is also a natural substance which our bodies produce called citicoline that is supposed to be effective to treat anxiety as well. I am told that citicoline is available in 70 countries, so if you just go on the internet, you should have little trouble locating what you require.

It takes a while to get used to hemp oil’s effects and beginners may experience some anxiety. But in a short time, most will become comfortable with its use and the anxiety will just fade away. As a matter of fact, once patients become accustomed to the oil’s effects, they often laugh about the way it had scared them so badly in the beginning.

Quite frequently, I am still contacted by patients who tried to use a sativa strain to produce their medication and often the effects of a strong sativa can cause anxiety.

This continues to happen even though I have stated many times such strains should not be used because they are too energizing.

You don’t want a patient to be energized, you need to use a strong sedative indica to help him or her to relax and heal while sleeping. I hate to see people waste their time and money trying to produce oil from the wrong strains, but that is often what happens when our instructions are not followed. With a little effort, I am sure we can develop good medicinal varieties that will produce no anxiety at all. But this cannot be accomplished in the proper way until we have the freedom to do the simple research that is required.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Depression “I have found both sativa and indica strains to be effective in the treatment of depression. Yet, I seldom use sativa strains for treating people due to their energizing effects. Most patients who come to me have a serious illness and I don’t want them energized during the healing process.

I find the sleep and rest that a good indica oil provides to be the most beneficial 165 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL for the vast majority of medical conditions. Oil from a good indica variety is very effective in the treatment of depression and can often eliminate this problem in a very short time. Most who have come to me were in a depressed state due to other conditions they were suffering from. When the condition is cured or brought under control, the depressed state they were experiencing just fades away.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Multiple Sclerosis (MS) What are your experiences with curing multiple sclerosis? Many people already know that hemp can help, but do not know how to use it.

“Recently we received a report from a lady suffering with MS who ingested two ounces of high-grade hemp oil a year ago for her condition. The effect of the oil treatment was very successful and even though she has ingested no oil over the last year, she remains in good health. From my experience, multiple sclerosis is often curable, but for people who have suffered for years with this condition, it will take time to undo the damage the disease has caused. Many MS sufferers smoke hemp for relief, but using hemp in this manner will not cure them and the disease will continue to progress.

The only way I know to treat MS and the damage associated with this disease effectively is to ingest the oil on a regular basis until it is cured or brought under control. If you have MS, do yourself a favor and give this medication a try. Life is supposed to be about living, not suffering, so why should a patient allow this condition to ruin their life when it can be treated in an effective manner? I know of patients with this disorder that could no longer walk properly, but after only a few weeks of ingesting the oil, they could again walk normally. MS is just one of many conditions that doctors say cannot be cured, instead they tell us that they can only manage the symptoms, while the disease itself continues to take its toll. If you would like to prove your doctor wrong, give the oil a try and start living for a change and when you do, I am sure you will realize that the guy in the white coat does not always have all the answers.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Addictions “I very recently observed a terminally ill morphine dependent cancer patient go OFF morphine “COLD TURKEY”. Once off morphine, she became famished; was no longer constipated; slept very soundly and her pain was controlled far better.

166 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL She also become coherent once again. AMAZING. If I’d not seen this 180 degree change myself, I’d NEVER believed it. I’ve never before been pro-marijuana, but this personal observation made me a believer.” Janice “One thing I have noticed now that I have taking RSO for 3 months now, it almost got rid of my cravings for alcohol. I used to have a drink or 2 every night but now I rarely want a drink and when I do, I don’t drink as much, I also noticed that my pants have been much looser. I have lost 10 lbs. The only thing I do less of is drink alcohol.

I still eat the same and still nibble on mixed nuts, cookies etc. at night when I have the munchies and I might even be eating more than before the Oil. Yes the Oil can make you hungry.

So either the lack of alcohol or the oil has caused me to lose 10 lbs in 3 months.

And I wasn’t really overweight, 5’ 10“ and about 198lbs. When I was younger, I was always about 186lbs and fit. Now I’m down to 187lb last I checked. Either way, the oil or lack of alcohol caused me to lose weight. Just a happy side effect.” Scott “Opiates make me constipated, nauseated, are difficult to get the right dose for effective relief. They make me “woozy”, make it unsafe to drive and on and on.

Marijuana doesn’t. Enough said.” Fred “15 year opiate addiction cured by the oil. I wouldn’t have tried it if it weren’t for Rick. So I have to say I truly owe him my life so I now am one of his biggest supporters. I had always smoked but that never helped with the pain I’d get from being on pills. I just wanted to die so many times because I was no longer in charge of my life. I can say because of the RSO. I am NOT on morphine, oxy, perc, vic, or suboxine... it got me off it all!!!!! And I’m 40 n feel 20 again. My arthritis I used to feel every morning is now GONE. I have taken the oil internally 10 times and my life has begun again. There aren’t words to express how grateful I am. If you are on pills start by taking your oil at night unless you have a week to just sleep, then I’d go that route. Pm me if any questions.” Rebecca “Cannabis got me off Benzo’s after over 30 years of addiction more than 158 years ago, without it, carrying on as I was, I’d have been dead now…” Phil “I’m off all painkilling medication and am now able to function - I wish more people could trust the power of nature!” Sue 167 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Sleeping, Insomnia “As for insomnia, there is nothing better than properly produced oil from a good indica strain to give a person the sleep they require. The effects of my head injury left me with what can best be described as a tuning fork gone mad inside my head.

This high-pitched sound made it impossible for me to sleep and I was unable to get the rest I required. The medical system gave me many different medications for this condition but nothing worked. Often I was left with terrible side effects from the use of these drugs that caused me more distress than the condition I suffer from.

I found that just smoking hemp allowed me to get more rest than any of the pills the medical system gave me. Then when I started ingesting hemp oil, I received even more relief and it was not unusual for me to obtain eight to twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep.

For years before taking the oil, I would get up more tired than when I had gone to bed and I was getting very little rest at night. Then all of a sudden after taking the oil I started waking up in the morning well rested and refreshed.

As many of us get older, we start experiencing sleeping problems and this can have a very detrimental effect on our overall health and well-being. The doctors can give you sleeping pills, but if you really knew what they were made from, I doubt that you would want them in your body.

A good night’s sleep is not something that is just nice to have, it’s a necessity if you want to remain active and healthy and there is nothing better than hemp oil to give your body the rest you require.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “Aaryn: I think that I ate a bit too big of a piece... but it is not a bad thing! It is just maybe time to go to sleep.

-- How was the sleep, Aaryn? JB Aaryn: Great! I am still resting! I am finding that it is helping with my depression and anxiety already. The oil makes me laugh, lol.

I had another patient over here who I was showing how to make the oil and he has anxiety as well. He was laughing too. It was great.

I am eating a rice sized amount 4 times a day the last 2 days, and I have had to inhale the medicine less frequently, and am having minimal pain.“ 168 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL -- That’s what treatment of serious disease should look like, shouldn’t it? The patient is sleeping, wakes up refreshed, laughs a lot about himself and the foolishness of the whole situation, does not experience stress, anxiety or side effects of chemical meds etc. I personally would certainly like this a lot.” JB “I’m on the hemp oil for a several conditions and I’ve never slept so well or felt so good... Thank you Rick Simpson & JB for getting the message out that this plant does wonders for everything imaginable!! Just DO it people and see for yourself!! It’s the only way that you’ll become a true believer, trust me!!” Val -- Thank you, Val. It is true that nothing beats personal experience with what the oil can do. Once you try it, for instance on a burn or a mosquito bite and the itching and pain will go away in seconds, everyone can tell you what they want and you will know that they can tell you what they want but the oil will still be the best medicine there is. And you will want to have a bucket of it at home, just in case something happened.

You don’t have to trust a word we say, just make the oil, find someone with a burn, skin cancer, diabetic ulcer, then apply it topically and watch what happens. Then remember that the same will happen inside your body when you ingest the oil, and that’s about all you need to know, really. JB “Some people are just ignorant and afraid... Because of Rick Simpson I myself have been able to go down on my pain meds considerably, I mean I was taking 60mg of OxyContin 3 in the morning and 3 at bedtime and had been taking them for over 8 years... It sucked! Now since starting the oil I only take 1 in the a.m. and 1 in the p.m.! Talk about a miracle at least that’s the way I see it! The doctors told me I’d never be able to go down or be able to stop taking them. Boy, did “Rick Simpson” and I prove my doctors wrong.

I’m doing it and I feel better than I did taking those damn poison pills! Even though I was on such a high dose of the OxyContin I was still experiencing pain, day in and day out, not sleeping and not eating...

Today I’m pain free, sleeping normally and eating more! And I’m not stopping my quest to get off these pills I’m hoping by the time I’ve been on the oil for a month I’ll be totally off! Wish me luck!“ Nancy I actually have schizophrenia and I use medical cannabis for side effects related to my condition, such as anxiety and insomnia. The medicine works, ever since I started medicating more frequent I have been able to sleep, which I couldn’t before.

169 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL A lot of my symptoms appear when I lack sleep. Never have I experienced voices while on cannabis, I feel it actually protects me from them...“ Jose -- I agree, Jose, sleep deprivation is the cause of many mental conditions. Quite logically, when one has not had enough sleep, one does not feel as well as he/she would after ten hours of refreshing sleep after eating the oil. JB “The more sedative the better. I use it at night before I go to bed and it works. I now sleep 8 hours straight out. Rest has been the very best thing for me. The 80% and up strength takes a while for you to get used to it but you will get there. Start with 0.01 ml as directed and work up from there. I tried a 0.025 to time I took only the 0.01 ml. The 0.025 ml put me on the couch for 10 hours. Be careful but remember to take it. As I said Night time is the Right time for me. Can function during the day and REST at night.” John “I am giving the oil to my fiance (Jason) and he isn’t taken much and it is making him so tired. He sleeps most of the day. I am going to take him off of it for a day or two just to see what changes it makes... then maybe give him a tiny bit like 1/2 a grain of rice (at least that was what we have read) maybe we bumped it up to quickly for him.” Jason -- Jason, the sleepy feeling is ok and you want the patient to sleep as much as possible.

The sedative effect will wear of in a few weeks but it is not anything undesirable, on the contrary. Best wishes, JB Q: Making some today for a man who the white coats have said he has two weeks to live and there’s nothing more they can do for him. I hope to have good news for everybody soon. Trying to also get him to stop smoking and to change his diet and more to give his immune system a fighting chance. Thank you Rick and JB for your knowledge and giving us a real cure.

A: Dave, let him smoke, it makes no difference if he eats the oil. Also, he is going to sleep a lot, so he will smoke so much anyway.

As for changing the diet now, well, he should change it reasonably but not drastically, let him eat what he feels like. Not necessarily a sausage, but something reasonable, Increase his body’s pH, have him eat seeds from two apples every day. The most important thing is to get as much oil in him as possible as quickly as possible. There is still a chance. Combine eating the oil, suppositories, vaporizing and topical use for best results. Even if he does not make it, he will live a maximum quality of life until the end, and that’s very important, too. I am sure it will be more than two weeks, but we will see. Doctors are not always right with their predictions when the oil comes into play. Best wishes, JB 170 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “I sleep very soundly, and longer than usual. Once I am up I feel very rested, not groggy like when smoking.” Terry “I sleep well and dream but I wake up groggy. Takes hours to come on and then it lasts a long, long time. I use it every night. It takes away my arthritis pain and lets me sleep.” Katherine “I have cancer and sleep apnea. Not only do I get amazing sleep, I don’t wake up from hot flashes. It is a blessing.” Stephanie “It feels like being happily dead!” Mal “My mind without it is like a New York traffic jam. With it - it eases it into a Zen garden state whilst still functioning on a normal level.” Andris “I have had a sleep disorder for 20 years, RSO oil has helped me sleep for the first time and I am pain free upon awakening! Yay!” Bonnie “I have a herniated disc that presses on my sciatic nerve causing severe pain to shoot from my lower back down my left leg to my toes. I was taking 3 ibuprofen every four hours just so I could get out of bed and be able to walk. I started taking the oil almost two weeks ago for the pain and inflammation. I now require no ibuprofen, I sleep better than I may have ever, my coworkers have commented on my better moods and overall happiness. I FEEL GOOD!” Jennifer “Been giving my 14 year old Pit the oil for 4 weeks now for cancer. She sometimes gets a bit ‘twitchy’ and drunk when I give her too much, but when the hecticness wears off, she sleeps like a pup.

She refused to take vet meds so we got some oil instead. Still early days but I’m recording her progress. It took about a week for her to get used to the oil and to develop an appetite again. I’m jealous, as we can at this stage only afford the oil for her Love everyone’s beautiful stories!” “I have Social phobia (better termed as social anxiety disorder), depression and insomnia. Never took the oil, ‘cause I can’t find it here where I live, also can’t cultivate and extract it myself... but I did smoke about ten times, what I felt was that after the first time, I could now sleep whenever I felt tired, I had my “all-life-no-depressivemonth”, never felt so happy(no depression) and with all that vitality even taking the most potent medicines (which are leading me to other health problems) for that, also my social anxiety (phobia) decreased a lot and I didn’t need to be “high” to feel that, if I’d smoked 1 or even 2 days before I have to go out and talk to other people, stay in a public place (what this disorder makes impossible), NOW I COULD DO 171 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL THAT, felt alive again as a “normal person”, no medicine did that. The problem is, due to laws, precedence of the herb, plus social preconception and ignorance about the plant, I can’t even smoke it anymore, don’t wanna get “high”, just wanna live again without those life limitant issues, There r a lot anonymous people who lives like me with some kind of phobia and other disorders and I think the oil may be the solution.” Pablo “You can ask Rick and or JB, we have found that using a product that is 20-30% sativa is one of the best combinations for anxiety-related issues.” Brewster -- We like to work with indica dominant sativa crosses with 20%THC or more, exactly for these reasons. The effects of the best oils are extremely potent and sedative, yet euphoric and even better aphrodisiac. When you give a patient a medicine with such effects, you can be almost certain they will enjoy taking it. Who wouldn’t? You sleep well, you wake up well rested, euphoric and full of desire to make somebody happy. Who wouldn’t like that? JB “I appreciate learning about the RSO every day and what it has done for people/ animals. If this oil does what they say, it needs to be hollered from the highest mountain - not quieted down. I haven’t had personal experience with it, but surely would if I or anyone I cared about found we needed it.

In the meantime, I read as many posts as I can. I have yet to read a post that says, “Thanks Rick Simpson - I got totally stoned, it was cool, Dude.” -- Thank you for your support, Debbie Nolan, I am sure you will write a post that will say exactly that very soon. The feeling in the body when one ingest the right dose of the right RSO for them can only be described as “very cool.” Or extremely cool. Or maybe amazingly cool. It is one of the most pleasant feelings one can experience, it is very natural, calming and soothing.

As we say, best oils have a very sedative, yet euphoric effect when ingested. So you sleep well and then you wake up giggling like a kid. And when you sleep well and wake up giggling, you are more likely to feel well and rested than when you don’t sleep well and don’t wake up giggling. And when you feel well and rested, your body will logically heal and perform better. No rocket science, as always with cannabis medicine. JB “Although the endocannabinoid system affects a wide variety of biological processes (such as appetite and sleep), experts believe that its overall function is to regulate homeostasis.

Homeostasis is a key element in the biology of all living things and is best described 172 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL as the ability to maintain stable internal conditions that are necessary for survival.

Disease is simply a result of some aspect of failure in achieving homeostasis, making the endocannabinoid system a unique target for medical applications.” --In other words, it’s all about the balance. Nothing new. JB Glaucoma, Restoring Eyesight “Glaucoma and its effects can be brought under control quite easily in most cases since many varieties of hemp are effective in dramatically reducing ocular pressure.

It is not uncommon for a person suffering from glaucoma that is using hemp oil to see a substantial improvement in their vision. Many patients even have to get their glasses changed because their old prescription lenses are now too strong.

Do you think it makes sense that eye doctors will not even mention cannabis even though it has been known to be effective since at least the 1800s? Again, hemp oil made from the right strains is a very effective treatment for glaucoma and I know of nothing better or safer for reducing ocular pressure. The effect hemp has on ocular pressure has been known for a very long time, yet the medical system tries to avoid even discussing hemp’s use for glaucoma. Unfortunately, it appears that many doctors today are much more about money than they are about healing.

I cannot explain how an eye doctor can sit there and watch a patient slowly go blind and not tell the patient what hemp can do for their condition. Far too often, in the end, patients lose their vision completely because they blindly trusted the advice of their doctors. Having a patient lose their ability to see correctly does not seem to mean much to many eye doctors. Yet, I think what they are doing is disgraceful and I feel very sorry for those who have been robbed of their vision for no reason other than greed.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer “I just made a batch of “hemp oil” a couple nights ago and a batch of butter. I have been giving a brain tumor patient the oil, before taking the oil she was nearly blind, after a month of taking the oil, her sight has been near fully restored. You wouldn’t get the same results from butter. You get medicinal results from butter, however the oil is a much more concentrated form of meds, and it works for almost anything, stuff is just amazing.“ Dion “Taken orally is restoring my mother’s eyesight. She is legally blind in her left eye.

An injury left her without a lens and several surgeries left her with glaucoma. She 173 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL has been on the RSO for a year and a half now- using it daily. She never noticed how much eyesight was returning until she was putting on some eye makeup. She has been blind in that eye for 40 years, so she has trained herself how to apply eye makeup with her eyes closed. It was the only way she could apply it to her good eye was to close her good eye leaving her completely blind. Well, the last time she closed her good eye, she started to actually see & focus out of her blind eye. She only wears make-up on occasions so she is not exactly sure how long it was before her sight started coming back, but after being on the oil for over a year she can now make out images, colors, and even read certain things from her bad eye! I was holding up a bag of Lays Chips, and from across the table she could read lays. She thinks if she had a new lens that her vision would be completely restored. In order to get a new lens she must be put on an organ donor list- I am not sure her insurance will cover anything like that so for now- This oil has given her a miracle- a miracle of sight where there was once only darkness! So I would say NO DROPS NEEDED- Just a steady supply! Now, Get to planting your cure! Oh Yeah- She has NO EVIDENCE of GLAUCOMA EITHER!” Lindsay Rare or Not-So-Common Diseases and Illnesses Q. Hello Rick/JB, have you ever heard of a rare disease Porphyria? If so have you treated anybody with RSO and what was the results? A. No, I have not. But judging from what I have read about it, I do not see a reason why the oil should not help cure it or bring it under control. It will definitely help with symptoms of this rare and certainly very unpleasant condition.

I would follow the protocol on our site, I would eat the oil and use it in suppositories (that way it will go right in the bloodstream). I would use the oil topically in a tincture or salve for skin conditions/manifestations (it will take away all itching and other discomfort).

I would eat at least 60g over two or three months, I would not use any chemicals, I would simply follow Rick Simpson’s instructions. If 60g won’t cure it or bring it under control, I would eat another 120g. And if that would not bring satisfactory results, then I would simply start pounding the oil in me, one two three grams a day or even more if I could take it, and I would simply eat as much as I would have as quickly as possible. Why? Because when the oil does not help you, it is quite unlikely that you will find anything else that will. Also, aggressive illnesses should be treated aggressively. Best wishes, JB 174 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “So good news JB & RICK!!! I went to doctors today for my test results! My thyroid which was underactive and medicated for 22 years is now over active! I have been only ingesting RSO full time myself for a month, I also rub a tincture right in to my throat and I vapor RSO as well! I am so ecstatically happy about this! He is a really cool doctor that has been there and supported me through this all and knows full well, I AM IN FACT USING RSO OIL! Being the doctor he is, he still wants to do a ultra sound on my thyroid to check for any nodules! What do you think about the ultra sound? I am always going to be taking this oil with pride for the rest of my days this feels right that’s the whole point right! Prescription drugs are EVIL! I also have many health problems that I am currently treating with this wonderful oil! Chiari Malformation type 1 of the brain stem also I have severe carpal tunnel and much more! I am 45 years young today do not feel all beat up and hurt like I use to feel! Did I mention I also had brain surgery 7 mos ago and I have not used any narcotics since my surgery due to liver failure from the drugs! I truly am proof that this oil is from GOD! This is all we should be ingesting as medicine! Thank you JB and Rick for everything you do from the bottom of my heart! No more thyroid meds, YAY!!!!!!!!” Margene -- Congratulations, Margene. As for the ultrasound, well, I think you know the answer. The less scans the better, that’s all I can say.

I personally would not go near anyone who would not tell me about the oil for 22 years but if you think those people still have something to tell you, feel free to talk to them, namely if you are really interested in what they have to say about medicine. But that’s about all I would let them do, talking only, that way they can’t hurt you as much as they would the their talking was translated into a “need” to ingest some pills of their choice.

Best wishes and keep away from those who spent 22 years giving you wrong advice.

Be happy that you survived their “treatments”, others weren’t so lucky. JB “Can cannabis oil be used to treat rabies?” Aami -- Aami, yes, but it will probably require putting the patient in coma for some time, with very high doses of the oil, especially in advanced cases. JB “My caregiver has a patient who is diagnosed with Lupus and mercury poisoning throughout her body. After about a year so far with using her homemade oil, 175 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL mercury poisoning has completely disappeared and the Lupus is damn near gone.

Hair follicles have been taken every 2 weeks to see exactly what and how much poisons are in her body for the updates of her success. Really is amazing what can be cured naturally. Does cost a bit, but still healthier and worth a life!” Jesse “I got diagnosed with primary myeloid fibrosis, got on meds that helped but wasn’t satisfied due to increasing pains and no appetite and dropping blood count, increased spleen size, insomnia. After taking this medication for one year and feeling no real fundamental change I decided to try RSO, only 1 month on the oil, my pain is non-existent, appetite has returned, blood count is on the rise, sleeping like a rock.” Aguae “I use it to treat my medical anomaly;…several hospitals in my area say it shouldn’t be possible…but the RSO is amazing...I’m rejecting a VP shunt in my body, I have a connective tissue disease and several other rare problems...4 brain surgeries in 36 days and I refused to fill the narcotics...solely medical marijuana, RSO and breathing...I’ve never healed so quickly in my life...even as my labs show my body is so screwed up my pain is actually not that bad…” Katie “The following is from a gentleman who was involved in a serious car accident in 1977. He suffered from facial paralysis, tear ducts did not work, he had to use ocular lubricants, partial loss of vision in one eye. Additionally he had a head injury resulting in memory issues, speech issues. He walked with a cane and spent all these past years in pain. This is from a message he sent. == “The oil is repairing me on a cellular level. All the scar tissue on my right is gone! I now have movement of my right eye. I can even smile, now the paralysis in my face is going away. All of this has happened within the last 6 months. Once due to the pain from the tumor I increased my dosage to a gram and a 11/2 grams per day dosed throughout the day.

A couple months ago I was watching TV and I realized I can see the right side of my nose. First time I’ve seen that since 1977. I began exercising it. I now have full movement.” Cannabis Oil...not just for cancer Peeps.” Corrie Animals - Testimonials “I treated my dog’s tumor on his ear with RSO... It was HUGE and now it’s GONE!!!!” Andrea “My dog has ostersarcoma (bone cancer). I had his leg amputated a week ago, and he is due to start chemo in a week. With his cancer, it usually spreads to the lungs, 95% of dogs die from lung cancer within a year. If it was your dog would you start the oil now and still do the chemo, or no chemo and straight oil? For humans you 176 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL start with a rice grain, with a 70 lb dog, would you start with a 3rd of that twice daily? Thanks for reading this and I’m eagerly waiting your response.” Eda “Eda, the oil saved our precious dog Sophie. She was dying. Give your dog the oil ASAP... Chemo will kill her. Prayers with you...” Brewster “I just got some really great news about my friends’ dog that I just had to share! A few months ago, her pitbull Maximus had a tumor inside one of his back legs that was growing out of control. The Veterinarian told my friend that she had to pay over 3 grand to have his leg amputated, or it would spread and he would die within a year. This was about 4 months ago. Back then, when I saw her status about his planned surgery, I messaged her and suggested feeding him Cannabis oil instead.

She figured she’d give the natural treatment a try before doing anything drastic and irreversible like amputation. Luckily for her (and Maximus), she already had a Cannabis card since she lives in California. So, she went to a Cannabis dispensary and picked some up. She fed him 1 drop of oil about the size of a pea, twice daily with his meals. Right away she said she noticed he was in less pain and felt much more comfortable. Plus, his eating habits went right back to normal. After a few weeks he could even run without limping, so she cancelled his surgery and stuck with the natural treatment. She just got home from a Vet checkup today, and found out that his tumor is COMPLETELY GONE. No trace of the tumor has been left behind. The Vet was really shocked when she told him how she cured him.

FYI: This is the 3rd dog I know of that has been saved by Cannabis oil. I also know plenty of humans that have been saved too. If you STILL think Cannabis doesn’t cure cancer, then you haven’t been paying attention. I have known the truth for years now, and I have never found anyone, animal or human, that Cannabis oil has failed to save.” Lara “Some Kid’s lymphoma T cell CLCT-1 cancer is GONE! We will be going to the vet only for tests every three weeks for CBCs to measure calcium levels and FNA to monitor red-white blood count for cancer t-cells. She no longer needs prescribed meds but we will keep her on the Rick Simpson Oil that cured the cancer every day for the rest of her life. We are a Grateful Family.” Some Kid Needs a Miracle “Amazing story! I make and take RSO for health maintenance as my family has had a lot of cancer. I started giving it to my dogs as well as they both have small tumors and my Shetland sheepdog has Discoid Lupus, a form of canine lupus. It is incredible! In a couple weeks one of the dog’s tumors has shrunk by 70% and the other dog with lupus is doing amazing! For the first time in years her red, swollen, and painful nose is healing! I’ve tried prescriptions, steroids, diet and nothing has helped. The RSO is healing my dog’s lupus, I know it can help humans too! “Ashley 177 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “My cat got 1/4 -1/3 grain rice sized 2-3 times a day to treat & cute his chronic inflammatory UTI when multiple rounds of fluids, antibiotics, and meds could not, also put him onto a raw diet & he’s not had it reoccur. Of course for cancer you’d use a higher dose. Generally I try to find the dose that doesn’t seem to drastically affect them too much - it won’t hurt them ever but an owner would notice sleepiness, incontinence, possibly a bit of drunkenness. Of course in cancer you don’t care - just work them up as quickly as you can to higher doses progressively.

This is for “maintenance” - for example my dog who had an eye removed from glaucoma (and is doing AWESOME) has a risk of her other eye going glaucoma so I dose her at least twice a day with some oil & have found a good dose that doesn’t cause the incontinence etc. but she still is getting her oil. I had her taking more before the eye enuc for pain. I truly feel like the oil helped her more than conventional pain meds post op too - the 1st day or 2 she had 1-2 doses of vet rx’d pain meds then I went to only RSO, by the day after her surgery she already wanted to play ball again and was & is a happy girl. Chloe will actually lick the RSO off my finger - unlike my cat who hates it. LOL (…) I don’t find that RSO causes anxiety in animals - light sensitivity can be noticed with higher doses.

I even used RSO on my ferret - he was very old and woke up one day that he was suddenly very weak, maybe he had a stroke. I gave him tiny doses of RSO thru the day to just keep him sleeping - that evening he seemed to be waking up - shaking his head and acting like my dogs do when they eat cannabis, I just left him sleeping figured whatever his body’s going to do at least he is not in pain or suffering - I had half an idea he’d wake up ok- sadly he did pass away but his quality of life till that last day was great so I feel the RSO gave him the best last day possible. I know he was not in pain and he slept very peacefully and I know it was not too much RSO as he had been dosed in the morning and early afternoon then nothing & I’d checked on him very late that evening he was just sleeping - he could wake up but he just wanted to sleep.” Whitney -- Best quality of life until the end, that’s what also matters a great deal when the oil is involved. Thank you, JB “Yesterday Chloe, my 8yr old spayed female Heeler fox terrier was diagnosed with glaucoma in one eye. The pressure was very high in her 1 eye and she might be blind in it permanently. We did emergency treatment with IV fluids and mannitol and she’s on a couple meds. The pressure came down some but not a lot, and she’s not enjoying the adjustment to life half blind right now. I want to treat her with the RSO as it has been incredible for my bf and I’s own pain and I really believe in the oil and the stories people tell on here are incredible. I don’t want Chloe to end up getting glaucoma in the other eye and I want to heal anything I can in the affected eye. I understand a lot of pets have been helped by the oil & I would be so happy if 178 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL Chloe could recover her vision or even some vision in the affected eye... Thanks for any help or advice!” Whitney -- Whitney, simply get her on the oil. Some oils are better for glaucoma than others.

The easiest way to find out about how effective it might be is to take a dose and watch your eyes in the morning. If they are clean, look for another strain or combination of strains, if you have a lot of stuff to clean on them, it is most likely a good strain for lowering intraocular pressure. Best wishes, JB “Thanks JB! Yesterday I thought we were making some incredible progress, the eye was clear (I pulled goop out of them all day) & the pupil was not fully dilated & though it didn’t match the other eye’s pupil I thought it was responding to light, but this morning it looks all cloudy again. Maybe in the bright light like yesterday it will look better... How much and how often do you recommend I dose her? So far I have been doing very very small pea size dose, she’s only 30# & it does seem to affect her, this dogs always loved to eat stems and leaves or roaches, get the smoke etc. so I can tell when she’s a affected by the oil too and it does seem to be affecting her a little bit similar to if she ate stems, that doesn’t worry me though, I kinda feel like that means its “working”.” Whitney -- Whitney, I would give it to her with something good two or three times a day.

The more you get in her and the quicker, the better. Even she had to sleep for a day or two, who cares. A little hemp induced coma can´t hurt. JB “Sounds good to me! I will do that today. She was pretty zonked yesterday too.

Thanks for such a fast response JB!” Whitney “My dog ate a part of a plant yesterday because he knew it would help his stomach after he had gotten in leftover chicken dinner fat and ate a bunch of it she paced a lot and later through up and then rested comfortably. Guess what was in her puke -- pot leaves. Smart dog.” Donna “Hi JB, I do give the RSO to my horses. In fact, I had a scare last week with my gelding that has been ill, I gave him about 1/3 of a gram of our ISO oil and he was so SToNED!! He was sedated. works on horses and if a 1/3 of a gram is that sedative on a horse, imagine the healing properties. It took him about 24 hrs to rid the effects of it. I cut back his oral dosing to just about a grain of rice for maintenance.” Heather “Think it was back in the 70’s FDA first reported cannabis killing cancer cells... all I know is my cat’s stomach cancer seems to be gone, she’s now eating well, putting weight on and running round like a new kitten...” Tony 179 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “I have been giving my 19 year old cat ground decarboxylized cannabis since December 2011. She was very lethargic, runny poop, signs of feline senility... an acquaintance that worked at a vet suggested I give her 1/4 aspirin, 1/4 t metamucil...

did that for a few days then decided to try the cannabis... I sprinkle a small amount in her wet food every couple of days... she is still with us!!!” Lori “JB, we have made her several batches as we make her a new batch every 2 months, as she is taking 1cc/day. We’ve used 2 different strains. She is currently using the same batch that cured my cat’s cancer.” Charlie “Rick, I have to thank you. My beloved cat of 14 years was diagnosed on June 1st with squamous cell carcinoma. I cured him with the RSO in ONE WEEK! The vet says it is a miracle. I took him back to him on June 8th and he asked me if it was the same cat, because the tumour in his mouth was almost gone and he fully expected that I was back for him to put him down. Now he is almost fully recovered. I love him dearly and had to thank you for sharing how to make the medicine properly FOR FREE!” “My cat was diagnosed with a’ fast-growing, aggressive, untreatable, inoperable’ form of cancer last June, a squamous cell carcinoma in his septum, which is as ugly as it sounds. He was given 1-3 months max, and my vet gently suggested I ‘let him go now’. I cried, thought about it and decided I just couldn’t watch him die. I went online, discovered there are a great many cures for cancers. Started giving him a number of supplements, etc. He was doing ok, but the cancer was still growing and affecting his breathing. The tumour finally started growing to the other side of his nose, and in December he was starting to go downhill. I thought, ok, it’s time now.

Then I discovered cannabis and how it can kill cancer. Long story short, Ted’s been taking the RSO since December now. It was a bit of a situation in the beginning to get a correct tiny dose, because he is a cat. And much smaller than a human. He’s sleeping MUCH better, his breathing is better when he sleeps, his appetite has come back, though not to what it used to be. This is all a journey in progress and I don’t know how it’s going to end.

However, the tumour seems to be flattening, although very slowly. I think if this hadn’t been such a nasty cancer, he probably would have been healed months ago. My vet is delighted and impressed with how he is doing. So I’m just taking it day by day and am happy that most of those days seem to be good days. His maximum expiry date was last September so he’s doing ok.” Anne-Marie Leidl “Yay!!!! I have a cannabis kitty too. High grade cannabis oil saved me having to shell out $4800 to the vets to butcher... I mean uh... do surgery on my cat’s ear to remove a tumor. Hooray for Cannabis Kitties n Cannines!” LinZy 180 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “RSO-ish substance saved a 40 lb dog’s life -- an ethyl-extracted oil otherwise identical to RSO used to save my dog who had drunken the neighbour’s antifreeze.

The vet said over the phone that she was finished, too late, and would not likely survive the 40-minute drive to be euthanised, and I was advised to make her comfortable.

My loyal companion was frothing at the mouth, had frequent seizures, was badly overheated, and throat so swollen she could barely breathe, lapsing in and out of consciousness. -- definitely dying, no question.

Trying to ease her passage from this world, I heated a 1/2 gram of oil into a tsp of butter and literally stuffed it down her throat with my finger, pushing an opening in her swollen throat. Within ten minutes, she was no longer mouth-frothing, her fever had broken, she was breathing normally, all convulsions and seizures had stopped.

She drank water eagerly, then laid down to sleep for 12 hours and awoke in seemingly perfect condition, running and playing within minutes of waking. I told my vet, and asked her to publish the event in a case study, and she refused, claiming that cannabis is toxic to dogs!” Alan “We use it on our 14yr old chihuahua who has seizures. A few months ago we thought she was not going to last long, so I thought why not try some oil? Within a day she was like a whole new dog! She was eating better and was feeling frisky and wanting to play! This stuff really does work for many things!” Mindy “We received a puppy that had gotten trampled by a very large human. She is a toy chihuahua, she had a four by four inch welt that covered her entire bottom half. She got really bad and started to grow cold, so I decided that trying the tears couldn’t hurt her too much.

When I first dosed her, she was barely able to move her head. I am however extremely happy to tell you that after a week of tears three times a day, she is a happy, healthy and yippy little butthead. Thanks Rick and JB for exposing us to the truth. My wife and I believe the tears saved her.

Let’s not forget that I was dosing a toy chihuahua that was less than a pound with a gram of RSO, 3 times a day. That‘s 3 grams a day to a puppy that weighed less than a pound, and was at death’s door due to being stepped on by a boy that’s over 300 lbs. If cannabis was indeed toxic, kaimana would not still be with us, running nutsy and jumping for weed smoke.” “Gave it to our then 13 year old to help her with arthritis in her back legs & hips...

181 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL surprise, we also not only got a springy dog but also 4 puppies. No way she should have been able to still have a liter, and all are healthy and doing great! Love RSO!” Julie “My dog had a skin problem (a rash that caused him to tear out his fur) & a reoccurring ear infection. I didn’t have RSO but gave him a tincture my friend made. His fur has grown back and the ear infection has cleared up. If the tincture worked this well, I’m thinking with the RSO I could completely cure him. So I would say that yes, RSO would work on a dog’s cancer as well as it does on humans.

Bless you Rick and you too, JB.” Bette -- Thank you, Bette. Your thinking is logical and correct. Animals have faster metabolism, and so the oil cures them much faster than it cures humans. It is a pleasure to cure animals with the oil, they love taking it. JB “I use it on my dogs. Just quite a bit less than we would. I have a 12 year old that was ran over and had to have her hip removed. Not replaced... removed! 4 weeks in...

No scar from the surgery, walks, still with a limp but gets around just fine and I used the oil instead of pain meds... It worked great! (…) I have a 9 year old Rotty that has heartworms, terrible allergies, very low energy and losing his hair on his tail.

Starting him on it today... Just rescued a 10 year old chihuahua that has 3 tumors and I know this will fix her right up!!!“ Dolly Durbin “RSO OIL Dog Biscuits and with topical ointment on the cancerous sores on her leg it was the 1/2 size of a dollar bill. She was starting to cry getting up and her shaking was bad. I knew RSO would work... The very next day she got up with no crying and shaking and she was running around the yard few days later with her little buddy Nugget, rat terrier. That was 6 months ago. She’s like a 6 years old dog now, not 12 years. That’s one of so many stories I’ve witnessed in the last 2 years.

My story is much longer... RSO saved my life. No more Opiates. And very little pain most times. Thank You Rick Simpson... Peace be with you.” Ron Youngblood Q. Dear friends, hope this finds you well. I am giving my 8 year old, 40 lb. dog RSO for the tumors growing on the right side of his body. Today is his first day of treatment and he is knocked out and sleeping. I gave him about the amount of a grain of rice. Is this too much? For how long and how often would you recommend I give him the oil? I am on the oil myself. As time goes by I am getting more and more used to the “high.” I must have surgery next month and I plan to use RSO for my pain and recovery. If I can work it, I’ll be on it for the rest of my life. Blessings ~ Many Thanks A. Katherine, I would postpone the surgery if at all possible until you eat say 180g 182 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL of the oil at a gram a day (or more) in three doses. Give the dog a half of that if you think he is not comfortable with what he got now. Sleeping is part of the healing process, it’s nothing to worry about and it is a sign that the oil is sedative, which is what you want. The more potent and sedative, the better. Best wishes, JB “Sending you on the update of my dog being diagnosed with bone cancer. June 1 it has been seven months, last x-rays shows no spread to the lungs. They did find an intact break near the tumor site in the leg, they don’t know what to make of that. Normally these dogs that have a break, you have to put them down. They’ve concluded that the monthly infusions of the drug called Zometa is keeping it intact so they will continue her in the trial whereas she will be receiving monthly infusions of Zometa. But No Cancer Spread and they cannot pick up the tumor that was there 7 months ago. Just thought you would like to know. This aggressive cancer normally takes the dog’s life within 4-6 months of diagnosis. Here she is, 7 months, NO cancer spread. An intact fracture but still walking like nothing is wrong.” Linda “After 9 weeks the skin cancers on my dog have COMPLETELY disappeared!! Maintenance dose now for the test of life. Which I feel will now be not only more comfortable for him but a longer life as well. BLESSINGS RS & JB!! >;-)” Goblin “My dog had 3 weeks to live. Mass cell tumors all over his purebred pit bull body...

After 3 weeks the tumors r shrinking on the ISO/RSO. I swear. He has peed himself a few times an acted drunk but I knew it was for the better. He’s still on it. Even when they disappear I’m still gonna make him his med. Love you, JB and Rick.” Bocaj “Been giving my 14 year old Pit the oil for 4 weeks now for cancer. She sometimes gets a bit ‘twitchy’ and drunk when I give her too much, but when the hecticness wears off, she sleeps like a pup. She refused to take vet meds so we got some oil instead. Still early days but I’m recording her progress. It took about a week for her to get used to the oil and to develop an appetite again. I’m jealous, as we can at this stage only afford the oil for her. Love everyone’s beautiful stories!” Janine “I’ve seen the effects first hand of a dog taking RSO... For the first few days Ruby (a 12yr old dog) was being sick and shaking a little bit, worrying symptoms if your skeptical on the subject but I can assure you 1 month into treatment and the dog is bouncing around full of life running up stairs jumping up on the bed and chairs full of energy all the time very playful again. Eyes used to be watery and have a grey covering now there completely back to normal. Ruby had a rather large growth on the inside of her leg been there for years and now after eating oil it nearly fell off!!! Thanks to Rick Simpson xxx bless this oil, it really works, why is there NO testimonials to say it doesn’t..?” Brett 183 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Today is day 3 for a treatment on my dog with RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) which is a cannabis concentrate for medicinal treatment for many serious ailments. She is 13 years old and about 7 months ago, she got something that caused her extreme snottiness, major mucus and some days she was lethargic. Looked it up online, said “kennel cough or canine cold” so I had some antibiotics here and started her on a course. Didn’t help at all, so we took her to the vet.

Of course, they wanted to do blood work, x-rays and mucus screening. Approximately 500 in vet bills, I declined so we started her on a broad antibiotic which also didn’t touch it in a month. Took her back in and got two more stronger antibiotics, went a month on them religiously. Didn’t touch it either! So then the vet tried a fungicide medication... STILL DIDN’T TOUCH HER SICKNESS!! It’s hard to determine what is justified in spending on a 13 year old dog... So I stopped all medication about a month ago to let her body recoup and started her on RSO just 3 days ago, a total of 6 treatments and she is a totally new dog! No snot, no coughing, she’s got the munchies and in general we’ve seen a REMARKABLE improvement. Unbelievable really. From my personal experience, I can attest that this is some awesome surreal medication. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Survival “My dog is a 13 year old Belgian Shepherd. A few years ago a small lump appeared on his side. It suddenly started to grow at an alarming rate a few months ago. Sadly he was diagnosed with cancer... and not just the one lump. Upon examination he had many. He had other problems as well... Mainly arthritis and hip dysphasia. Surgery was not an option as it was doubtful he would survive the anesthetic. I could not bear to watch him suffering... he could barely walk and had stopped eating. I decided to try giving him cannabis oil as a last attempt to help him. My partner Pat and I gave him a tiny amount (about the size of a grain of rice) on a cookie. It really affected him... he was unsteady on his feet and slept for hours.

We tweaked the dosage over the next few days and noticed that his appetite improved right away. He also began moving about much more easily and his attitude was much brighter. As the days progressed we slowly increased his dosage. It’s been 3 weeks and I hardly recognize him as the same dog. He is happy! Wagging his tail, playful, eating, and best of all the tumor is half the size it was before we started on the oil!!!! I will continue his treatment (we are lucky enough to be able to supply our own oil) and keep you informed. I expect to see these tumors disappear completely!!!!!!!!” Josie “I have a neighbour who successfully removed tumors in his dog within a month by 184 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL feeding the medicine to her. Keep going and yes very small doses as Rick has stated their metabolism is very high so they get better much faster than we do.” Covey “I cured our Ferret of insulinoma created pancreatic Cancer. Get on it peeps, your ‘furry family’ needs you. Here is Flower during her treatment, she is a bit cross eyed here and ready for a restful sleep..!” Hempy “Yes, I cured my cat of cancer in June, when the vet said to put him down. Just fed him the Oil, and within 10 days the fatal tumour was gone! The vet said it was a miracle!” Charlie “GOD BLESS JB and Rick Simpson for your loyalty to the people who need you most. I will be making my own when I can to help out the people I know who need it desperately. My daughter made a little from trim for a tumor on her dog. Four days of use she said it looked as if it was about to fall off. I am still waiting for final results. GOD before a CHEMIST!” Greg Quality of Life Could hemp oil improve life expectancy? “If we all took small doses of hemp oil on a regular basis, I am firmly convinced we would live longer and be much healthier. Longer life spans would be very beneficial to mankind, since it would allow those who have wonderful talents to accomplish so much more. Far too often in today’s world, a person just gets good at what they are doing and they are struck down with medical problems that end their careers.

We were all given this experience called life to broaden our abilities and horizons so our species can evolve to a higher level. In addition, we were provided with this wonderful plant to both preserve and protect our bodies from disease. It is impossible for me to comprehend that the human race could ignore this plant’s healing potential any longer. Now that the truth about hemp’s healing powers is available, we would be somewhat remiss in our duties to both ourselves and our loved ones if we did not demand this medicines free use immediately.

If you or anyone else on this earth would like to live longer in a state of excellent health to achieve the maximum potential of which we are capable, I do not see how anyone could feel they have the right to impose their will upon us or try to force anyone to abstain from the medicinal use of this plant. Since life is supposed to be about living and now you have found a way to avoid all the needless suffering, I wish you all a very long and healthy existence.

185 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL You must have heard so many people telling you, “This can’t work, nothing will help. The doctor said I will suffer from this for the rest of my life…” A great number of patients have come to me with medical conditions their doctors had no success in treating and they felt their situation was hopeless. Quite often, people do not even have a diagnosis as to what is really wrong with them because in reality doctors could not provide them with an answer. Most of these patients that I provided oil to did not believe hemp could help their conditions until they tried the treatment. I have been in contact with thousands of individuals, who were completely astounded by what this medication did for their conditions. If hemp oil cannot cure your condition, you will more than likely find this oil is by far the best control available.

Doctors like to tell us many diseases and conditions are incurable, but this medication pays little attention to the opinions of doctors and often works what are considered medical miracles. If you are having a medical problem, give the oil a try and there’s a good chance you will see the miracles it can produce for yourself.

Does it make sense to not provide people with hemp-based medicines? It makes absolutely no sense to prohibit hemp’s medicinal use to the public and in reality, no one has the right to do such a thing. The only reason that hemp was ever prohibited in the first place was due to the fact that it presented a real danger to many big money concerns. Restricting the medicinal use of the most medicinal plant on earth to those who inhabit this planet could only be termed as being a crime against humanity. It seems at present governments are still willing to let their rich friends who own the drug companies have their way, but in the end they will be unable to hold the truth about this medication back.

When hemp makes its return to mainstream medicine, it will destroy all the corruption that ever stood against its free medicinal use. This plant is quickly becoming recognized once more as being the greatest healing plant in existence and medications produced from it will change the face of medicine forever. Soon the public will reject the chemicals and poisons we currently call medications and they will demand the use of this natural substance, so they can heal themselves sensibly.

Do you think people in law enforcement do not realize that sooner or later they might need this medication for themselves? Many people in law enforcement definitely know that hemp medicine works and they should all realize that they have no right to interfere with its medicinal use.

As a matter of fact, I have supplied this medication to a good number of those who serve to police our society myself. RCMP officers have even sent patients to me for 186 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL treatment, who were dying of terminal cancer, so many officers are aware that this natural substance works. The police are no different than we are when it comes to disease, they too are afraid of cancer and other serious conditions.

Yet the police seem to have a very hard time getting their heads around the fact that our government’s policies towards hemp medicine is killing them and their families as well. Most police officers try to brush off their wrongdoing in regards to the raids they perform against those who use hemp medicine by saying that they are just doing their jobs. But that is the same line those who worked in Hitler’s death camps used and it did not justify their behavior then, nor does it justify the behavior of police forces today.

It’s time the police woke up to the reality of what they are doing. Do police officers think it’s wrong for the public to grow the most medicinal plant on earth to produce this medication? Or would they themselves not be looking for this oil if they had a loved one who was dying and needed treatment? I expect that they would, so maybe it’s time for the police to start pointing their guns at the real criminals.

To deny hemp medicine’s use to the public is a crime and the police must stop enforcing laws that were put in place against hemp’s use for medicinal needs. Hemp is simply a natural harmless healing plant. So how could the police or anyone else think they have the right to deprive someone with a serious medical problem from being allowed the free use of this substance? ” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer Why Is It Called RSO? “Rick didn’t start calling it RSO, others did. It is a good term, as it leads people to Rick’s info on methods and materials. Rick is rightly concerned about people calling oil that is not made with his methods and recommended starting material qualities Phoenix Tears or RSO. He knows what worked in his extensive experience treating patients, and he wants to make sure very sick people get what he knows works, and not something that “might be as good” with the same name...” Matthew “Without Rick and his video I would not have known it cures cancer... although I have been a user and grower for about 27 years I did not know it had these qualities in it... now I do thanks to Rick Simpson... and without his boldness and frankness we would all be living in the dark about it... for that reason I think that RSO is a good name for the oil... but RSO must be made to RS instructions... not some odors idea of what is best... if it’s not broken - don’t fix it.” Peter 187 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL “Jack Herer started calling it the Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. Rick did not want to call it that way and it took some time to convince him that it is actually a good idea. The trick is that there are many hemp/cannabis oils out there and there many ways of producing an oil or extract and many patients have been tricked into buying oils or extracts of inferior quality.

RSO is produced using a specific method, from specific materials, and in a specific way, so it should be called what it is – RSO. RSO is not BHO (butane honey oil), RSO is decarboxylated and very potent and sedative. The best RSO is 95-98% THC, 1-2% CBD and extremely potent and sedative. Most other types of extraction simply will not produce an oil that is decarboxylated and so potent and require a lot of extra work. We usually process large quantities of cannabis and Rick’s method is very efficient and streamlined for processing large quantities of cannabis. You can process a pound of cannabis and produce the oil in less than two hours, using equipment that is easy to find in most parts of the world. The point is to make the medicine as quickly as possible so that the patient would not have to wait.“ JB “I don’t CARE what it is called!!! Please call it whatever you want but don’t trash a man like Rick who has saved thousands of lives and has given his entire life to spreading the word. It just isn’t right!!” Donna “I call it “hemp oil” all the time, because that’s what it is, it’s in the dictionary, just another word for Cannabis. It’s an old fashion term, but a correct term none the less. We all know what he is talking about.” Dion “The magic is in the globular head of the trichome. Nowhere else does the THC exist on the plant. The plant produces the THC to protect its reproductive parts.

The closer you get to those parts, the buds, the more trichomes. Therefore buds have the most medicine available. It’s science, not speculation. Thanks again Rick for inspiring me to make the best oil I can. Beautiful clear amber oil.” Toni “As much as corn? We all disagree JB. Cheaper would be nice but c’mon now.” Rick -- Rick, if cannabis were grown on thousands of hectares of fields, how much would you want to pay for it? 20 bucks a kilo? Or less? You really have to start thinking in tons of cannabis rather than grams. The demand for the oil will be so huge that it won’t be possible to grow all the plant in “medical greenhouses” only. The most potent and sedative strains will have to be grown on millions of hectares of land, worldwide.

For instance, once ladies really grasp what the oil can do with the skin and wrinkles, they will demand 20-30% of the best oil in all of their cosmetic products and all of a 188 CURE FOR CANCER: THE RICK SIMPSON PROTOCOL sudden there will be demand for millions of tons of the best oil for cosmetics only.

Then add a few more hundred millions of tons of the oil for hospitals.

You need 5-8 kilos of dry bud to produce a kilo of the oil. One kilo of the oil will produce 5 kilos of cosmetics products -- that is say 100 jars with 50g of the salve/ cream/lotion/lipstick/facial cream/shampoo. And one hundred jars of hemp salves/ creams/lotions/lipsticks/facial creams/shampoos is nothing, you can give that away easily in a day, you will always find someone who could use them.

So again, start thinking in tons, not in grams. I know that the current prices are much higher. I am not happy with them and I will do anything I can to get the price of dry outdoor bud from a field to about 10-20 bucks a kilo. Because that price would give employment and good work to millions of farmers worldwide. And it would bring about a very positive change in the lives of all of us. JB “Let me sum up most of what is happening around the Rick Simpson Oil. The instructions tell people to A, B, C and D. People read them and ask - if I do not do A, will B, C and D still work? If I don’t do B, will A, C and D still work? If I don’t do C, will A, B and D work? What if I don’t do D, will A, B and C still work? And what if I do A, B, C and D, differently, will it still produce the real thing? The general answer is: no, it will not. If you wish to produce the RSO, follow the instructions at and in Rick’s e-books to the word. If you want to produce something else, then follow other instructions. But please do not make us responsible when you produce a different type of oil and the treatment fails and ends up with unnecessary death of a patient.

If you do A, B, C and D, the oil will work the best way possible. That’s why the instructions are there. If you don’t, it won’t or might not work. It’s as simple as that, isn’t it? What would you personally like to get if you needed the medicine? Something that has proven to work so well or something else, just so that whoever made the oil could prove or disprove his hypothesis or “method”? It’s your life that’s at stake.

So be careful, think for yourself, and learn from those who have walked this path before you. Best wishes to you. Jindrich Bayer”